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Chapter 818: What I Lack

Chapter 818: What I Lack
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However, when the four great cultivators showed up together in that mountain, they aroused a huge mass of overwhelming qi. That murderous qi drove away the hundreds of thousand people who were there to watch the fight!

The four of them did nothing. They just showed up there and the overwhelming qi of them were powerful enough to suppress normal people to death!

Whoever stayed would die!

One had to risk one's life to stay there and watch the fight. In fact, even if one was willing to die, he might fail to watch the fight. He might die before the fight even began!

After that fight, many things and many people disappeared!

People and many things.

After that fight, Thousand Troop Mountain was gone!

The entire mountain disappeared because of the fight!

The three superior cultivators of Cold Moon Palace were missing. Wu Fa barely showed himself to the public after that fight!

"That fight, the three of us fought together, yet we still couldn't defeat Wu Fa. He truly is the most powerful figure in the world. However, it was also impossible for him to kill us without getting himself hurt, no matter how powerful he was… At the end of the fight, the three of us were seriously injured, and Wu Fa was wounded too. Things went rough. When we wanted to die along with Wu Fa, he left, leaving one word behind."

"My disciple bullied an innocent woman. He should be killed. He had learned from me since so many years ago, yet he still died in other's hands. He deserved to die! However, he was my disciple after all, so I killed Dian Changkong. That was to take revenge. I did it for my dozens of years of indoctrination to my disciple."

"You want to kill me because you want to avenge your brother. That is reasonable!"

"You are not capable of killing me, and I will have to get myself seriously wounded if I kill you. This fight won't end in happiness. Since we have our reasons… Why don't we just call it off!"


"Then he just left."

"The three of us were all seriously hurt. We returned to the sect to rest immediately. However, it hurt our life essence. We couldn't improve ever since. It was so difficult to get ourselves cured. We have been suppressing the wounds on us, so as to live longer. However, we are stepping closer to death. We can't fully recover anymore. We can just live a few more pathetic days. Look at our faces. That describes many things."

Feng Wuying made a long sigh.

"We three have given up our own dignity to have you become our disciple because we see hope on you. Maybe you, a genius young man, can accomplish our dream… We hope one day you can defeat Wu Fa! That is the only thing we want to do in our lives!" Yun Piaoliu looked sad. He spoke in a low voice word by word.

Defeat Wu Fa!

"Wu Fa, his Spring-mountain Mustard Art is unbelievably powerful. If we didn't experience it, we wouldn't even imagine there is such powerful a martial art in the world…" Lei Dadi took a deep breath. He looked even older when he talked about Wu Fa. The wrinkles on his face seemed deeper.

Ye Xiao noticed Yun Piaoliu told him to defeat Wu Fa, not to kill him.

"Masters, I have a question," Ye Xiao said.

"Go ahead," Yun Piaoliu said.

"I am new to this world, and I have experienced too little. However, I believe all methods in cultivation lead to the same purpose. The top of cultivation level in Qing-Yun Realm should be the top of Dao Origin Stage. When you fought Wu Fa, you should already be at the top of Dao Origin Stage. Wu Fa has always been the most powerful cultivator in this world. No matter how powerful he is, he should be no higher than Dao Origin Stage. The three of you fought against him…"

Ye Xiao said, "Maybe it was about experience and schemes… but in your level, it all depends on strength. He fought against you three at the same time. Experience wouldn't help him that much. For example, when I was in the lower realm. The top of Sky Origin Stage is the highest cultivation level in that world. I was at the highest point of Sky Origin Stage already. I was invincible against a single enemy. However, I would always lose if I face three top-level Sky Origin Stage cultivators at the same time… I am wondering if Dao Origin Stage is a different martial art stage than other stages?"

"Hmm? Who told you… that level nine of Dao Origin Stage is the highest point in Qing-Yun Realm?" Lei Dadi widely opened his eyes.

"What? It is not?" Ye Xiao was surprised.

He was truly surprised this time. He used to be Xiao Monarch, in level nine of Dao Origin Stage. Now, somebody was telling him what he knew was not true!

[That is impossible!]

He knew Xiao Monarch wasn't a match to Wu Fa or Xuan Bing, because his martial art and his martial art foundation were too weak. However, he knew he wasn't weak in wisdom and insights.

The three old men were telling him something that made him confused. He wondered if he had always been wrong about the cultivation levels in Qing-Yun Realm.

"Yes!" Lei Dadi spoke loud and seriously, "But… No!"

"What you know about the cultivation levels is right. The top of Dao Origin Stage is the highest point of cultivation level in this world. Everybody knows it. However, those who are from the real great sects, those who had existed for tens of thousand years and have reached level eight of Dao Origin Stage, know that the top of Dao Origin Stage is not the limitation in this world!"

"That is why cultivators in sects are so different to those who cultivate on their own," Feng Wuying said.

"The top of Dao Origin Stage is the limitation of cultivation in this world. That can be right because there is no specific levels or stages beyond level nine of Dao Origin Stage."

"However, it doesn't mean there are no higher phases!"

"Higher phases…" Ye Xiao frowned. He was confused.

"Those who cultivate on their own always chase after the number of levels and stages. However, they ignore the real status of themselves. Their cultivation foundation won't be solid due to their low background. That is why great sects are always great sects."

What Feng Wuying said enlightened Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao had been traveling over the world. He was free and rakish, but he always felt that he was lacking something.

It turned out what he lacked was a solid cultivation foundation!