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Chapter 825: Disengaged Erhuo!

Chapter 825: Disengaged Erhuo!
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When the spiritual power rushed into his body, it invaded his body. The power was reaching the limit of his body and made Ye Xiao realized where the limit of his body was!

Knowing that it brought such advantage, Ye Xiao felt both painful and happy at the same time. He wanted to finish this torturing process sooner, and he also wanted it to last longer so that he could know and improve his body more!

His endurance ability was so amazing that when the three old men got on it together, they didn't feel amazed anymore!

They were so amazed that they didn't know how to be more amazed than they already were!

For two hours, even iron steel could be melted, yet Ye Xiao actually had made no sound at all!

That was such a strong willpower!

"I think we got a real treasure here." Lei Dadi talked to his younger disciple brothers afterwards. "This young man is so talented. So good. I have never expected that he has such a great willpower! I am sure he will do better than me in this training!"

"I don't think it will be a problem to break your record. In fact, I think he is very likely going to break the record of our sect. Look how tough he is. That shows us a lot about him!"

While Yun Piaoliu said so, he looked a bit scared. "If a man can be so cruel-hearted to himself… I don't know… Whoever is going to be this man's enemy, I guess I must mourn for him…"

The three old men sighed and nodded at the same time.

Finally, it was time for a meal in the morning. Ye Xiao acted like a starving ghost. He was so tired but still couldn't stop eating as much as he could when the food showed up before his eyes. The three old men had prepared lots of meat that was full of spiritual energy from different kinds of beasts. Ye Xiao ate nearly a dozen kilograms!

He drank half a bucket of water afterwards.

After the meal, right before the next challenge began, he clearly felt the food was all digested in his stomach. There was nothing left after just an hour!

He was starving again. The water he drank was also gone within an hour! It became sweat…

Twenty-four hours, the only spare time he had was the time to eat.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner, he only had no more than fifteen minutes in total.

He spent all the other time in hell.

However, all challenges for the first day, Ye Xiao finished them all perfectly!

When he was having the last meal of this day, Lei Dadi asked him, "Chongxiao, how did you do that? How do you hold on like that? Don't you fear that you would get yourself killed in the training?"

"Master." Ye Xiao respectfully replied to Lei Dadi, "I was thinking… if I died in the training, then I killed myself. That is much better than getting killed by someone else in the martial world."

He was telling the truth. It made the three old men stay quiet for a long time.

The next day, new challenges were waiting for Ye Xiao.

Day by day, time passed by, leaving more and more extreme pain on Ye Xiao…

Everyday, there were different challenges, and he felt like getting through a lifetime of hardship!

However, he liked such a 'life'! He would love to live it over and over again!

From the fifth day, he clearly felt that his body was improving. The vitality, reaction, sharpness, and all kinds of sensitivities were all boosting.

More than that, his sea of consciousness was expanding, so was the Boundless Space… The Space was also expanding slowly.

That meant his soul power was improving too…

What a great thing for him! He became more enthusiastic about the training. It shocked the three old grandmasters more than once. They kept asking themselves what on earth was this young man. They couldn't believe how the young man could enjoy the extreme pain during the special training! Sometimes, they didn't believe he was a normal human being!

Erhuo had followed Ye Xiao to Cold Moon Palace. During the special three months, Ye Xiao didn't have time for Erhuo.

Before the three months of hell started, Ye Xiao had set Erhuo out and told it, "Go find yourself something to eat! Do not make any troubles! Do not reveal yourself to anybody!"

Erhuo perfectly finished doing two of the three things Ye Xiao asked it to do.

It did find itself more than enough delicious food to eat and also hadn't let anybody else notice its existence.

It did eat a lot everyday and it was enjoying it. In fact, it would definitely do it even if Ye Xiao didn't tell it to.

At the same time, nobody else realized there was a special little cat!

Well… it messed with one thing… 'Do not make troubles!' It failed…

That was purely impossible!

Erhuo was a spiritual beast that had been sealed for million years, who was also addicted to delicious food!

To keep it away from troubles…

That was impossible!

During the three months in which Ye Xiao was taking the special training, the entire Cold Moon Palace was nearly turned over by Erhuo!

People in Cold Moon Palace had one thing in common. They were famous in controlling beasts. Everybody in the sect had a spiritual beast!

Especially those beyond level five of Dream Origin Stage. Each of them had their own soul beast as their battle companion at the same time. When Zhan Yunfei was fighting Xiao Monarch in Ye Xiao's previous life, his soul beast, that vulture, actually saved him from Xiao Monarch's attack! Otherwise, Zhan Yunfei should have died for a long time!

The spiritual beasts always stayed in a special space where designed for them. Normally, they wouldn't leave that space, except if they were needed in the battle, or when their masters needed them to cultivate together.

Everybody cherished their soul beast so much. They protected their soul beast as they protected their own lives.

Erhuo had been cautious at the beginning. It was somebody else's place after all. [I am new to this place, with my stupid new master. This is a strange place for me. I must keep myself safe first.] Erhuo knew how important it was to be alive after all.

However, after about five days… Erhuo found that nobody in this place was fast enough to catch up with itself… It was so fast!

[Holy heavens!]

It was overjoyed when it realized it. [Nobody is able to find me, not to mention capture me. Doesn't that mean I can do whatever I want in this place?]

[Oh my heavens, this is awesome!]

So, Prime Master Yue, Yue Changtian, became the first victim.