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Chapter 831: Assassins Went Up!

Chapter 831: Assassins Went Up!
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When Ye Xiao wasn't urging Erhuo, it actually made some supreme dan beads. That meant Erhuo must have gotten lots of good stuff. Otherwise, it wouldn't make so many supreme dan beads itself!

[It must be a huge theft event out there that Prime Master Yue's fish got stolen!]

[Well… I hope it won't get caught.]

Ye Xiao immediately gave up that idea.

[There must be a lot of people in Qing-Yun Realm who can easily catch me. However, there must be much fewer who can catch Erhuo. At least in Cold Moon Palace, nobody can catch it!]

Ye Xiao was thinking about something else that confused him. Under the watch of Prime Master Yue's level nine of Dao Origin Stage cultivation, how did Erhuo steal the fish without being noticed?

That was the real confusing part…

Ye Xiao didn't know that Erhuo had become an honored guest of Yue Changtian. In the wise Prime Master Yue Changtian's eyes, even the ten great elders were suspicious. He could only trust them fifty percent. That little cat was the only one that he fully trusted!

He believed it was impossible to be the thief!

Every day, he would discuss about the theft problem with Erhuo.

Surely, even though Erhuo understood what Yue Changtian said, Yue Changtian knew nothing from Erhuo's meow. He could only make a guess when Erhuo talked to him. The truth was that even if Erhuo told him everything it had done, he still wouldn't know a clue. He was going farther and farther from the truth!

If Ye Xiao knew about it, he would cough out a mouthful of blood!

[Is there anything more ridiculous than this?]

No matter how ridiculous it was, no matter how Erhuo stole the fish, the second month of the training had begun for Ye Xiao!

Somewhere else in Qing-Yun Realm.

A group of people was guarding carriages on the way across a valley.

Everyone was holding a weapon in the hand as if their enemies would show up at any second. They were alerted. Everything was like the sign of an ambush for them.

However, the next moment, a stream of sword light suddenly struck down from the sky and then swept over the entire group of people. Countless human heads flew up to the air. Suddenly, a slim figure made a palm strike to break the flagpole. He grabbed the flagpole and jumped up. The next moment, that flagpole fell down fast along with the flag on it. That man was gone!

In the middle of the group, a stout middle-aged man had just drawn his sword from the scabbard. He was shocked and he was sweating!

"Who the hell is that man? How did he know that I have hidden the Blood Dragon Ginseng in that flagpole?" The middle-aged man only had one thought in mind.

"I am done. This is totally f*cked up."

A lot of martial artists were shouting around him, "Protect the carriages! Protect the carriages! We can just make a new flagpole! Don't risk your lives for a flagpole! That man is trying to make us angry and draw us away to chase him. We can't leave! If we get away, his men will attack the carriages! Do not fall to their trap!"

They crowded over to protect the several carriages. "Let's stay calm and steady. As long as we keep the carriages safe, we are successful!"

The middle-aged man looked at his experienced fellows. He felt so sad but didn't have a way to vent it.

The real valuable thing had been hidden in that flagpole and it was now gone. Things in the four carriages were useless compared to that ginseng. [Ten times of these things are not enough for me to make a compensation… I am so f*cked up this time…]

In the forest, Ning Biluo grabbed that Blood Dragon Ginseng and put it in his mouth. He chewed and then simply swallowed it. The next moment, he started to operate his martial art to digest that ginseng.

The way he ate that ginseng was a bit wasteful, but it was a special time. He didn't have time to gather enough materials or to do something on that ginseng slowly and gradually. What he wanted was to absorb that ginseng as soon as possible!

"The martial world in the Qing-Yun Realm is not too much different from the Land of Han-Yang. However, one thing is totally different… Cultivator's cultivation levels… Well, I guess I still have the chance to achieve something in this world!

"The only thing I should do now is to improve my cultivation capability as much as I can and wait for the reunion with Ye Xiao and the others…"

He then took a deep breath and exhaled out a mass of qi. The next moment, he disappeared into the forest.

That Blood Dragon Ginseng brought him two hundred years of cultivation improvement!

This was the thirtieth time that he was hunted since he arrived in this world!

He had no choice. He was new to this world. He knew nobody. He had no resources at all!

He didn't even know the common sense in this world either.

What he had were those materials Ye Xiao had given to him before they ascended. He had to steal or rob other materials on his own!

That was a tough way to go!

Ning Biluo believed Zhao Pingtian and Liu Changjun must be in an even worse situation.

[Even master himself could easily be smashed to death in this horrible world. Nobody could immediately be protected and crowded by a bunch of friendly folks from the first day after ascending to this world!]

He was right about one thing, but wrong about the other two.

He was definitely wrong about the Ye Xiao. Ye Xiao actually was so lucky. He ate the Golden-scaled Dragon Fish and got a great improvement in cultivation. Lots of sects started to recruit him and he was forcibly recruited by the Cold Moon Palace. After that, a big crowd had guarded him back to the sect. Many people even died for him.

Ning Biluo was right about Liu Changjun though!

Liu Changjun was in a much worse situation than Ning Biluo. The first thing he had done since he got to this world was to rob a group of people who were from a powerful sect.

Unfortunately, he made it!

What he got was a full carriage of spiritual stones.

That was a big trouble!

That sect was not as powerful as the seven great sects, but it was already one of the big sects in that place. In that sect, there were two Dream Origin Stage cultivator.

Liu Changjun suddenly became a mouse on the street. Every day, there were people showing up trying to hunt him down. What he had been doing all this time was to fight for survival in those days!