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Chapter 833: Who Else Knows?

Chapter 833: Who Else Knows?
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"Ah. I do want to get myself killed though." Jun Yinglian blandly said, "It must be a long way in the world of death. He has gone first. I can't let him be alone for too long. What makes me still alive is that there are lots of things I need to take care of before I die. Now I have done all I have to do. The last thing is to see you again, dear sister. I won't regret. However, I have to leave my fame that resounds after I die. If I can kill more people of those three sects, it will be much better."

She took a deep breath and said, "I can't… I can't let the righteous Xiao Monarch just die without anybody even trying to avenge him…"

"He has died for over one year now. I want the entire world to think of him again. I want everybody to hear the sound of that resounding name in Qing-Yun Realm again!"

Jun Yinglian's eyes stared at the gravestone.

It was a ten meters high, three meters wide gravestone, which was made from Cyan-cloud Purple Jade.

There were several words on it.

'Laughing upon all heroes in the world!'

"Life or death, I will be with you, laughing upon all heroes in the world!" Jun Yinglian spoke word by word in a heavy voice.

What she showed was decisiveness on her face!

Bing Xinyue sighed. She knew that no matter what she said, Jun Yinglian wouldn't change her mind.

Since Xiao Monarch died, Jun Yinglian's heart died with him!

What's left of her was just a body!

A extremely beautiful body!

But how could she let her beloved sister die like that?

"Sister, you said this is the last time we see each other. I want to ask you something. I shouldn't.. but…"

Bing Xinyue tried to change the topic. However, when she thought about what she was going to say, she was upset and troubled… Somehow, she felt falling into the trouble of love.

"What is it? Go ahead. Don't do this. Just say it, or don't mention it!" Jun Yinglian replied with coldness.

She had lost interests in anything else in the world.

No matter how Bing Xinyue tried to arouse Jun Yinglian's interest, Jun Yinglian just kept being indifferent. She sounded calm and even a bit impatient.

Bing Xinyue was hesitating, but eventually said it, "Sister, did you ever tell anybody about our relationship?"

Jun Yinglian blandly smiled. "I know you have a strong self-esteem, so I never told anybody about you and me."

"That's weird." Bing Xinyue frowned. "How did he… know it. He… He knows it. I never told anybody else either. How is it possible."

"I thought nobody else would know about you and me in the world. However, it turns out there is a man who knows it," Bing Xinyue said.

"Who is it?" Jun Yinglian wasn't interested at all. She just casually asked.

"I went to Land of Han-Yang to see my disciple. And I met this man. He cured my disciple…" Bing Xinyue stopped at this point.

Jun Yinglian didn't care. She just casually replied, "Oh really?"

"I hadn't met that man before. When I met him, I introduced myself. I said I am Bing Xinyue." Bing Xinyue said, frowning, "When he heard my name, his reaction was so weird. His heart started beating faster and he looked pale all of a sudden. I noticed he was shaking. So I asked him one thing."

"I asked him why would he have such a weird reaction when he heard my name." She continued, "Because that was the Land of Han-Yang. Nobody knows my name in that world."

Jun Yinglian nodded. "That's true. What did he say then?"

Bing Xinyue said, "He just told me that he had heard of my name before."

Jun Yinglian frowned. "There is a tunnel connecting the Qing-Yun Realm and Land of Han-Yang. Saint Sunlight Sect and Saint Starlight Sect both had their branches down there… Maybe it is reasonable that somebody has heard about you."

"That's true. I thought so. I asked him where did he hear my name from. If he heard of my name from those sects, it was normal. But what he said was stunning to me."

"What did he say?"

"He looked so weird and he said… The Misty Cloud Bing Xinyue…" Bing Xinyue spoke word by word.

Jun Yinglian spoke blandly, "That's right. He remembers your name because of this… Wait! No!"

The next moment, Jun Yinglian suddenly stood up. The desk was suddenly put down on the floor. The tea flowed over to the ground. She didn't even notice it. "No! That is not right!"

Bing Xinyue was having a strong heart beat now. She said, "You don't think it is right, do you, sister?"

"Did he say Misty Cloud Palace Bing Xinyue, or The Misty Cloud Bing Xinyue?" Jun Yinglian's face turned pale. She stared at Bing Xinyue and asked, "That sounds like a small difference, but…"

"The Misty Cloud Bing Xinyue! I am sure! That is why I was so surprised!" Bing Xinyue said, "So I replied with the next line, 'The Broad Heaven Jun Yinglian'!"

"What then?" Jun Yinglian was getting dramatic!

"Then he said he didn't know you… He said he had only heard of the first line…" Bing Xinyue didn't look at Jun Yinglian.

"He was lying!" Jun Yinglian shouted with a deep voice. Her eyes looked fierce. "He lied! The Misty Cloud Bing Xinyue! Only you and me know about this!"

Bing Xinyue asked, "Nobody else knew it?"

Jun Yinglian shouted, "Of course not…"

Suddenly, she stopped.

She slowly turned her head to look at the tombstone in the yard.

The words on that tombstone was shining!

"I know that poem. I still remember it." Bing Xinyue slowly said, "The Misty Cloud Bing Xinyue; the Broad Heaven Jun Yinglian; the Chaos Creator Xiao Monarch; who asks how hard to reach the heavens!"

Jun Yinglian suddenly sat down on the chair, as if her bones were all gone. She was just slouching on the chair.