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Chapter 823: Outperform!

Chapter 823: Outperform!
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"He has to hold it. I don't care if he is able to." Yun Piaoliu said, "However, as far he shows, eight rounds must be his limit. After eight rounds, he will have no energy to go on, no matter how bad he wants to finish it. He is not to be blamed after all."

"So, let's see whether he can hang on till the eighth round!"

Three old men nodded together and watched Ye Xiao again.

Ye Xiao was gasping. He had just finished the seventh round. His face already turned pale. He seemed to be shaking. Apparently, he was running out of energy right now!

Even a small movement required all of his efforts after that seventh round. If he ever loosened his mind, he might fall down and never be able to get up again!

The eighth!

Ye Xiao sat in the bottom of the well and gasped. He felt it must feel better to die than to go on with this training.

However, after gasping a few times, he took that bucket and started to jump up.

For a few times, he nearly fell off…

Another bucket of water was poured into the vat. It was now eighty percent full!

One-third of the time was still left for him. The sandglass was running.

Ye Xiao took the bucket and rushed out again.

The ninth round.

It was out of the three grandmasters' expectation now.

They thought Ye Xiao would never go on over eight rounds. What they expected from Ye Xiao was to go eight rounds!

However, Ye Xiao's insistence had gone way beyond their expectation!

"Good lad! We all saw it. He was running out of energy since the third round. During the fifth round, he had almost collapsed. The four rounds after the fifth, he was purely driven by his will. He is squeezing every drop of energy in his body." Lei Dadi praised. "Good disciple. Tough bones!"

"That's right. We all see his real condition. He has used up almost all of his energy, yet he is still holding it."

The three old guys saw Ye Xiao actually moving faster when he was doing the ninth round.

"He didn't save energy for this!" Lei Dadi had sharp eyes. "He has just broken his limitation! How amazing he is! It surely opens my eyes!"

"He actually broke his limits…" Yun Piaoliu and Feng Wuying were also shocked. They all knew how difficult it was for a cultivator to break the limit! A cultivator like Ye Xiao had always been pushing himself after all!

It seemed he had really reached the top of his potential.

Because he had broken the limit all of a sudden, he finished ten rounds! Besides, he had started to do the eleventh!

The old men were shocked. Lei Dadi exclaimed, "What the hell is he doing? Is he addicted to that? Why is he still doing it? Is he out of his mind? Is he okay?"

Yun Piaoliu had a more sensitive mind. He pointed at the vat and said, "Brother, you have made it too strict for him. You wanted him to completely fill the vat, not just to fill it with ten buckets of water. The vat contains two hundred and fifty kilograms of water. That bucket contains twenty-five kilograms. There must be some water that spilled out of the bucket. To fill that vat, he had to pour the eleventh bucket!"

Lei Dadi was stunned.

Feng Wuying said, "This young man is so honest. It is just a small difference, yet he tried his best to fulfill it. I truly don't want to see him get hurt!"

Yun Piaoliu shook the head and said, "He won't. If he didn't break the limit earlier and forcibly go on with the eleventh round, I would definitely go stop him. However, he has indeed broken his limit. One more round won't hurt him. Instead, it will help him. To be honest, I like this kid even more now. I truly know how to pick a good inheritor for myself!"

Lei Dadi and Feng Wuying said at the same time, "Bullsh*t! He is the inheritor for the three of us! What do you mean for yourself!"

Although Ye Xiao had to carry water eleven times to fill that vat, he actually finished it a few minutes before the two hours ended!

When Ye Xiao stood before the three old guys' eyes, he had a pale face as if he would pass out at any second—he felt so exhausted that he might die soon!

His sight was getting darker and blanker. He couldn't stop shaking like he was going to fall right away.

There was no sweat anymore.

In fact, he felt so dry!

It wasn't dry in a good way. He felt that he was dehydrated!

All the water in his body became sweat during the two hours. He was sure that he had at least lost twenty-kilogram of weight!

What was left in his body must only be muscles and blood!

Eleven times going to and fro, it consumed every bit of energy in his body.

At the moment, he was sure about one thing… He was on the edge of his limit. To move around more, he might just die there!

When he showed up in front the three grandmasters, he didn't know how astonished the three old men were!

Every two hours in the three months was a challenge!

However, he didn't have to perfectly finish all the challenges!

In fact, whoever was in the special training only needed to do their best. That was all!

After all, whoever had the chance to do this training was extremely talented and full of opportunities in the sect. If any of them were exhausted to death during the training, it would be a great loss to the sect. None of the three factions could afford such a loss!

In fact, the master who would host the training for the chosen disciple had the responsibility to keep the disciple alive. A man could be exhausted physically but not mentally. Ye Xiao had just broken his limit in the ninth round. If not, even if he wanted to go on a few more rounds, the old men would stop him. The training aimed at improving a disciple, not to kill him!

The three old men were so astonished. For tens of thousand years, among all the disciples who had the chance to take the three months of hell training, none had ever perfectly finished any challenge during the three months!