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Chapter 821: Beginning of Hell!

Chapter 821: Beginning of Hell!
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There was no other people who dared to call the old Feng Wuying and Yun Piaoliu little bastards. Lei Dadi was the only one.

Lei Dadi was lost in thoughts at the moment. He thought of the old days when he and the others were cultivating, playing and joking around in the sect.

Feng Wuying and Yun Piaoliu had never changed. In fact, Lei Dadi hadn't changed either.

"Time flies… Is that day coming soon…" Lei Dadi shook his head and sighed. Then he went to bed too.

When the special training began the next morning, not only Ye Xiao, but also the three old men should be well prepared. In the three months, they would very likely work even harder than Ye Xiao!

Ye Xiao had casually chosen a bed and it happened to be Lei Dadi's bed. Lei Dadi had to find somewhere else to rest.

He walked to Feng Wuying's cottage but didn't see him on the bed. He looked to the floor and found the two old fellas snoring on the floor.

The bed was too small for two people, so they actually slept on the floor.

"Little bastards. How could you just sleep on the floor. Where is your manners… Great grandmasters of Cold Moon Palace… You actually look like two little puppies in winter…" Lei Dadi scolded in a low voice. However, he walked to his two disciple brothers and lied close to them.

He then closed his eyes.

He felt like it was back to the old days. Their master brought four orphans back to the sect. That night, the four of them slept on the floor just like that. The next morning, Lei Dadi found they were cuddling each other to keep themselves warm.

A big warm smile showed up on his face as he thought of the old days.

Thinking of the old days when the four of them hung out together, he smiled sincerely. At this moment, his eyes were crystal like a kid's eyes. "Those were happy days… If Dian Changkong is still alive, we may have the opportunity to lie together like this… That would be so great… Ah…"

He sighed and then closed his eyes.

In the cottage.

There was wheatgrass covering the floor.

Three old men whose beards were grey, cuddling each other while sleeping on the floor...

Each of them showed a kid's smile on the face.

They were happy staying together, alive or dead.

Before dawn!

Ye Xiao opened his eyes and saw some clothes. It was shining with a cold and dim glow. It was clothes made from Star Steel!

Star Steel had star in its name. It was just as precious as stars. It was abstracted from the fallen meteorite in the world. It was over a hundred times heavier than normal iron steel. The clothes before Ye Xiao's eyes was completely made from Star Steel. It must have weighed over one thousand and five hundred kilograms!

"Are you awake? Get your ass up and put on the clothes then. That's new clothes for you! Star Suit! It's such a precious stuff!" Lei Dadi smiled and talked. He looked so warm and friendly.

Ye Xiao blinked and said, "Master Lei, I am grateful that you are giving me this clothes. I guess this Star Suit isn't something ordinary. It must be also extraordinary in weight. Am I right?"

"Not really. It's only one thousand seven hundred and seventy kilograms. You are in the initial levels of Spirit Origin Stage. You can handle it. I am sure!" Lei Dadi smiled. "From now on, what I want you to do is to wear it. Even when you feel like you are dying, you still have to continue wearing it!"

"What would happen after that?" Ye Xiao asked.

"You keep wearing then! Every second count! You must keep going as long as you can!" Lei Dadi was showing such a good temper.

"I see. I must keep wearing until the three months training is finished!" Ye Xiao spoke in a deep voice.

"That's right. The three months of hell is truly the life of hell. It concerns your future. It depends on this special training whether you can go up to the heavens or not!" Lei Dadi spoke solemnly, "The entire training process is to refine your bones, Jing and Mai, dantian, spiritual power… Remember, only when you get out from hell can you have the opportunity to get to heaven! Do you understand?"

Ye Xiao became serious. "Yes, I do."

And then he murmured, "Only when I get out from hell can I have the opportunity to get to heaven! That's right. Nothing good comes easy. No pain, no gain. The harder I work, the more I achieve!"

His eyes lit up!

"Hell and heaven are neighbors! However, only from hell could he go to heaven, while he would only go to hell when he falls from heaven."

"Such a simple truth. Success and failure. Life and death."

Lei Dadi picked up the Star Suit and helped Ye Xiao put it on. Ye Xiao could put it on by himself for sure, but it would take more time and energy. Ye Xiao's energy was something they wouldn't want to waste. That was why Master Lei had to help him with the clothes.

Yun Piaoliu and Feng Wuying just stood aside with a solemn face. They were looking forward to it!

The Star Suit had one weskit, one waistcoat, and two leggings.

Four pieces in total!

Ye Xiao put on the Star Suit and felt like he was carrying a mountain. He was level five of Spirit Origin Stage now. That clothes shouldn't be too heavy for him. However, it was in Qing-Yun Realm. The gravity was different from Land of Han-Yang.

He was able to wear it and move freely. However, he knew he would be ninety percent slower!

It was over a thousand kilograms after all. That was over twenty times heavier than Ye Xiao's body!

Not everybody could handle that weight.

"In these three months, you must never take off the suit!" Lei Dadi said, "Now, the first two hours, you better get used to it. Wear the suit. Run to the top of that mountain over there as fast as you can. There is a Star Steel bucket. Use it, bring back a bucket of water, and pour the water into the big vat over here. What I want you to do is to fill the big vat within two hours."

"Besides, during the two hours, you must not have any food, dan beads, medicines, and not even water."

"Finish it in two hours!" Lei Dadi put a sandglass on the floor and said, "Begin!"

Ye Xiao didn't hesitate. He just rushed out fast.

He knew this was just a beginning!

However, it began with such a big difficulty.