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Chapter 828: Tell a Thief about Theft!

Chapter 828: Tell a Thief about Theft!
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After all, it felt much better to talk to a cat than a bunch of fish.

Fish would swim away before he finished talking. Maybe it took twenty fish to hear all the words he said.

A cat was different.

It was so well-behaved, sitting there, blinking, staring at him and listening to him.

How nice!

Back to the present, Yue Changtian was furious!

"Where is my fish?" He quickly suppressed the emotion. "What is going on?"

Then he was lost in thoughts.

Erhuo quietly walked out from the bush and lied by the pond. It flicked its small ears from time to time, looking at the fish in the water, showing a greedy face.

However, Yue Changtian didn't care. [All cats like to eat fish. No cats can resist my spiritual fish. If it doesn't want to eat my fish, I would consider it a weird thing!]

[No matter what, it can't eat much even if I let it eat as much as it can.]

[A cat can never resist the taste of fish. But… look at you, so small. Can you really catch one fish?]

[Chaos Fish are probably the best fish here. It is perfect for high-level cultivators. However, grown Chaos Fish that already have purple qi are as powerful as a martial artist. People below Dream Origin Stage are impossible to hurt grown Chaos Fish. You are just a small cat. Can you really catch them?]

That was why Yue Changtian didn't care whether the little cat would eat his fish at all!

[I have more than a hundred thousand fish here!]

[Big, small, golden, silver, colorful…]

[If you are capable enough, just go get yourself some fish. It will save my time after all. I won't need to clean the ponds every now and then. However, you are too small. You won't be able to eat as many as I need to clean away…]

[I guess it won't eat as many fish as there will be more born soon.]

"Tell me, kitty, who stole my fish?" Yue Changtian asked Erhuo.

Erhuo looked up with confusion in its eyes and then meowed.

"Somebody must have stolen my fish!" Yue Changtian kept talking.

Erhuo answered, "Meow…"

"I guess that is a yes. But who is it?" Yue Changtian nodded and said, "Many people know I have these fish. However, not many of them know the efficacy of each kind of these fish."

Erhuo flicked the ear and said, "Meow? …"

"Whoever wanted to get benefit from the fish should be in certain cultivation levels." Yue Changtian frowned.

Erhuo blinked. "Meow…"

"Whoever stole my fish should be at least in Dao Origin Stage… Beyond level five… Hmmm… Level six. Otherwise, those fish wouldn't do any good." Yue Changtian murmured, "You definitely don't know how sneaky that thief was. All fully grown fish are gone, especially Chaos Fish. Not one survived. I wonder who on earth could do that so quietly…"

Erhuo rubbed its whiskers. "Meow…"

"Only those who knows how to train beasts and how to control my fish could do that so quietly. Besides, nobody from outside the sect can get in this place. The gate is closed. The thief must be people in my sect. Only people in my sect are able to quietly get in this place and steal my fish silently." Yue Changtian was quite sure about it. "I am being so smart on this. What do you say?"

Erhuo waved its tail and answered in a rather adorable way, "Meow, meow…"

"The thief dares to steal fish from here and is able to steal fish from me. It must be somebody who has a high position in the sect…" Yue Changtian frowned, "Am I right?"

Erhuo rubbed its neck and answered, "Meow!"

"I guess I have to pay extra attention to all the people here." Yue Changtian gritted his teeth and said, "If any of my people wants to eat fish, I will give them some for sure. All they have to do is to ask me for it. Stealing fish from me, that is unacceptable! All fish are stolen… that is too greedy!"

Erhuo meowed again. It meant 'you are right, absolutely right, brilliant'!

In fact, it was having secret thoughts in mind. [I guess I need to improve my theft ability. That was so close. I have to be more careful here. I don't want to draw his attention to me after all. Well, those fish are carrying purple qi… I had to eat them…]

[Hmmm… I have eaten all those purple qi stupid fish. I guess I shouldn't get fish from this pond. Maybe another pond?]

[Good! Change a pond then. Meow! What a smart and beautiful cat I am!]

[This big tall fool is actually the host of this sect… Look how he talked to me, the thief, about the theft… He actually told me everything about his plan on how to keep his eyes on the ponds… Wait. You have told me everything so clearly… How do you catch me? I guess it must hurt me really badly if I still fall to your trap…]

[Hmm… There are several other ponds. I swear I will only catch one fish from each pond every day!]

[I believe that won't draw his attention…]

[Maybe the fish grows faster… Nobody will find out.]

[What a smart cat I am!]

Erhuo was deep in thoughts, making its evil lans. It half closed its eyes and looked so leisure. It was still so adorable.

Yue Changtian had made the plan, so he was relaxed. He talked to Erhuo seriously, "So I will get it done this way. What do you think?"

Erhuo acted excited and answered, "Meow…!"

[That is such a brilliant plan!]

[It will never keep me from catching fish! What a genius plan!]

After that, Yue Changtian was no longer interested in having a conversation. Erhuo kept waving its tail and walked away elegantly. It stepped on the green grass with its clean and white paws. It was going to run after some butterflies…

Yue Changtian looked at Erhuo and smiled with pleasure. "How adorable… What a pity. You are not a spiritual beast. Otherwise, I may raise you well. At least you can be a pet to me…"

Erhuo's ears flicked. It gritted and thought, [You bastard, how dare you make me a foolish pet of yours? You wish! Wait and see how I play you around!"