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Chapter 830: The Space Changed!

Chapter 830: The Space Changed!
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Erhuo was speechless. "Meow…"

[Oh the thief came to steal your fish and showed up before your eyes every single day… Really!]

[You just couldn't notice it. Just blame yourself!]

Finally, after half a month.

"Ah…" Yue Changtian shouted with anger. He was furious. "Damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it, fxck that fish thief… No wonder nobody showed up for days… That filthy thief has stolen my fish from the other side…"

One month later.

"Who is it… This is so weird… It doesn't seem to be human anymore…" Yue Changtian was freaking out. When he looked at Erhuo, he almost cried. "Who on earth stole my fish. Why can you be so shameless. When is it going to end… I can't live with this anymore…"

Erhuo looked so innocent. "Meow!"

The month had been such a good time for Erhuo. However, for Ye Xiao, it was like thirty reincarnations!

Everyday, he felt like he had died several times!

What came after his miserable feelings were the fact that the three old men were completely stunned, shocked, astonished, frightened… Ye Chongxiao finished every challenge perfectly!

When the first stage of the three months was finished, Ye Xiao overdid three tasks!

[That is…]

"This man is not a human! He is absolutely a monster!" Lei Dadi was so speechless. At the end, he gave such a conclusion.

He looked at the book in his hand. All subjects were ticked with red circles. He was shaking because of astonishment.

In the tens of thousand years of history, there were less than one thousand men who went through the three months special training!

Every one of them had a book to record their performance in the trial as a reference to the next generation.

Those who couldn't hold on for longer than one month wouldn't have the chance to be recorded in a book.

Those who finished one month would be recorded in one book. Those who finished one and a half month would be recorded in the second book. Those who finished two months got recorded in the third book. After that, every single day counted. Each book had the record for those who finished two months and one day, two months and two days, two months and three days…

In the book of all 'one month' elites, Ye Chongxiao was the only one who actually got such perfect marks on every subject in the history!

The second record holder was the man who was known as the most talented disciple of the sect. He had just finished eighty percent of every challenge!

However, it was already a high record that no other people could ever get a chance to break!

Now there was Ye Chongxiao!

He had created a record of perfection!

In fact, it was more than perfection. He had done much more than he was required to do! For example, he carried the water eleven times instead of ten times! Things like this happened so many times! He had done the challenges over one hundred percent!

"The first stage is perfectly finished. Tomorrow, let's begin with the second stage, the second month!" Lei Dadi nearly wept. He had never spoken the word 'perfectly'! He could imagine how Ye Chongxiao would become a great cultivator with a cultivation foundation like the foundation of a million meters high building!

No, it was not just a cultivation foundation!

It was a huge land of cultivation! Untouchable! Indestructible!

No matter how hard the cultivation would be, he would survive it!

"If Chongxiao can finish all the three months training and keep holding the record of the first place…" Yun Piaoliu was so happy that he nearly cried with tears. "Even if I will die after these three months, I will die in joy and happiness!"

"We have focused on training Chongxiao and ignored everything else. However, Prime Master has call for the ten elders and ten great disciples for several official meetings…" Feng Wuying said, "I heard there is a thief in the sect."

"B*llshit!" Lei Dadi was indifferent. He said, "A thief in our sect? Do you believe that nonsense? They must have been busy discussing that secret organization and the conspiracy, so he told everybody they were trying to catch a thief… What a lousy excuse. It will definitely arouse people's suspicion! How foolish!"

"That's true…"

"I don't think they are acting though. Yue Changtian's treasure fish have been stolen during the days. That's the truth." Yun Piaoliu rubbed his beard and said, "I guess it is true. Yue Changtian is freaking out now. He is always calm and steady, except when things concern his beloved fish. I think it is real. Somebody stole his fish."

"That young stupid man has lost ambition because of those stupid playthings!" Lei Dadi rolled up his eyes and said, "He is the Prime Master of such a great sect! How can he only focus on those deviant things to improve his cultivation! He should have devoted himself in cultivation and take improvement bit by bit! Nobody can just jump up to the top of the heaven! I would love to see his stupid fish all be stolen! It may bring him back to the right path of cultivation soon!"

Ye Xiao was surprised. He was just having some food.


[Prime Master's fish are stolen?]

[That sounds familiar to me…]

[Would it be…]

[Oh my bloody heavens!]

[Where is Erhuo?]

He hurriedly checked on the Space. He had been busy passing the tasks for the entire one month. He hadn't been in the Space for such a long time. Now he checked on it and he was greatly surprised! The Space was full of purple qi! The purple qi made the entire Space in purple color!

[What the hell?]

[Holy mother of heavens! I haven't put anything into the Space during the month! What happened?]

[Why is it full of purple qi? Where does the purple qi come from?]

[This is…]

[Wait! Erhuo isn't here. Where is it?]

What surprised him more was on the jade plate in that secret tunnel, where Erhuo had stayed when it was still Brother Egg, there were some supreme dan beads…

He looked at it and those were roughly a dozen dan beads.

Suddenly, there were some supreme dan beads of such good quality. What a surprise! Ye Xiao knew about Erhuo. If Ye Xiao didn't urge it, normally it would definitely be lazy when making dan beads.