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Chapter 810: Heaven’s Selection!

Chapter 810: Heaven’s Selection!
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"That isn't right. You are the eldest disciple brother indeed. You are also the strongest in cultivation, but it doesn't mean you are good at guiding disciples…" Another old man was unsatisfied. "And… you already have several disciples. They are all good! Why do you have to snatch…"

"Did you hear your words! What did you say? That's the best you can think of now, right? Wait a minute. What you said proves that I am good at guiding disciples. My disciples are all good! Why can't I have this one?"

The eldest great grandmaster was angry. "Look at you two. You can't even talk well, and you want to have your own disciples? What you do is only misleading the young generation. This young man is such a beautiful treasure. I'm stopping your stupid plan now. He is mine! Alone!"

"You…" The other two old men were pissed. "How dare you! You fxcking said we mislead the young generation? How dare you! I am going to kill you!"

The three old men nearly started a fight.

In the hall, the other nineteen people including the Prime Master were quiet.

The three old men were the eldest among them all. They were the only living great grandmasters in Cold Moon Palace. At least eight of the nineteen people were the three old men's disciples…

Who dared to fight them?

Who dared to fight their own masters for a disciple?

Whoever dared to do that would definitely get themselves killed…

What they could do was to look at each other and stay calm. Nobody dared to say anything.

[Let the three old men fight. I am never going to have this disciple after all.]

Ye Xiao was shocked. He looked at the three old men. [What the hell are these people. Why can't they just say something nice. I am a treasure? I am his? I am a thing? What the hell?]

[No matter what, these three old guys are all in level nine of Dao Origin Stage. They are all just half a step away from Human Realm Above Heavens!]

[It turns out Cold Moon Palace has such a great force!]

[Not to mention now, even in my previous life, I have no chance to defeat any one of these three old men. I would get smashed. What I could do was to fight for a chance to kill myself.]

[Luckily, these three didn't participate in the fight against me. Otherwise, I would have been slaughtered in a nasty way!]

Ye Xiao felt lucky about it and started to tease himself at the same time. [Not lucky enough. I was killed after all. Even if these three joined the fight, so what?]

[Hmmm… It is said three grandmasters got seriously injured by Xuan Bing. So is it these three old men?]


[Wait! These three are terribly powerful. They fought together against Xuan Bing, yet Xuan Bing defeated them all! That is terrifying!] Ye Xiao got to know the three great grandmasters were all true powerful figures. How powerful should Xuan Bing be if she could defeat the three old men at the same time?

[It can't be these three…]

He couldn't think deeper anymore! It made him feel headache!

[It turns out I was just slightly better than average in my previous life. There are so many people who were stronger than me!]

"Well, three masters…" Yue Changtian called up his courage and said, "Well… Ye Chongxiao didn't do the Heaven's Selection yet… It isn't sure yet what martial art he should cultivate. That means… we don't know who he should learn from yet…"

The old men shook their heads at the same time. "No worries. He doesn't need that. With his marvelous talent, he fits every martial art. There is only martial art that he doesn't want to cultivate. There is no martial art that he can't cultivate!"

Yue Changtian's face twisted. "Even so… Heaven's Selection is a requirement from ancient times!"

The three old men were shocked. They thought for a while and stomped their feet hard. "You are right. We can't violate the order of our ancestors. Fine! Do it!"

The youngest old man humphed and said, "But, after the selection, when the result comes out, everybody should obey! Stop making troubles!"

The other two sneered and said, "Pah! You talk like you are going to win for sure. Your Sacred Glow of the Moon is way weaker than my Art of Moon Essence! You think you will win? Daydream! Remember what you just said! Don't question the result!"

"Talk about boasting! Your Art of Moon Essence is normal. My Cold Moon Sky is the best!" The eldest was gloating, like Ye Chongxiao was meant to be his disciple. "Remember, both of you, nobody violates the result. Listen, you two should just go have some rests."

While the three old men were having a 'harmonious' conversation, everybody was walking out the main hall.

They walked through the back of the main hall. After walking for over a dozen miles, they arrived at another hall that was in elliptic shape.

In the hall, there were nothing but only twelve pillars. It felt so stately and solemn. It must be an important place.

Up below the roof were twelve moons.

They pointed an area in the hall. It was the center of the hall. Ye Xiao walked over and stood there. He was going to experience Heaven's Selection here.

[No wonder the three factions can last tens of thousand years. They have unique cultures…] Ye Xiao praised in mind. [The other sects all let the masters choose a martial art for their own disciples. In the three factions, they let the martial arts choose the disciple. They will let the disciple cultivate the most suited martial art. No wonder they can raise so many influential figures.]

He praised in mind, but he didn't notice there was starlight and moonlight appearing up in the air.

The Heaven's Selection was starting.

Everybody was watching the twelve pillars.

Twelve pillars represented the twelve great martial arts in Cold Moon Palace!

Each pillar had a one hundred degrees scale. As long as the moonlight shined on the disciple, it would light up one pillar. The scale would show how much this disciple fit the martial art. Nobody could fake this.