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Chapter 835: The Return of Nantian!

Chapter 835: The Return of Nantian!
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Especially the three factions, they didn't even call back their men around Sky Ice Palace even though they had to close their gates. They wanted to know about what Jun Yinglian was going to do.

In fact, Sky Ice Palace was not one of the most powerful sects in the Qing-Yun Realm.

Jun Yinglian, however, was one of the most powerful figures in the Qing-Yun Realm!

At least among the ladies, except Xuan Bing, Xue Danru and other old generation cultivators, she should be the best!

The carrier birds didn't bother Jun Yinglian. She just looked at them and then left the place quickly.

"Jun Yinglian left the mountain?" Yue Changtian heard the news. He didn't even have time to discuss his lost fish now. He called up an important meeting for the news. "She alone? Left the mountain with a silk mask on the face, a sword in her hand?"

When he made sure it was true, Yue Changtian made a long sigh.

"A chaos is going to hit Qing-Yun Realm soon."


"Last time, it was the Chaos Creator Xiao Monarch! This time, it is the Broad Heavens Jun Yinglian."

"Who hosts the thousand Zhang great mountain, the beauty of the heavens Jun Yinglian!"

"A storm is coming!"

"Unless Jun Yinglian died herself… Otherwise, she is never going to let us go."

The leaders of the three factions all had the same reaction to the news!

"What to do?"

"What to do?"

"What to do?"

In fact, even if Jun Yinglian didn't return to the martial world, there were several hidden disturbances rising up in the martial world.

The seven great sects closed the gates at the same time for three years.

That had never happened before.

Some sects in the martial world got the opportunity to grow bigger!

The seven sects closed their gates. The three palaces and two halls closed their gates too. That was the most fortunate thing for other forces in Qing-Yun Realm.

It was such a great opportunity for the other sects to get great improvement!

Before this, the most powerful forces had been suppressing the entire martial world. The other sects could only live beneath their arrogance.

Cloud Breach Sect, which was announced to be the first sect in the world, had been suppressed all the time. They had given up so many resources that they had won during battles. They gave up a lot, so that they could keep themselves safe from the attention of the great forces.

If Cloud Breach Sect fought against any one of the seven great sects, they would totally collapse.

This time, Cloud Breach Sect could expand their territory as much as they wanted.

Three years was more than enough for them to snatch a huge amount of resources in the world. After three years, they would establish a great foundation of their own!

The seven sects closed their gates. All martial forces in Qing-Yun Realm were thrilled.

Nobody knew why Xuan Bing would sweep over all those super powerful forces! If she attacked them only to vent the grudge in her chest, she didn't have to make them close the gates for three years.

She could just beat them up harder.

Why would she make them close the gates?

It was totally a redundant move!

That didn't make sense at all.

However, it wasn't important to know why Xuan Bing did that. For the other sects, they only needed to know the great sects had closed the gates. All the disciples of those super powerful sects had returned to their sects and wouldn't come out.

In Misty Cloud Palace.

In the misty clouds, Xuan Bing was wearing all black, standing on top of the mountain and looking in distance. She looked so cold on the face, like an ice sculpture.

In fact, she looked pale on the face.

She had threatened all those super powerful sects on her own. Even if she was made from iron steel, she would still get hurt.

Behind her, a few elders stood there humbly down at the foot of the mountain.

They were here to ask about what to do next.

They felt rather excited about what the Prime Elder had done but also confused. [Why would Prime Elder do it so recklessly?]

[She has actually offended all those powerful sects in one move!]

Xuan Bing gave a few orders to them and then became like an ice sculpture again.

The elders took a breath of relief and then left.

When they were leaving, they seemed to hear Prime Elder Xuan Bing say something.

It was in a low voice, but they all heard it.

"Qing-Yun Realm should be much safer since all those sects have hidden back behind their gates…"

She seemed to say more than this, but nobody heard it after that.

A piece of cloud flew over and covered her slim figure. Nobody could see her now.

The elders were confused. [Safer? What does that mean? Prime Elder thinks Qing-Yun Realm is unsafe?]

[She is such a powerful cultivator. Nowhere except the four Saint Areas could possibly make her feel unsafe!]

However, nobody dared to ask her about it. They just left with the questions in mind.

Other than the sects in the martial world, all the noble clans were all celebrating this too.

Especially… Ye Clan!

Ye Clan had been pushed down to the bottom for a long time in the Qing-Yun Realm. Because of the suppression from Qiong-Hua Palace, no other forces dared to get close with Ye Clan.

Ye Clan was like totally banned.

However, for the next three years, Ye Clan was free from the suppression.

Three years was long enough for them to do so many things.

However, the only thing that annoyed everybody in Ye Clan was that the man who made the entire clan under Qiong-Hua Palace's suppression had returned to the world. That was such an annoying thing for all the others!

Ye Nantian returned!

The return of Ye Nantian aroused a complex emotion in every clan member's heart.

When he entered the door of Ye Clan, all the members were silent.

"Why did you come back?" This was the first thing the old leader said to his son. He stared at Ye Nantian. He couldn't believe it.

"Why can't I come back. This is my home. Am I not a member of Ye Clan?" Facing his own father, Ye Nantian didn't show any weakness. He spoke word by word decisively, "I have been living in the lower realm for seventeen years. The tunnel is sealed. Of course, I should come back. Do you think I should just die under that divine lightning strikes? Even after all these years, you still don't want me to come back, do you?"

Ye Nantian sounded tough, but hidden inside his words, there were sorrow and grievances.