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Chapter 824: Blade Sharpening!

Chapter 824: Blade Sharpening!
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Those who finished about eighty percent were already outstanding figures.

Most of them had just finished seventy percent. Some of them even just finished fifty percent.

In the first two hours challenge, the three old grandmasters only expected Ye Xiao to do eight rounds! They would already be satisfied to see Ye Xiao do eight rounds.

In fact, if Ye Xiao only finished seven, even just six rounds, they would feel it was already acceptable. After all, the three of them only did six or seven rounds back in their days!

However, Ye Xiao was such a tough guy. He did even more than ten rounds! He even did an eleventh round just to follow the instruction of 'completely fill the vat'!

More horribly, after eleven rounds, he still had a few minutes left!

[What the hell is this kid going to be? Monster against heavens?]

The three old men were totally astonished!

[He looks so weak… I guess he will fall with just a touch… How could he be so tough and persevering!]

"What comes next is the second challenge for the next two hours!"

Lei Dadi was an experienced cultivator after all. He was just stunned for a few seconds. Even though he was so shocked, he didn't show it. He announced, "In this challenge, you will have the opportunity to improve the flexibility of your Jing and Mai!"

Then he reached out his hand!

Ye Xiao's exhausted body suddenly flew up to the air.

"No matter how painful you will feel, you must not make a sound! Not to mention scream!"

The next moment, an enormous and rapid power rushed into Ye Xiao's body, rushing inside his Jing and Mai, washing over every inch of his muscles…

It felt like countless sharp knives kept cutting every bit of Ye Xiao's body. It was improving his body bit by bit!

"This is sharpening the blade!"

Lei Dadi didn't stop controlling the pure spiritual qi. It was running inside Ye Xiao's body, activating every cell of his body.

It was such a demanding job to do. The spiritual qi must be neither too small or too massive. If it was too small, it wouldn't improve Ye Xiao at all. However, if it was too much, Ye Xiao's Jing and Mai might all get broken!

He was in risk every second!

This wouldn't improve Ye Xiao's cultivation, but it would refine every inch of his body, so that his body would stay in a perfect status in the future!

Most importantly, every useless bit of his body would be driven out in this challenge!

Ye Xiao felt that every piece of his muscle was being anatomized. He had been through things like this many times though, especially in the present life. When he first cultivate East-rising Purple Qi, and when he first took the supreme dan bead, he had been through so many times of body ablutions.

When Lei Dadi said it would improve the flexibility of his Jing and Mai, he thought it was simply a waste of time. He thought his body was already perfect, that there was no improvement that could be made! And he was sure he could handle the pain in this challenge. However, he didn't know whether this would help him or not, but the pain was definitely something above his expectation. It was even more painful than being cut bit by bit to death.

He must not make a sound, so he had to endure to the fullest.

Once he opened his mouth, the spiritual power from Lei Dadi would be drained away from his mouth. Every bit of waste would lead to failure!

The challenges he was having now were all what he lacked in his previous life!

No matter what, he wouldn't let the opportunity go. Even though he thought this challenge might not be useful to him, he wouldn't give up on it!

He would love to try! He would try the best he could to hold on with it!

He gritted his teeth and closed his mouth. His face was so unbelievably twisted, yet he didn't make a sound at all.

He didn't even humph!

The three old grandmasters were moved again.

Even iron steel was like soft noodles facing such great power. No matter what, he was allowed to make some noise with the nose. It was the natural reaction after all.

However, he didn't make a sound at all.

His endurance and willpower were shocking and amazing!

"Even with Natural Exquisite Body, no matter how talented he is, he needs to eat, drink, breath… It is still a flesh body after all. So there is always impurity in his body. No matter how many times he has been through ablution, there is always impurity."

Lei Dadi explained while working on it, "However, what we are going to do… is to keep your body stay pure every second of the three months!"

"That is the perfect foundation you can have!"

"It is also where a cultivator's life can rely on!"

"Hold it! No matter how bad it feels, you should hold it. If you can't do this, you will never have the opportunity to go to heaven!"

Lei Dadi had been doing it for about half an hour. Feng Wuying took his turn. Lei Dadi sat down to rest. After another half an hour, Yun Piaoliu took the place.

Till the last thirty minutes, the three of them did it together. It pushed the power of 'sharpening' to the peak!

In two hours, Ye Xiao was kept floating in the air. That extreme pain was increasingly torturing him on every bit of his body. However, he didn't make a sound.

The entire process of this challenge had changed Ye Xiao's recognition for the human body. First of all, Ye Xiao used to think that his body was perfect after all those ablutions. However, when he was enduring the washing of the spiritual power this time, he realized there was so much impurity hidden inside him!

Although the impurity was small and nothing compared to his body, it was still impurity. It would more or less influence his cultivation someday. Bit by bit, it would increase, and when that happened, it would make a serious impact on his cultivation!

Perhaps that was why the disciples in the great sects always had more potential than him in the previous life!

In fact, human body was an unraveled treasure to human beings. In the second challenge, during the entire refining process, his body was improved to a new level! As the refining went on, his body continued improving!