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Chapter 829: Comforted Erhuo!

Chapter 829: Comforted Erhuo!
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"Such an adorable thing can only live in the world for several years. What a shame. When I get some good dan beads, such as Snow Wind Dan, I must feed the cat and see whether it will bring a miracle…" Yue Changtian obviously liked the cat so much. He actually started wishful thinking about it…

Wishful thinking was mostly considered derogatory, but not always!

From the next morning, Yue Changtian kept staying hidden. He operated his spiritual mind to monitor the surroundings.

Erhuo walked over to him in an elegant way. Yue Changtian hushed it, "No! Stop walking over… You will draw their attentions…"

He waved his hand to drive Erhuo away.

Erhuo just wanted to see how things were going… It would love to get away, so it left immediately. It quietly went to another pond from the bush… It was going to the pond which was farthest from Yue Changtian…

Yue Changtian was looking around with full concentration.

On the other side, Erhuo silently got close to the water, reached a paw into the water and waved…

It was almost silent. Its paw was making light vortexes on the water…

However, those were small vortexes that could hardly be seen. It wouldn't even affect the fish when the fish were moving under the water…

It fact, Erhuo didn't really want to touch the fish…

[These are so small… It is not enough to fill the crevice between my teeth!]

Under the water, the vortex was silently making strong flows. Some fish were naturally driven by the flow, moving over to Erhuo…

Finally, there was a big fish, about forty kilograms, shining bright lights. The fish was unwary… swimming leisurely… waving its tail…

It was getting closer and closer.

Erhuo suddenly stared at it and made a suppressing gaze on the fish.

The fish was shocked by the surprising suppression. Suddenly, Erhuo reached out its paw and grabbed the fish out of the water.

That was such a beautiful scene. A small white cat grabbed a dozens of times bigger size fish out of the water. That was unbelievable!

Great pain hit the fish and it attempted to escape. However, it was too late. Erhuo's small paw had slapped it, and water was drained out of its body.

After a while, after a series of movements Erhuo did on the fish, the fish was becoming smaller and smaller. Gradually, it became just as small as a human hand. Finally, Erhuo was bigger than the fish. It opened its mouth and ate the fish in one bite!

It chewed the skin, bones, scales and then swallowed them all. And then it stretched itself before a meow of satisfaction! [Delicious!]

[One of the most delicious things!]

Erhuo should thank that Golden-scaled Dragon Fish. When that fish was turning into a dragon, it expelled everything superfluous off its body and became so small. Erhuo felt so good when it ate that fish.

Erhuo had spent a few days to figure out a method to turn the fish smaller after failing over a hundred times. It made the fish become smaller but still maintained all the good parts in it. That was such a brilliant way to eat the fish!

What was expelled from the fish… was all just water. Erhuo wouldn't want that at all.

After enjoying the good meal, Erhuo rubbed its mouth and then got back to where it stayed.

It looked at Yue Changtian and found him still staying there. It felt relaxed and went back to that pond where it just grabbed a fish… It stuck its paw into the water and started to wave and wave again…

Why didn't Erhuo go to another pond? It had planned to grab one fish in one pond.

Well, that fish it just ate was too good. Erhuo just wanted to eat one more!

So it took one more!

Another one!

[Two more! I promise! Two more and I will go to another pond…]

One more again! Another one again…

[Oh this is so good… I can't have enough… Two more and I will go…]

Another one…

[I don't want to break my own words but this is too good!]

[That stupid Prime Master wouldn't see this anyway… Two more… Let me just have two more…]

Erhuo didn't leave this pond until thirty big fish. It ate enough now and finally walked away. [Tomorrow, I will go to another pond!]

[I still like this pond!]

[But I will stick to my plan!]

Erhuo showed up before Yue Changtian's eyes, looking at him with its adorable eyes. "Meow," it said. That meant 'did you catch anybody?'

Yue Changtian frowned and said, "That thief didn't come. He got lucky today…"

Erhuo waved its tail and disappeared into the bush.

[Didn't come?]

[Why didn't he?]

[Because I am catching the fish right under your gaze!]

[Now I get to leave. See you around…]

"Come earlier tomorrow. Stay with me. I am going to get that thief out," Yue Changtian talked to Erhuo while facing its little cute butts He thought that god must have a brilliant handcraft, because it made the little cat so beautiful and cute.

Erhuo heard him and meowed.

[Do you think I need your invitation? How wonderful this place is! As long as there are still fish, I will come early everyday!] Erhuo shook its cute small tail and entered a small hole and then disappeared… It returned to the Boundless Space.

Apparently, this was absolutely way beyond Ye Xiao's capability. At least Ye Xiao couldn't enter the Space so freely!

It ate enough, so it wanted to do something to digest the fish in the stomach. It started to train the snakes.

It knew Ye Xiao was going to be 'tortured' for three months…

[I heard he will be tortured by three old men for three months…]

[I never knew he is a… masochist… You never know someone from their appearance…]

[Three months… That's ninety days… Such a long time!]

The next seven days, Erhuo came to the ponds to get fish every morning. It always wanted to have enough fish, but it was never enough.

Yue Changtian had been watching the ponds, waiting for the thief everyday, but he never saw anything.

After seven days, over three hundred fish had been swallowed by Erhuo in the farthest ponds. Yue Changtian still didn't notice anything.

"What is going on?" Yue Changtian asked Erhuo, "Why didn't the thief come again? Is it possible that he knows I am here waiting for him? So he didn't dare to mess with me?"