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Chapter 820: The Path to Become Immortal!

Chapter 820: The Path to Become Immortal!
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Yun Piaoliu sounded quite solemn.

"So, you should go sleep as much as you can today. Take a good rest. Let's start tomorrow morning!"

Ye Xiao didn't hesitate. He went to a cottage and then lied on a bed in it. He really didn't think of anything else and just fell asleep as soon as he could.

Others might thought the three old men were exaggerating the hardship, however, Ye Xiao knew that the three old men only made it sound easier than it truly was!

What Ye Xiao should do was to grasp every second to rest!

The coming three months, he wouldn't have time to sleep. Sleeping would become a wasteful dream for him!

He had heard about the three months of hell before.

It was a special training method which was only used in the three factions. It was top secret of the sects. They seldom let their disciples enter this training. Even when there were people who got through this training progress, they barely finished it all!

The training method would only be used on the most talented disciples!

However, it was such a cruel and difficult training!

Besides, the chosen disciples would only do this training in the beginning of their cultivation!

In tens of thousand years of history, none of the disciples of the three factions could finish all three months training!

Most of the disciples quit after only three days.

Whoever held on longer than three days would get big achievements in the future!

All those who held on longer than one month all reached Dao Origin Stage at the end.

Those who got over two months all reached the top of Dao Origin Stage and became elites of their sect!

Those who held on till the last ten days…

No! There had never been anybody who could hold it till the last ten days in the third month.

That was why they called it three months of hell!

Ye Xiao knew that what he was going to learn in the three months was what he lacked the most in his life. He hadn't been aware of its importance in the past. As he grew older and became stronger, he realized how important the cultivation foundation was. However, it was too late.

He now felt really lucky. If he didn't join Cold Moon Palace by chance… he might miss the opportunity to make up for it.

Three months of hell would only be done by people in the three factions! If he wasn't one of Cold Moon Palace's disciples, even though he knew he needed to set a solid foundation for himself, he wouldn't know how to do it.

Besides, he needed a person to host the three months in hell for him!

In fact, the host was the most important part of the three months of hell. The host should be at least level eight of Dao Origin Stage! Those rogue cultivators who were in Spirit Origin Stage, how could they find somebody in Dao Origin Stage help them get through a training like this?

It was impossible.

That was the saddest thing to the rogue cultivators!

It was also the most valuable fortune the disciples in the great sects could have!

The opportunity only went to the most talented disciples though!

Ye Xiao got the opportunity now. He would definitely cherish it!

Ye Xiao was deep in asleep.

The three old grandmasters looked solemn while standing outside.

"Brother, how many days did you reach during your three months of hell?" Yun Piaoliu asked. "I remembered… when I was doing that… I nearly risked my life but was only able to hang on two and a half months at the end."

"I am two months and fourteen days. That is close," Feng Wuying said.

"I am two months and nineteen days. Master was so happy to see me hanging for such a long time. He said I was one of the three disciples in history who held on in the three months of hell for the longest time."

Lei Dadi looked into distance and said, "I miss him so much… I want him to host a three months of hell for me again… I would love to even die in the three months… It must be so good."

The three of them sighed at the same time. Nobody talked about this anymore.

"We didn't tell Chongxiao the importance of the three months of hell." Feng Wuying said, "We want him to get through the three months with a fearless heart of a rookie…"

"That is impossible. He will do no better than we did. However, he is so talented and full of potential. If he can hang on as a long as we did, it should be enough for him to become as powerful as Wu Fa in the future," Yun Piaoliu said.

"You are right. The last half month is truly like the life in hell…" Lei Dadi said, "Everyday it became twice more difficult than the previous day. Even god couldn't hold on all the three months. Everyday when I was asleep at night, I dreamt about the last four days I spent in the three months of hell. It was such a nightmare."

Yun Piaoliu smiled bitterly. "You two have lasted a few days longer than I did. Master said I would never catch up with you. He was right. I never did! However, I am still confused. Is the three months of hell just something the sect uses to scare their disciples? Our ancestor spent so much to get this training method. However, nobody has ever finished it all. The best of us only made it to two months and twenty-one days…"

"Traveling in the boundless hell alone. All worlds stay in one's heart. Countless hardships make an immortal. Human Realm Upon Heavens is ahead of us!" Feng Wuying recited and then sighed.

"Eighty-one difficulties! The last nine days, he will have to get through eighty-one kinds of difficulties everyday…"

"It is impossible to hold on all the nine days."

"I don't care if it is possible or not. What I want to see is Ye Chongxiao staying a few days longer than I did. That will be a great victory!" Lei Dadi was steady and calm. "I only care about one thing about you two. Are you ready?"

"More or less." Feng Wuying smiled bitterly. "We have to put our lives in risk to keep it running."

The three old men looked solemn.

The three months of hell was definitely an important experience for the young disciple. However, it was also a great challenge for the three grandmasters who would host the three months of hell!

"I don't care about anything else! You two better keep the three months running… even if you will die, you better die after Ye Chongxiao is done with it!"

"Me too. I will also only die after the three months of hell finishes!" Lei Dadi humphed. "Now, go to sleep, both of you!"

Feng Wuying and Yun Piaoliu turned over and left, murmuring, "Old bastard! You are just two days earlier than us to join the sect. We are all going to die soon now. Why don't you quit being arrogant…"

Lei Dadi saw his two younger disciple brothers leave, then he suddenly smiled. He murmured, "You two little bastards… after all these years, you never changed a bit of your personalities…"