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Chapter 819: Three Phases!

Chapter 819: Three Phases!
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To acquire a solid foundation, one should go through rough trainings from a young age, not only to push oneself up to certain cultivation levels, but to gradually improve oneself in cultivation foundation step by step… That was something a superior cultivator needed the most!

It was what Ye Xiao lacked the most in his previous life!

In other words… he needed the guidance of a good master!

Other than that… the phases in the highest cultivation level was the secret that was kept by those great sects.

"After Dao Origin Stage, there are roughly three phases. Only by getting through all the three phases after Dao Origin Stage can one become an immortal!" Lei Dadi smiled bitterly. "As long as the last phase was broken through, one will go up to Human Realm Upon Heavens!"

"Tittle Phase; Cage Phase; Tatter Phase. Three great phases!"

"Tittle Phase… Cage Phase… Tatter Phase…" Ye Xiao murmured.

He had never heard of these!

He used to think that he was such an outstanding figure in this world, but it turned out he was one of the ignorant group!

"Tittle Phase is the first phase after level nine of Dao Origin Stage. Think of its name, tittle. It means in this phase, you have to learn how to see things in tittle. For example, when a piece of rock or a knife flies over to you, it only takes less than a second to reach you, yet you still have to see every detail of that rock and that knife. In fact, you will have to do much better than this. In that phase, one second is a long time. You will have to do many things within that one second. For example, within that one second, you will have to see every detail on that rock or that knife and then break it!"

"That is the Tittle Phase. In that phase, you will be able to tear a blade into pieces with one finger, without even using any spiritual qi." Yun Piaoliu said, "Look. I didn't say destroy that blade. I said tear it into pieces! To disassemble it!"


Ye Xiao was shocked.

Destroying sounded even more powerful than disassembling, yet Ye Xiao knew it was far more difficult to disassemble something than to just destroy it!"

"Does it mean… Let's say I am in level nine of Dao Origin Stage and I am fighting a man in the same level, except he is in Tittle Phase. When I attacked him by swaying my sword on him, he can instantly see through every detail on my sword and tear my sword into pieces?"

Ye Xiao took in a cold breath. "So he can break my weapon instantly! That is the Tittle Phase!"

Yun Piaoliu said, "It's good that you understand it this way. That is the Tittle Phase!"

Ye Xiao was shocked.

"Back to that day, the three of us had just entered Tittle Phase. We hadn't spent much time to cultivate deeper yet. What we could do was to break the enemy's weapon. In fact, the true art of Tittle Phase is not just breaking some weapon, but it disassembles everything! It sees through everything, including the air that is pushed by a fist attack!" Lei Dadi said.

"What? Isn't it awesome! If I can reach that height of Tittle Phase, everything in the world will be in my sight! I will be able to conquer every object in the world! What could restrain such power then? Isn't it invincible?" Ye Xiao asked.

"The art of cultivation is unlimited. Where your eyes see is where your mind goes deep. If you think Tittle Phase is invincible, I can only prove you wrong. It is only the first phase of the three Great Phases! Back to that day, Wu Fa had already broken through the first phase. He had already entered Cage Phase."

"We didn't have a chance to win that fight at all," Lei Dadi spoke bitterly. "We were all at the top level of Dao Origin Stage. However, we were one phase below him. That made it seem like three mortals fighting against a god! He won it all! What we did was to try everything we can to protect the other two. Wu Fa didn't want to get himself hurt. Otherwise, none of us could survive that horrible day."

"No way. You are in the same cultivation level. How is it possible?" Ye Xiao was shocked.

"That's the truth!" Lei Dadi sighed.

"What is that Cage Phase. How is it even more powerful than Tittle Phase, which sees through everything in the world!" Ye Xiao asked.

"Tittle Phase is limited in objects. In Cage Phase, one can control space. Wu Fa was in the initial phase of Cage Phase back then. He can make the space where his enemy stays become like a cage immediately."

"Even when he was fighting Dao Origin Stage cultivators, that space cage will lock the cultivators inside it for a short period of time! They will be jammed and the only thing they can do is to wait for Wu Fa's attack! It lasts for the time of a breath. However, it is long enough for a Dao Origin Stage cultivator, even a Sky Origin Stage Cultivator, to kill the man who is jammed many times! The three of us kept protecting each other in different spaces! We kept staying a certain distance to each other. Otherwise, we might be jammed at the same time and Wu Fa would kill us all easily!"

"This sounds incredible, but it isn't all the Cage Phase's power. Wu Fa was in the initial phase. What he did was just the simplest of all the Cage Phase allows him. If we are right, the Cage Phase allows the cultivator to control the space to restrain the enemy and also move oneself instantly as they want. Think about it. When you confidently attack him, he will suddenly disappear and then reappear again in another position. What if he make a counterattack from that impossible position?"

"Control space? Move space? Isn't it something only a god can do?"

"Tatter Phase…" Feng Wuying was going to talk about the third phase. Lei Dadi interrupted, "It doesn't help anything to talk about this now. Any disciple should go beyond level eight of Dao Origin Stage before he gets the chance to know things about the three phases. You are violating the rule that is set by our ancestors. Besides, I don't want him to know too much about it. It may cause negative influence on his mindset. It won't be a difficult thing for him to reach level eight of Dao Origin Stage anyway. He has the hidden power from the inner core of the Golden-scaled Dragon Fish after all. It only takes time for him to have the chance to know more about the true power."

Feng Wuying laughed. "I know. But if we don't tell him now… I''m just afraid that we may die before Chongxiao reaches level eight of Dao Origin Stage."

As he said so, the other two old men sighed at the same time.

It might be a problem for them to live another twenty-five years…

No matter how talented or how good Ye Chongxiao was, he didn't seem to be able to reach Dao Origin Stage in less than two hundred years!

They couldn't make it that long.

"Chongxiao, we are running out of time. The next three months will be extremely tough for you. You must be ready for it." Yun Piaoliu sounded fierce and vicious. "When I said tough, it means full of dangers. The next three months, you will have no time to rest! You have time to eat and go to toilet, but that is all. You won't even have time to wash your face!"

"What we want is that you can try whatever you can to survive the coming three months!"

"It is… the three months of hell!"