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Chapter 826: Where Are the Fish?

Chapter 826: Where Are the Fish?
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Cold Moon Palace was famous for the specialty of controlling beasts. Everybody in the sect had their own soul beasts. They would also raise pet beasts, normally more than just one. That was why in Cold Moon Palace, there were lots of animals. In the sky, on the ground, in the water… there were different kinds of animals in the sect.

Yue Changtian, the Prime Master, liked fish very much.

All the fish he raised were rare species, spiritual fish that had powerful efficacy.

Eating the Silver-scaled Spiritual Fish could make white hair become black. Eating Colorful Saint Fish could increase cultivation. There were also Boneless Fish, which was said to be utterly delicious…

Yue Changtian specially made a few ponds so as to properly raise his fish. He drew the water from the mountaintop of Cold Moon Mountain, which was the restricted area of the sect, to the ponds. That was a huge project.

Yue Changtian liked to watch the fish swimming in the water—when he was sad, happy, worried… For him, it was a good way to calm himself down and make a rational decision.

That was the most enjoyable thing in his life.

He would feel satisfied to just look at the fish swimming in the water, portraying different colors…

His ponds weren't very big. Each pond was about three thousand square meters. There were nine ponds!

The nine ponds were like nine eyes, representing the nine stars in the sky. How marvelous!

In the center of the nine ponds, there was a grassland with trees and flowers. There was also a footpath across the grassland.

The ponds were deep, but the water was so crystal and clear!

It was totally transparent!

Cold Moon Mountain and the Spiritual Spring were restricted areas of Cold Moon Palace. This Spirit Spring Ponds was Yue Changtian's personal restricted area!

The ponds and the fish in the water belonged to him alone. Nobody was welcomed to this area.

Even Yue Changtian's wife wouldn't go to this place if she didn't have to!

There was a wall around the ponds, keeping everybody else away.

Not far from the wall, there was a place for meeting and discussions. They had discussed and made important plans many times in that place. Some plans were so important that they all had certain effects on the future of Cold Moon Palace. Yue Changtian came up with those plans by himself when he was walking along the ponds.

When he had something in mind, he went to that place to discuss it with others!

When Zhan Yunfei brought the news back to them, Yue Changtian was shocked!

He had been sitting by the pond silently for so many days while thinking of it. He wanted to figure out what to do with that secret organization.

It was too important!

The gate was closed, but he still had sent out four elders and six disciples to go out and investigate on it.

Zhan Yunfei didn't go on that mission.

If he went out, it would be too conspicuous. Even a disguise couldn't help.

If he went out, eighty percent possibility that he wouldn't make it back alive!

Cold Moon Palace could not afford that loss. They wouldn't take that risk.

Yue Changtian was silent during this time. He was waiting for the reports back.

He would like to hear even just a bit information from those who were out for investigation, so that he could make a plan according to what he knew.

However, day after day, there was nothing back.

The ten people outside would connect to the sect every single day. If somebody didn't contact the sect for two days, the sect would send out several superior cultivators to help!

That meant that man who lost contact must have touched something the secret organization wouldn't want him to.

"How could this happen in the martial world? When was such a secret organization is built in the world, this is not a simple event…" Yue Changtian murmured, "This secret organization may be even more horrible than Xiao Monarch in the old days… If the battle is on, will it…"

"Well… This organization has been so cautious and unpredictable. I wonder, when our men come back, how do I make sure they are the same people I sent out for the mission?"

"Is it possible that they are replaced?"

Yue Changtian thought of that and then immediately walked out the door. He sent for some men to go for a secret inspection to make sure everybody is fine…

However, when Yue Changtian returned to his ponds and prepared for deep thoughts, he noticed something was missing…

There was nothing he could see that was missing though.

He was confused, but then he was lost in thoughts again. After all, there was something really important that needed him to consider. He wouldn't want to waste time on other matters.

After a few days, he found out… [Hmmm?]

[The fish in my ponds… Am I losing some fish here?]

He checked on the fish carefully…

The fish were all priceless treasures, so it was always difficult to raise them well. However, as long as the fish got old enough, they would live for a really long time. There were lots of small fish in the pond before his eyes. Most of the fish were natural born. There were also some really big fish.

At least over one hundred fish that were over two dozen kilograms. When the big fish were swimming in the water, it made a wonderful scene.

Under the bright sunshine, the pond was filled with different colors. All kinds of splendid colors moved slowly in the water…

However, Yue Changtian found that… it seemed some big fish were gone. There was only half of them remained!

Most importantly, he found that the fish seemed panicking. They should be casual.

The fish all knew Yue Changtian, so they would never be afraid of him. However, as he got close to the pond, the fish all swam away fast.

They were frightened.

There were several fish, which were biggest, that had a little consciousness. Every time when Yue Changtian got close to the pond, the biggest fish would move over to him as if they were talking to him…

However, three of the four biggest fish were missing…

That was… abnormal!

Was it…

"Gone? Missing?" Yue Changtian was alerted, "Where are they?"