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Chapter 817: Battle in the Old Days

Chapter 817: Battle in the Old Days
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"Hmmm…" Ye Xiao didn't say anything.

After all, nobody knew how experienced and steady Ye Xiao could be. He had died once! How could he not be experienced enough?

"Heh, heh! Don't be unconvinced though. I know you have been through more than others, because you went through so much to ascend to this world. It is your advantage, but it could also be your shortage!"

Ye Xiao was surprised. He said humbly, "I would love to hear more edification!"

"You are from the lower realm. You must feel stressful when you first arrived in here. You felt unacceptably weak. You felt like nothing. Thus, you are self-contemptuous. However, after some days, you convinced yourself that you are weak because you are not a native in this realm. You finally have the excuse to comfort yourself. You know you are more experienced and better trained than most cultivators in this world. It only takes time for you to become one of the best in the world."

"It is a good way to think about the reality you are in. However, you miss one thing. You must see the arrogance in yourself. If the arrogance in you became your impulse, you may have a great achievement in the future. If you can't properly use the arrogance, you will be destroyed by it. What future do you think you have?" Yun Piaoliu said.

Ye Xiao was shocked. He answered, "Humbly, I shall listen to your edification, Master!"

Ye Xiao spoke twice. What he said sounded the same yet totally different! The first time he spoke, he wanted to hear more from the old guys. It seemed respectful, yet he was just acting!

The second time he spoke, what he said was from the bottom of his heart. He was grateful for the edification for real!

What Yun Piaoliu just said was such an enlightenment to Ye Xiao. The former didn't know the real potential of Ye Xiao, and he also didn't know Ye Xiao had lived two lives. Ye Xiao, on the other hand, knew the truth about himself. He had been the Xiao Monarch in Qing-Yun Realm in the previous life. He was experienced, skilled, wise and calm. It was simple and easy for him to become peerless in the Land of Han-Yang.

However, now as he thought of it, if he didn't get the East-rising Purple Qi, Boundless Space, Brother Egg and other good opportunities by luck, it might take him over fifty years to succeed. However, he had them all, so he ascended to Qing-Yun Realm in only two years!

Since he returned to Qing-Yun Realm, he always knew he should stay low, because he was too weak to show himself in this world. However, deep in his heart, he was still an arrogant man.

The three old guys actually said something that truly enlightened Ye Xiao! It made him think deeper!

"You are a smart man indeed. You understand more than what you are told. Let me tell you one more thing. It's supposed to be a secret though. We may look powerful in front of Yue Changtian, as if we are the ones who are in charge, but in fact, that is so fake. If not for these three thatched cottages, we should have died fifty years ago!" Lei Dadi smiled blandly.

Then he led Ye Xiao into the cottage.

"You two have talked enough to him. Now it's my turn. Chongxiao, my disciple, I am only going to tell you one thing. You must remember it." Feng Wuying spoke solemnly, "A humble house can shelter a person, while a mansion can kill one's ambition!"

Ye Xiao was shocked. He stopped walking.

He repeated the word in his head again and again. He actually learned a lot from it!

"We are dead men who crawled out from the cottages. After a few years, we will die in these cottages." Lei Dadi wasn't so overwhelming now. He seemed solitary.

"Three masters, I am still confused." Ye Xiao said, "I roughly understand what you said, but I don't fully understand what you mean just now."

"It won't be good if you understand it right now." Feng Wuying smiled. "We have great expectations on you."

"I shall accept your edification!" Ye Xiao humbly and seriously said.

Ye Xiao said the same word again. However, each time he said it, he had different feelings!

The three old men living in the cottages had moved Ye Xiao. He respected the old men greatly now.

The three old men were all times older than the years Ye Xiao had lived.

"Dian Changkong died in Wu Fa's hands…" Lei Dadi talked about Dian Changkong and there were tears in his eyes. "It was like a lightning striking on our heads. We decided to go out the mountain and fight against Wu Fa. We wanted to avenge our brother!"

Ye Xiao nodded.

He knew that. Thunder, Wind and Cloud gathered together and left the mountain. It shocked the entire martial world. They had written a letter of challenge, which shocked everybody even so many years later.

'There is no right or wrong in the martial world. Only sword decides life or death. Only strength calls justice! One should return much favor to a little help! One should take revenge to suppress the grudge! Wu Fa, you killed our brother! To us, you have ripped our legs off! An eye for an eye, a life for a life!'

'We will never let go of such a grudge! Fifth of September, on the top of Thousands Troop Mountain! We will wait until you show up in the decisive battle!'

'Lei Dadi! Feng Wuying! Yun Piaoliu!'

Three superior cultivators challenged the recognized No. 1 cultivator, Wu Fa!

It was this letter which caused the fight!

A letter of challenge.

They never asked for the reason why Wu Fa killed their brother. They never said anything about who did wrong first.

In their hearts, reasons didn't matter at all.

They only saw what happened. They only saw reality.

Dian Changkong was dead!

Wu Fa killed Dian Changkong. That was the fact.

They would avenge their brother. That was all.

If they died in that fight, Wu Fa was right. If Wu Fa died, they were right. That was it. If they defeated Wu Fa, Dian Changkong was right to kill Wu Fa's disciple!

As simple as that. These are the rules in the martial world!

He who won the war wrote the history. It was the same in the martial world!

The fifth of September, the Thousands Troop Mountain was crowded by countless people who were there to watch the fight.