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Chapter 812: I Hate You!

Chapter 812: I Hate You!
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Even the great ancestor of Cold Moon Palace, who had built this sect, only cultivated three Cold Moon Palace martial arts in his life. The three martial arts were the original martial arts in Cold Moon Palace. The other nine martial arts were created after that by great disciples in the history of Cold Moon Palace!

Tens of thousands years of the Cold Moon Palace history, there were many geniuses who cultivated multiple martial arts. Only a few of them succeeded. The best they did was to reach level nine of Dao Origin Stage. None of them ever reached the top of Dao Origin Stage!

In other words, disciples who cultivate multiple martial arts could never become the main force of the sect!

As they were all pitying it, the degree scales were still rising.

"Sixty now!" Yue Changtian took in a deep breath. He was shocked that the mark was still going up. However, he was disappointed. "All in the same number. Why?"

"If twelve pillars all show seventy at the same time, this young man is done." Yue Changtian seemed sad about it. He had just found a talented disciple for the sect, yet now he was going to see him fall…

The beautiful wish of Cold Moon Palace becoming the most powerful sect in the world broke!

If the twelve pillars all showed seventy, the moonlight would start to weaken. If one pillar went up higher than others at the same time, it might still go up a certain height… Twelve pillars went up at the same time after that?

It was impossible.

Yue Changtian was so nervous. He kept watching the pillars. The light marks on the pillars were still going up slowly. Twelve of them were rising at the same time!


Yue Changtian closed his eyes. He was hurt.

Seventy was good. It was close to brilliant. For normal disciples, this was a pleasing result. However, for a man who had Nine Exquisite Body, that was simply nothing!

After all, Ye Xiao brought too much hope and expectation to these men. That was why it disappointed them so badly!

[The moonlight is… going to fade away…]

[It's done… We lost it…]

Yue Changtian thought. He was disappointed, in despair even!

He didn't know Ye Xiao so well. He had never spent a long time with this young man. He didn't know this Ye Chongxiao was exactly Xiao Monarch. He didn't know Ye Xiao was a man full of wonders. Anything was possible on him!

While Prime Master Yue didn't want to look at the pillars, people exclaimed.

Yue Changtian could tell that it was the three grandmasters!

[What happened? What's so special that it made the three grandmaster exclaim at the same time?]

[Is it… Do we still have hope on him?]

He opened his eyes. When he just opened the eyes, he was dazzled by the strong light!

[What is it?]

It was simple. The light was so strong that it dazzled the others. They could barely see anything at the moment.

Yue Changtian was still able to handle it though. He forcibly looked at the light and found the thing that emitted the light. It was from the moons below the roof!

He was stunned. [What? The moonlight wasn't fading?]

[It was actually becoming stronger! Dozens times stronger!]

The entire hall was filled with strong moonlight at the moment!

[What is going on?]

Not only Prime Master Yue had the question in mind. Everybody else did!

They all opened their eyes and mouths, staring at the pillars!

They didn't care about the dazzling light anymore!

Yue Changtian looked to the pillars. He suddenly held the breath!

The twelve pillars were showing ninety on the scale at the same time!

The light marks were rising fast!


[All twelve pillars?]

[Totally the same?]

[All in one level?]

[No difference!]

Yue Changtian was completely astonished!

Apparently, what was happening was out of his recognition. [What is it? Is this a dream? A bad dream? Or a sweet dream?]

[Isn't it too unbelievable?]

[What exactly is happening?]

He then repeated 'what is happening' three times in a murmur. Not only him, but also all the others were murmuring!

They all stared at the scales on the pillars. They were all still rising…

At the same time, all twelve!

[Am I in a dream? Bad dream or sweet dream, this is too unreasonable…] Yue Changtian pinched his own leg and felt terribly painful. He nearly jumped up and shouted.

When he used one hand to pinch his leg, he saw another three hands pinching on his leg at the same time… That hurt…

He nearly pissed himself because of the pain. He turned over to look aside.

Beside him were the three grandmasters. They were murmuring with confusion, "We are in a dream. We don't feel the pain on the leg…"

Yue Changtian touched his own leg and inhaled. He said, "That was my leg… You pinched the wrong leg… Come on…"

The three old men acted like they didn't hear him. They just kept looking at the pillars and ignored Yue Changtian.

Yue Changtian sighed and then turned over to watch the Heaven's Selection again. He nearly jumped up because of astonishment.

The pillars… showed twelve ninety-five! That was horrible enough to stun everybody in the hall. However, it was not the end. The light marks were slowing down.

However, it didn't stop!

It was still rising!

"Oh my bloody heavens! Ninety-six already!" Zhan Yunfei suddenly shouted so loud. "It is not finished yet… Ahhhh…"

As he shouted, everybody else was scared. They all looked to Zhan Yunfei and showed him furious faces.

Zhan Yunfei's face was ashen. "Xiao Mufei! I hate you! I will hate you for a lifetime!"