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Chapter 811: Gods Envy The Elite?

Chapter 811: Gods Envy The Elite?
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Those who reached forty were qualified enough to start cultivation in the sect. Sixty meant regular. Cultivator in sixty could never get great achievements but just small success. Seventy meant the cultivator would have the opportunity to get great achievements. Above eighty was brilliant. Cultivators above eighty could surely do great in the martial art, and also had the chance to push the limitation of the martial art. Whoever got above eighty would definitely become elders in the sect.

Those who were above ninety were completely suitable for that martial art. Only those who reached ninety would set up a goal aiming at Human Realm Upon Heavens. There were no more than five hundred people in the entire history who had ever reached ninety. A small part of them died before they reached the highest achievement. Most of them were backbones of the sect.

However, ninety was not the best yet. There were some people who actually reached ninety-five! They were perfect for that martial art. Whoever reached ninety-five would become perfection in the history! There were only seven people in the history who reached ninety-five!

In fact, this 'perfection' actually didn't mean the best. There was one man, only one in the history, who reached ninety-eight! That was better than 'perfection'. He was the 'super perfection'!

Theoretically, if there was people who reached ninety-eight, it should be possible to reach ninety-nine and one hundred. In fact, only those who reached one hundred was perfect!

However, in the history of Cold Moon Palace, there was never anybody who had reached ninety-nine. Not even one.

They all looked at the pillar and then looked at Ye Xiao. Everybody was guessing.

"I guess he would have over ninety," the eldest grandmaster said.

"Ninety is not a problem. I think he will reach ninety-five. I have never been wrong about prejudging a young man!" the second eldest grandmaster said.

"I think he will get ninety-eight." The youngest seemed confident.

"Can you please stop being so tiresome!" the other two said at the same time. "Do you know the great ancestor who built our sect got how much in this? Ninety-eight! For tens of thousands years, only he himself got a ninety-eight! Nobody else got higher than ninety-seven! This man is talented. I agree. But it is impossible to reach ninety-eight!"

The youngest grandmaster was pissed. "I don't think so. He is so talented that he is just like a monster. I think he can reach ninety-eight! Have you two ever seen a man like him before?"

"Look. I know he is unreasonably talented. However, it is impossible that his talent fits the martial art perfectly. He can't be even stronger than our great ancestor…"

The three of them stopped talking at the same time.

Everybody was holding their breath.

The Heaven's Selection began.

Twelve beams of moonlight started to shined on Ye Xiao at the same time.

And then twelve beams of light emitted out from Ye Xiao, shooting over to the pillars!

In the stare of everybody else, the pillars started to shine dazzling lights at the same time!

"This is it! This is going to decide the young man's future!" An elder sighed. He looked nervous. These men weren't the ones taking the Heaven's Selection, but what was happening on Ye Xiao reminded them the old days when they were being selected.

Everybody looked nervous.

The oldest grandmother sighed. His eyes were moistened. "Every time when I come here… I think of our beloved master…"

The other two grandmaster both had the same feeling. Their eyes were wet and their noses were sour.

"I… I got an eighty-five on Sacred Glow of the Moon. Master was so happy. He told me I would have a great future… He was so happy that he didn't need to be the only person who cultivates this martial art…" The youngest grandmaster sighed. "Oh… Master…"

The oldest grandmaster rubbed the eyes. "Generation after generation… We started in this place… I kept thinking about the old days… When I think of our brothers… I feel grieved. Why can't they just be immortals…"

The three old men were gloomy.

"Holy heavens! They are all lit up!"

Somebody exclaimed. He obviously didn't believe what he saw.

The three old men looked up to the pillars.

They were stunned.

The starlight was so bright in the hall, as if all the starlight in the universe had come to this place at this particular moment!

The moonlight was twice brighter!

The twelve pillars, which represented the twelve martial arts in the sect, were all lighting up!

They were all rising up!

It rose slowly, but it was recognizable. That was so terribly astonishing!

They were all shocked, in a good way!

In the center of the twelve pillars, the young man was shining in starlight and moonlight. His eyes were closed. He just stayed there quietly. However, there were countless splendid lights coming out from his body!

"Forty! He reached forty in all pillars!" Yue Changtian couldn't even blink, "How is this possible…"

"All fit? How come!" Another man was also shocked.

"Totally the same on twelve martial arts…" An elder nodded.

"This is going to be difficult…" Another elder sighed.

They never wanted a disciple to cultivate multiple martial arts, no matter how talented he was. For them, it was not a good thing that a young disciple was suitable for multiple martial arts. To focus on one martial art, the young man would definitely reach a certain level. However, to cultivate different martial arts at the same time, he would never go to the peak of the area.

A person was limited by the physical condition. To cultivate all the twelve martial arts, Ye Chongxiao might become an expert of all different martial arts, but he would never be the best in any of the martial arts.

[Ye Chongxiao is such a talented man, but he is suitable for all the martial arts! Why?]

[It doesn't emphasize particularly on any one martial art!]

[The gods must be envy at him!]