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Chapter 822: 2500 Kilograms!

Chapter 822: 2500 Kilograms!
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Ye Xiao already began sweating after running for a mile.

He was carrying over 1500 kilograms in weight, and he had to run in the fastest speed… That was such a challenge.

Ye Xiao was murmuring in the heart, [Pah! I have grown up in a miserable situation!]

He reached that mountaintop quite fast during the first round. He saw a well… but it was so unexpectedly deep. The well was about a hundred meters deep. He looked down through the well and only saw a bit of water at the bottom.

Unluckily, there was no windlass.

There was no other bucket to lift the water up.

There were stairs though. It led to the bottom of the well. Apparently, Ye Xiao had to move down on the stairs step by step and fill his bucket before heading back to the ground… And then he had to run back to the big vat!

Ye Xiao sighed, and then jumped down to the well without hesitation!

He jumped, but not far. As he jumped down, he kept holding the wall of the well every fifteen meters, so as to keep a steady speed. If he didn't wear that Star Suit, he could probably just jump to the bottom of the well. However, his overall weight was just too much…

If he truly just directly jumped to the bottom, he would be like a shooting meteorite hitting the earth.

After a while, he finally got to the bottom of the well. Luckily, he found that Star Steel Bucket immediately.

He had been wondering what to do if he couldn't find that Star Steel Bucket.

He would have to find the bucket first!

However, it wasn't too bad. He didn't need to look for a bucket. Even so, when he saw the bucket, he smiled bitterly.

He wouldn't need to look for the bucket or do something else. That bucket itself was enough to make him feel sick. The bucket was big, but with a small volume. The bucket wall was so thick. There was just a small room for water. It could contain no more than twenty-five kilograms of water.

However, when he lifted p the bucket, it was at least 750 kilograms in his hand!

That was such a joke!

"What the hell!" Ye Xiao knew that it was even worse than what he could imagine. He didn't hesitate as he hurriedly filled the bucket and took the bucket out. As he finally jumped up to the ground, he was gasping badly. He was now weighing about 2500 kilograms in total! The water and his body were just a small piece! He had jumped up from about one hundred meters under the ground. That consumed a lot of his energy. However, he didn't have time for resting. Without hesitation, he lifted the bucket and started to run back to the big vat!

When he saw the big vat, he was shocked.

[What the bloody hell? Are you trying to get me killed?]

When he went to the well, as he remembered, the big vat was at least half filled. However, now it was totally empty. There was not even one drop of water in it.

The big vat could at least contain 250 kilograms of water.

Ye Xiao felt speechless about it.

He could take back about 25 kilograms at a time. That meant he would have to go ten times at least, within only two hours.

The well was only ten miles away from the vat. That truly wasn't so far away.

However, he was weighing over 1500 kilograms clothes and he also held the 750 kilograms bucket. All in all, that was over 2500 kilograms of weight. It would be too much a burden for him to run over ten times!

Besides, he had to get down to the bottom of the well for ten times too! That was about one hundred meters down there!

When he first got down, he didn't take that heavy bucket. Now he did!

He gritted with his teeth and poured the water into the big vat. And then he took the bucket and ran away fast again.

He had poured out the water in the bucket, yet he didn't feel it lost weight at all.

2500 kilograms and 2525 kilograms… Tthere was barely any difference.

For Ye Xiao, 25 kilograms meant nothing at this moment!

The three old men were looking at Ye Xiao. They felt satisfied. "He moved fast enough for the first round after all. It took less than one-twentieth of the time. Not bad."

"I think that is not good enough. We all have done this before. He will only become slower and slower." Lei Dadi said, "The first round didn't show anything."

"I think that bucket in his hand is bigger than I expected…" Yun Piaoliu frowned, "Is it that 500 kilograms one or that 750 kilograms one?"

"750 kilograms," Lei Dadi answered.

"Oh really… Isn't it too heavy?" Feng Wuying frowned. "That means Chongxiao is bearing over 2500 kilograms in total and he has to run over three hundred miles within two hours. It should be as much as running a hundred miles to get down that well and get up ten times."

"It should be as much as running three hundred miles! The last several rounds down to the bottom of the well will be totally torturing."

Lei Dadi said, "I didn't expect him to finish all the three months of hell. I am ready to see the worst now. If he can make seven rounds within two hours, it will be enough. One more round he can do, the higher position he will be in the future!"

As they were speaking, Ye Chongxiao had already shown up from the well. He ran so fast backward with a bucket in his hand!

For the next period of time, he didn't slow down a bit at all. He had made five rounds already. He was sweating badly and his heart was beating heavily as if it was about to pop out from his chest.

After finishing the fifth bucket, he felt a bit relaxed. Suddenly, his eyes felt blank and dizzy in the head. Apparently, he was going to run out of energy.

This was only the fifth round!

It was just half of what he had to do!

At this moment, he finally realized what hell meant!

This was the first two hours of a whole day!

In the sixth round, he finally slowed down.

"It is beyond my expectations. Not bad." Lei Dadi looked at Ye Xiao. "It is only one-third of the two hours. He has already finished half of the job. However, the key of this training has just begun. The most important part of the first two hours is about to come. Let's see whether he can handle it or not."