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Chapter 834: Go out with the Sword in Hand!

Chapter 834: Go out with the Sword in Hand!
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"The Misty Cloud… It only represents one person." After a while, Jun Yinglian said, as if she had just woken up from a bad dream, "The first two lines of the poem… He wrote it… It was only slightly different from Misty Cloud Palace…"

She looked at that tombstone infatuatedly.

"Misty Cloud Palace overwhelms the world. Everybody knows the name. You are from Misty Cloud Palace. Everybody knows it! Nobody would make that mistake!"

"How did he know it? How?" Jun Yinglian grabbed on the chair. Her fingers turned pale! Her breath was getting heavier.

"What is that man's name?" she asked.

"He called himself Feng Zhiling…" Bing Xinyue answered.

"Feng Zhiling?" Jun Yinglian murmured.

Bing XInyue looked at her and said in a soft voice, "That must be his fake name. My disciple came back to the sect and told me… that Feng Zhiling is actually another person. He is the son of Ye Nantian. Ye Nantian is the Northern General of the Kingdom of Chen in the Land of Han-Yang! Feng Zhiling is actually a young lord."

"Son of Ye Nantian…" Jun Yinglian murmured, "Who is that?"

Bing Xinyue spoke slowly, "It must be a coincidence. That young lord's name… is… Ye… Ye Xiao!"

"Ye the leaf; Xiao the smile!" Bing Xinyue spoke fast. "The three foppish young lords in Kingdom of Chen. They call him Lord Xiao in Capital."

Jun Yinglian heard that and suddenly passed out!

After a while, she woke up under Bing Xinyue's good treatment. She looked blank and said, "What… What did you say just now? What is that young man's name? Who… I didn't hear it clearly. Can you say it again? Can you?"

Bing Xinyue shook her head. She felt helpless about it. However, she still started over to tell her everything again.

Jun Yinglian kept listening to her carefully.

"This Lord Ye, what kind of person is he?" Jun Yinglian asked.

"I… I have no idea. I heard that he is a useless young foppish lord. He is well known as the three foolish young lords in the city. I guess…" Bing Xinyue answered frankly.

Apparently, she knew what Jun Yinglian would do next, so she decided to just tell her the superficial image of Ye Xiao.

However, Bing Xinyue didn't realize that it made her feel so relaxed. Did she really do it just for Jun Yinglian's sake?

Jun Yinglian tried so hard to control her own breath. Her eyes were blinking. She said, "I have to get down there to check on this. I must make sure of everything…"

"But the connection is cut off right now. Nobody can get down there," Bing Xinyue said.

"Hmm…" Jun Yinglian was sad.

"Don't be frustrated though. That young lord Ye Xiao has broken through the tunnel and ascended to Qing-Yun Realm right before the connection was off." Bing Xinyue said, "But nobody knows where he is right now…"

Jun Yinglian's eyes lit up. "You said he is a useless young lord. How could he possibly ascend to this world on his teens?"

Bing Xinyue smiled bitterly. "Maybe he faked a useless lord."

Jun Yinglian took a deep breath and calmed down. "I have to meet this Ye Xiao face to face!"

"Hmm. I understand. But… What you think is impossible." Bing Xinyue hesitated but finally said it.

"I know." Jung Yinglian said, "I know what you mean but I have to see him. I know what I hope is never going to happen. But I have to check on it!"

"Yue, you gave me a dream now. I have to follow it."

"I will only go see him, the young man with the name."

Jung Yinglian said, "But I need to ask you one thing."

Bing Xinyue said, "What is it?"

Jun Yinglian said, "Is his name really Ye Xiao? Ye the leaf; Xiao the smile? You are not making up a story to make me feel happy, are you?"

Bing Xinyue raised her hand and spoke solemnly, "If I ever lied about this, I would love to suffer the divine punishment!"

Jun Yinglian nodded.

She stood up and walked to that tombstone slowly. She stood there and slightly raised her head, looking at the words on the tombstone. She hadn't spoken a word for a while, just staring at it.

Sudden, her eyes became soft.

"Somebody uses your name. Will you allow it?" Jun Yinglian spoke in a low voice. She touched the words and said, "I won't."

Bing Xinyue just stood behind her, staring at her quietly.

The sunset shined on her. The tombstone was shining in colorful lights. At this moment, Jun Yinglian's body seemed to be a part of the tomb.

She looked so isolate and silent.

Bing Xinyue looked at her. She didn't find anything special, but in fact, tears were in her eyes.

She wonder how deep was Jun Yinglian's love to make her look so piteous!

Bing Xinyue left Sky Ice Palace.

When she left, Jun Yinglian didn't walk her away. She just watched her off from the top of the mountain.

However, in her eyes, it could be told that she wasn't actually watching Bing Xinyue off. She was watching in distance, lost in thoughts. She had actually fallen into such deep thoughts before Bing Xinyue left.

Bing Xinyue walked along the way directly to the foot of the mountain. She looked back to the top of the mountain and saw that slim figure was still standing up there.

She knew that the figure wasn't looking at her.

She knew that the figure wasn't looking at anything in the world.

[If only Xiao Monarch is back to life… Sister should be so happy…] Bing XInyue suddenly felt sour in the heart and came up with such a ridiculous idea.

On the third day after Bing Xinyue left Sky Ice Palace.

Jun Yinglian was wearing white clothes from head to toe with a silk mask on her face. She gently walked out of Sky Ice Palace. Finally, she was back to the martial world.

She looked calm and silent.

White clothes. Space ring. Long sword. Silk mask.

She looked just like the day when she first came out to the martial world.

Casual and elegant.

However, the coldness in her eyes and the darkness of death in her eyes, those made people feel that something serious was going to happen.

When Jun Yinglian left the Thousand Zhang Ice, some carrier birds rushed up high to the sky and flew fast away beyond the clouds.

A lot of people in the Qing-Yun Realm knew about the love story between Jun Yinglian and Xiao Monarch.

Ye Xiao had died for over a year. Jun Yinglian hadn't done anything since then. Everybody knew it was abnormal. Now, Jun Yinglian was eventually out with her sword in her hand, marching ahead to the martial world.

How could those people not be alerted?