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Chapter 827: Adorable Cat!

Chapter 827: Adorable Cat!
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Yue Changtian called the fish. Suddenly, a big crowd of fish gathered together from everywhere in the pond before his eyes. Water splashed. All fish were moving to the same place, however, they were still panicking. It was obvious to Yue Changtian.

He roughly counted the fish. He was shocked. "My Saint Spiritual Fish… Thirty of them are lost! The biggest… Colorful Fish! Ten are lost… Chaos Fish… All gone! What the hell is going on…"

He was so distressed all of a sudden that he nearly passed out.

In fact, there were still fish of every kind in the pond. However, those big fish which had lived for over one hundred years, especially the Chaos Fish, were gone!

Only those fish below two-kilogram in weight were still in the pond!

Yue Changtian was suffering a heartache as if it was bleeding in there!

Chaos Fish was the most fabulous fish in the Qing-Yun Realm. As long as a Chaos Fish had lived over one hundred and ninety-nine years, there would be a wisp of chaotic purple qi.

Whoever ate that Chaos Fish could obtain the purple qi!

Yue Changtian had been waiting for so many years. He was piling up the Chaos Fish to one hundred!

If he could absorb one hundred wisps of chaotic purple qi in Chaos Fish, he would improve to the top phase of level nine of Dao Origin Stage from the middle phase. After that, the purple fish would help him a lot to enter the Tittle Phrase!

He had been feeding the fish so many treasures for so many years…

After all the efforts, there were already over eighty Chaos Fish in the ponds!

Each grown Chaos Fish was over thirty kilograms. The biggest of his Chaos Fish was over fifty kilograms!

However… now he had none!

All those with chaotic purple qi were gone. Even those which were about to have purple qi inside were gone too. All Chaos Fish that were over twenty kilograms were gone…

"Who stole my fish!"

He shouted in fury!

That was a furious shout from the bottom of his heart and soul!

He was freaking out. He was shaking and suffering a heartache.

However, he didn't know this was just a beginning of his great loss.

It was just a warmup!

That was it!

He was going crazy.

It had been so hard for him to collect the fish. That was such a difficult task. He had almost gathered all the forces of Cold Moon Palace to search for the fry in Qing-Yun Realm. After spending all the time, money, and sacrificing all those men, the fish in the ponds were all he had gotten.

What made him feel lucky and proud was that he had the most spiritual fish in Qing-Yun Realm.

On one hand, he liked fish. On the other hand, he needed the fish to cultivate himself.

With the fish, he could mold his temperament, improve his cultivation, and enjoy his life.

He had fed the fish all kinds of treasure so as to make the fish grow bigger. In order to keep the water in a stable temperature, he had to consume tons of spiritual stones.

He was so close to a harvest, but then it was all gone!

All was gone!

He had devoted so much to the fish, yet now they all became another's benefits.

He didn't even know who actually stole his fish!

[What the bloody heavens!]

Yue Changtian nearly coughed out a mouthful of blood. Calm and steady as he was, he couldn't help raging up… He wanted to kill!

"Who is it!" He suppressed the impulse to kill so hard and shouted out furiously.

Beside his feet, in the bush, there was a snow white colored small cat. It was lying there leisurely. It looked so innocent as it stared at Yue Changtian. [What is wrong with this man? Why… Why is he so angry? Isn't he the host of the entire sect? Where is his tolerance and manner? How disappointing!]

Erhuo was obviously living in this place now.

When it came to this place and found all those fish, it was spirited up. However, the entrance to the ponds were strictly guarded. If it kept sneaking in every day, even though it was rather fast, it would still be risky.

Besides, it didn't need to take that risk at all!

So it decided to act cute.

Hmmm, acting cute indeed.

One day, Erhuo showed up before Yue Changtian's eyes casually.

Yue Changtian had just recruited a brilliant disciple, so he was feeling good that day. Cold Moon Palace was going to embrace a bright future. How could he not feel happy about it?

He was so vigorous that day!

When he was vigorously having a walk, he found something in the grass, which was white like snow.

He took a closer look and found that it was a cat.

That was… such an adorable cat.

The cat was no bigger than a fist. Nose, eyes, tails and claws were all so cute. That was like a cat from heavens.

The small cat was like an art piece in Yue Changtian's eyes.

When it looked at him with its innocent eyes…

Yue Changtian was moved.

He looked at it and made sure it was just a cat. Such an adorable cat was so eye-catching!

Even Yue Changtian, such a big figure in the world, wanted to play with it. The small cat seemed frightened though. It seemed to need care so much. When Yue Changtian got closer to it, it would run away in a panic. When it stopped, it would look at him with innocence in the eyes…

[This is so cute!]

[I like it!]

Cold Moon Palace was well known for the specialty of beast training. Yue Changtian was the host of the sect. How could he let the adorable cat go away! [I am definitely able to conquer a small cat!]

[My fish must be irresistibly attractive to all cats. It may be a waste to feed this cat my fish, but I am sure it won't have much food, considering how adorable and tiny it is.]

So Yue Changtian made a decision that he would regret for the rest of his life. [Little kitty, I know you want some fish from me. You want to stay in this place!]

[You know what, I will let you stay.]

[It's good to have a companion after all.]

[It is just a cat. It knows nothing. All I want is it to with me here. Look at it. How adorable. I may feed it with some fish…]

[I may talk to you when I have troubles in mind. You won't understand anyway… Am I right, little kitty?]