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Chapter 813: What A Monster!

Chapter 813: What A Monster!
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Zhan Yunfei really wanted to cry. "That was such a good chance. You bastard! I missed it because of what you said! I said I wanted him to be my personal disciple… You kept talking about Heaven's Selection and other bullshxts… Look at it! Look at it now! He can cultivate any martial art he wants… Why would I listen to you… Why was I so soft! Damn it! Oh heavens, it reaches ninety-six now… Ninety-seven… What the hell it's ninety-eight now… Xiao Mufei… I helped you get a daughter… And you ruined my great future… I hate you! I hate you now! I will hate you in the future! Next life! I will never stop hating you!"

He was so upset that he couldn't even talk well. He just said whatever was in his mind, trying to vent the grudge out…

However, he didn't notice that the three grandmasters were pissed. They were distant and cold all of a sudden. [What? He nearly got the young man? Xiao Mufei, well done! You have done a great thing for us! We appreciate it!]

Xiao Mufei didn't know anything. He was hated by his savior and also appreciated by the three great grandmasters at the same time!

Everybody was shocked and stunned. The light marks on the pillars had reached ninety-nine and finally stopped.

They exhaled and somebody thought, "Finally… What a monster! Other disciples only want to learn something from us! He is going to end our life this one! That's so scary… It didn't reach one hundred. How lucky! Otherwise, I might die here today…]

However, life never followed one's expectation… Maybe god liked to see somebody be scared to death…

The next moment, after the light marks stopped for a while, the moonlight gathered again. Suddenly, the light marks boosted…

One hundred!

It reached the top of the pillars!

Twelve pillars!

All reached the top!

Whoever saw this were all astonished. They didn't even ask why. What they did was just watching the pillars. They felt blank in the heads. They had a strange feeling that they never had before.

"Is it real? Is this true?" somebody murmured.

After that, many people started to ask the same question. "Is this real? Is this possible?"

"Is it true?"


"Am I in a dream… Hey, you, come pinch my arm… Ah!… Damn it! That hurts! This is real… Are you going to kill me… It hurt like hell…"

"You told me to pinch you… didn't you? Besides, so what? Even if I kill you, you will be a dead man and you won't fight against me for this perfect disciple!"

"That's right! Then why should I let you kill me? Why don't I just kill you? I should just kill you so that you don't have the chance to mislead the young generation. I don't think I should let this perfect disciple be under your stupid instruction…"

Yue Changtian was the only person who didn't say anything among them all. He was also astonished, but he just stood there without doing anything. He just kept staring at the moonlight.

It seemed the miracle hadn't ended yet. The light mark of the scale on the pillars had reached the top!

However, the moonlight didn't stop shining!

It was still glowing!

It was still pouring light into the pillars!

What was it?

What did that mean?

It meant… the top of the scale on the pillars couldn't describe this young man's potential! In other words, the twelve pillars in Cold Moon Palace couldn't conclude the potential of this young man!

It didn't end!

What did that mean then?

Yue Changtian trembled. He then started to stare at the young man.

He couldn't move his focus away, as if he was looking at his beloved girl.

The moonlight was still pouring in.

The pillars kept shining…

It lasted about one hour before the moonlight started to fade away.

After a while, the pillars were darkening slowly from top to bottom.

They were shocked again. They had never seen this happen before. The pillars should be darkened instantly right after the selection was done!

How come the pillars were darkening so slowly?

However, they had shouted out 'what is going on' so many times, so they didn't make a sound this time. Even till the pillars all returned to dark and the moonlight and starlight were gone, the hall was still silent.

Everybody was staring at Ye Xiao with great fever in their eyes.

Zhan Yunfei seemed upset.

[All reached one hundred!]

Zhan Yunfei was so regretful that he wanted to smash his own head.

[One hundred in any martial art… He can cultivate any martial art… Heaven's Selection my ass…]

[Xiao Mufei… You bastard… I hate you… I hate you forever!]

If Xiao Mufei was there beside Zhan Yunfei, Zhan Yunfei might swallow him alive!

The three great grandmasters' eyes were just bright like searchlights!

Why would people cultivate martial art?

Of course, they wanted to be invincible! They wanted to prevent being bullied!

However, what did they need once they were old and knew they wouldn't make any progress further?

They surely wanted somebody to inherit them!

A man lived hard only to get himself a great fame no matter when he was alive or after he died!

If one was powerful and famous alive, yet his disciple was such a garbage after he died, he would jump out from his tomb and stamp on the floor!

However, what if his disciple turned out to be a super genius that was able to defeat anybody in the world?

Two different possibilities.

Everybody in Cold Moon Palace was thinking about Ye Chongxiao at the moment.

If he became a legend in the Qing-Yun Realm, even a myth, more powerful than Wu Fa, when people talked about him, they would say… 'Ye Chongxiao, he is from Cold Moon Palace…'

Then Cold Moon Palace got what they wanted.

What came next must be… 'The great Ye Chongxiao's personal master is…'

Thinking about this, the three old great grandmasters were so thrilled that they started to shake!