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Chapter 814: Wind, Cloud, Thunder and Lightning

Chapter 814: Wind, Cloud, Thunder and Lightning
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Before the selection, these men already wanted to have Ye Chongxiao as their personal disciple. They would rather fight against others to have him. After the selection, they were even excited. They would rather risk their own lives for it!


Ye Xiao came to himself. As he opened his eyes, he saw over twenty people looking at him with eyes full of fever.

It felt like a bunch of starving wolves staring at a piece of meat!

It also felt like a bunch of men who hadn't had sex for a long time saw a naked beauty!

Ye Xiao felt that if those men crowded over to him, they were going to swallow him alive!

"What's wrong?" Ye Xiao said, "Am I unqualified? Why are you all so angry?"



Everybody was surprised!

[Why would you think you are unqualified?]

[If you are unqualified… we should all go eat sh*t!]

[And why do you think we are angry? Our eyes might be red, but that is greed!]

"Qualified. You are qualified. You can join our sect now," Yue Changtian spoke. He tried to sound peaceful. He was definitely a good great sect Prime Master in the world. He calmed down and acted solemnly immediately. He was neither humble nor pushy while speaking. What he meant was 'You, Ye Chongxiao, belong to Cold Moon Palace now!'

Of course, Yue Changtian knew that he wouldn't win the game against the three grandmasters. He had given up on having a new disciple, so he calmed down fast. Besides, although he couldn't be the young man's personal master, he was always his Prime Master in the sect! That was for sure!

[In fact… If the three old men didn't show up, it could be more than just disciple and Prime Master in the sect between me and Ye Chongxiao…] Yue Changtian sighed. He looked at the three grandmasters and twisted his mouth. He thought, [If the three old masters aren't here, whoever else dares to claim the young disciple over me, I will put him in detention for a hundred years!]

"Qualified?" Ye Xiao frowned.

He knew he would pass the trial, and in a shocking way too. The problem here was… [Ok, I am qualified. What? Why don't you do something? Look at your faces… What? It's like I am an enemy to you all?]

[Shouldn't I have a specific martial art and a master and finish this already?]

The ten elders and nine great disciples gradually became blank on the faces.

[I have no chance to get this man anyway, no matter how bad I want him!]

Ye Xiao looked around and finally saw the three great grandmasters who were staring at him.

All of a sudden…

Somebody moved. That white-bearded oldest grandmaster stood in front of Ye Xiao. "Young man, are you Ye… Ye… Ye… Ye?"

Then he looked at Yue Changtian.

He suddenly forgot Ye Chongxiao's name. He wanted to talk to him first in order to cotton up to him, but he f*cked up. It sounded like he was calling Ye Xiao grandfather [1].

Yue Changtian made a long sigh.

[Great grandmaster, good for you. Why didn't you ask me first if you don't know his name? Look at you. So embarrassing. You just accidentally called that young kid grandfather several times. Well done. You make this Ye Chongxiao an ancestor to us all…]

He had to help the old man anyway. He sighed and said, "Ye Chongxiao!"

"Right! Ye Chongxiao! That's it!" The white-bearded old man slapped on the leg and said, "Good name! You have a wonderful name! Your name and mine, they fit! You and me, we are bound to be disciple and master! We are a perfect pair!"

Everybody turned around and started to shake. They were laughing but tried so hard not to.

[A perfect pair… What the hell are you talking about… Besides, what is your name? Why are you so sure the two names fit?]

"Well, if he said something else, I would be disdainful. However, their names fit. That's true!" The second eldest grandmaster said, "Ye Chongxiao! Lei Dadi! One from the sky while one from the land. Land and sky, are they a perfect pair?" [2]

Ye Xiao was shocked.

Ye Chongxiao!

Lei Dadi!

The leaf in the earth was rushing up to the sky while the lightning in the sky was striking down on the earth… That… was…

Suddenly, Ye Xiao remembered something.

[Lei Dadi!]

[This old man is the famous Lei Dadi!]

[It was said that there was a secret superior cultivator in Cold Moon Palace who is so powerful that he could sweep over the entire world! He is invincible!]

[His name is Lei Dadi, so people called him Lei the Great King [3]!]

[His martial art is so fierce and brutal that he was like a conqueror in the world!]

[Lei the Great King, someone in the legend.]

[Among millions of superior cultivators, who dares to claim to be a great king?]

[Even if there were people who called themselves king, how long have they stayed alive after that?]

[Lei Dadi, Lei the Great King is obviously an exception!]

"Listen, kid. You should come with me, Feng Wuying [4]. You and I, we make a better group. A leaf should go along the wind and the wind blows the leaf to rush up to the sky," the second grandmaster smiled and talked to Ye Xiao.

"That is nonsense. You are being theatrical here. A leaf rushing up to the clouds, it will only obtain true freedom when it is floating along the clouds. I am Yin Piaoliu [5]. You and I, we are meant to be together!" the youngest grandmaster said.

Ye Xiao heard them talking about how good it was to be their disciple. He was amused, but then he suddenly remembered something again.

The three grandmasters' names were wind, cloud, and thunder! They were exactly three of the four Peak Cultivators, 'Wind, Cloud, Thunder and Lightning'!

The Lightning, Dian Changkong, he wasn't here. About two hundred years earlier, he killed a man who was Wu Fa's disciple. Wu Fa hunted him down and killed him in a nasty way!

Wind, Cloud and Thunder wanted to avenge Lightning, so they fought Wu Fa in a mountain. After that, nobody knew where the three of them had gone.

Many people believed they were dead. Wu Fa was the strongest cultivator in the Qing-Yun Realm after all. Wu Fa was still living in this realm, yet the other three hadn't shown up since ever. People reckoned they were all dead. Nobody ever thought that they were exactly in Cold Moon Palace!


[1] Ye Ye (爷爷), exactly the sound of grandfather in Chinese.

[2] Ye Chongxiao, Ye means leaf. Chongxiao means rushing up to the clouds.

Lei Dadi, Lei means thunder, Dadi means land/earth.

[3] Dadi (大地) which means earth and Dadi (大帝) which means great king, sound the same in Chinese.

[4] Feng Wuying, Feng means wind, Wuying means traceless.

[5] Yun Piaoliu, Yun means cloud, Piaoliu means float.