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Chapter 832: Sky Ice Palace, Jun Yinglian!

Chapter 832: Sky Ice Palace, Jun Yinglian!
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That's right. He had robbed a huge amount of spiritual stones, and because of that, he had been hunted everyday. Under such circumstances, his cultivation was improved like a rocket. Everyday, there were more people from that sect who got killed by Liu Changjun.

He was a first class assassin after all!

Even though he was one of the weakest in Qing-Yun Realm, he was still a rather experienced and skillful assassin. That made him a difficult target in this world!

He was such an expert in hiding his own trace.

That sect who had been hunting him had many superior cultivators. The two most powerful ones were Dream Origin Stage cultivators who could kill Liu Changjun with one strike. However, it was just a big sect in a small place. Liu Changjun was much worse in cultivation, but he was definitely much more experienced than any of them.

As time passed by, facing the great danger, Liu Changjun survived everyday!

As long as he didn't fight those two Dream Origin Stage cultivators face to face, he would be safe.

That sect actually became a whip that kept urging Liu Changjun to improve himself!

What it took to make Liu Changjun improve was the sacrifice of their people's lives!

The third, Zhao Pingtian, was having a much better life.

Liu Changjun and Ning Biluo were both living alone. However, Zhao Pingtian was not!

He had a great companion, his wife Rou-Er, who was a ghost!

Because of the Soul Gathering Dan, Rou-Er could show herself now. However, she could only show a flurry figure of herself in the air. That's all.

However, Zhao Pingtian was already satisfied!

'Ghost' was always a scary thing in any realm.

In Qing-Yun Realm, Zhao Pingtian was too weak to mess with any real superior cultivators yet. Whenever he was in trouble, it could be solved after Rou-Er showed up in front of some people.

Human beings were afraid of unknown things. Cultivators were no different!

When they saw a ghost, they would sweat and immediately run away because of fear.

With such a great help, Zhao Pingtian was nearly invincible. That made him improve so fast.

Ning Biluo, Zhao Pingtian and Liu Changjun, the three assassins had three different stories in the new world, but they all had the same goal. They all wanted to improve themselves, to prepare for the reunion!

The martial arts Ye Xiao gave them were top quality martial arts even in Qing-Yun Realm. As they cultivated longer, they found its extensiveness and profoundness. Each of them was almost lost in the martial arts, enjoying.

Time flew by.

The three of them were all getting more and more doughty, more and more powerful in cultivation…

In somewhere else.

Bing Xinyue was walking in a certain place full of snow and ice, wearing floating white clothes.

It was a cliff in front of her. On the cliff, there were three big words.

'Thousand Zhang Ice'!

That was it. The Thousand Zhang Ice mountain.

The entire mountain was a giant piece of ice!

Inside the giant ice, there was a secret palace.

That was Sky Ice Palace.

In the end of the sky, there was a piece of ice, which was over a thousand zhang tall. Inside that great ice, there was a palace!

Finally, Bing Xinyue saw the palace. In the cloud and fog, shining under the sunlight, the palace was glowing with colorful lights. Bing Xinyue smiled.

"Is that Lady Bing?" a middle-aged woman spoke humbly to her, "I'll report to the Prime Master."

"Thanks." Bing Xinyue appreciated it.

Since Xuan Bing returned with great power, the Misty Cloud Palace shocked the entire world again. Disciples of Misty Cloud Palace had great privilege outside the sect. Nobody dared to mess with them and they could finally raise their heads above all the others.

When Bing Xinyue came to this place in the old days, there would always be some people who were mean to her. People would tease her and make troubles on her.

However, this time, all the way along to the Sky Ice Palace, what happened was only peace and serenity. Even Bing Xinyue was surprised that things would go so peaceful for her. She even had a feeling as if she was not attractive anymore, and nobody would love to tease her!

Hmm. Common problems of women. When people kept teasing them, they would feel bored and offended. When nobody dared to mess with them, they felt lost. Oh, women!

After a while, in the Sky Ice Palace, two world class stunning beauties were sitting opposite to each other.

Bing Xinyue was wearing white clothes, showing a warm and gentle smile on the face. Between her two eyes, she looked a bit upset. The lady who sat opposite to her was wearing plain color clothes. She looked amazingly elegant while sitting there quietly. She made people feel cold and distant.

Her eyes were full of sorrow and grief.

"Sister Jun, you can't forget him, can you?" Bing Xinyue sighed.

"Forget him? How?" Jun Yingliang looked extremely sad. She looked at the tomb outside her bedroom silently. It seemed her heart was already buried in that tomb with the man.

A simple response, two questions, she was asking Bing Xinyue, but also asking herself!

"Yue-Er, you don't understand." Jun Yinglian slightly shook her head and said, "Only those who truly loved and made great sacrifice for true love can know how impossible it is to forget their beloved one."

"Perhaps when I die, I will forget him!" Jun Yinglian looked grieved. "It is the four hundred and eighty-ninth day since he left. Time flies indeed. He has gone for one and half a year… I wonder whether he is bored down there. What a conscienceless man. I wonder whether he regrets about how he treated me when he was alive… It is too late now. He lost the chance… We both do…"

Bing Xinyue looked sad. She murmured, "Never in love… Only those who truly loved and made great sacrifice for true love…"

[I don't understand? Really? I did sacrifice for it! But… Have I ever been loved?]

"My request has been pended by the sect." Jun Yinglian sighed. "But I don't care. One more month, if they still won't give me an official reply, I will leave on own. I will leave a message to tell them I give up the position as the Prime Master. I will carry my sword and get down the mountain! I will vent my grudge with my sword in the martial world!"

"Sister, please don't do that!" Bing Xinyue was scared. "How can you fight the three factions on your own? That is suicide!"