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Chapter 836: My Improvement Has Been Limited

Chapter 836: My Improvement Has Been Limited
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The old Ye looked anxious. "The tunnel is blocked. There is no other choice left to you. You surely could come back to Qing-Yun Realm, but you shouldn't show up in Ye Clan like this. Don't you know that we have been suppressed for seventeen years just because of you…"

Ye Nantian spoke blandly, "Didn't I pay my own debt for the old days? I was twenty-three! Now I am forty!"

"The best ages of my life were wasted just because of that thing." He seemed to be in pain. "I understand what a clan means. If my clan doesn't allow me to stay, I will just leave. The world is big enough for me to find a shelter!"

"I came back today because I want to see you and mother. I wasn't a good son. I just want to see this place, where I grew up. I will kowtow to the ancestors, tell them I am back. The last thing, I would love to tell the world that I am back. Ye Nantian returned."

He took a deep breath and said, "Now, all I want is your answer. Should I go or stay?"

The old Ye closed his eyes.

He realized that his little son had really grown up.

It was not the young Ye Nantian who made a huge trouble and got kicked out of the family like a wild dog.

His vigor, power, and qi were all improved to a decent level.

Even when he was facing his own father, he looked casual and confident. However, he didn't feel close to his father now.

He talked like he still wanted to return to the clan, but the old Ye knew that he wouldn't be surprised to get expelled again.

He wouldn't be sad.

He had been hurt once, so he wouldn't feel sad again.

The old Ye felt sad about it, but also pleased that his son had finally grown up!

"I know. Our clan hurt you. You must understand that there are no other options left to us. You saw it yourself. If we didn't expel you, Ye Clan would be destroyed. Ye Clan doesn't belong to anybody. Ye Clan belongs to every member of the clan. We can't let it be ruined because of you."

The old Ye thought for a while and said, "Look. I just can't make the decision on my own. It should be discussed by the elders."

He spoke in a deep voice, "Go to the inner house. Go see your mother… She has nearly blinded her eyes because of all the tears she shed all these years. It must be such a relief and happiness for her to see you again…"

Ye Nantian's eyes turned red. Suddenly, he didn't feel the grievances anymore. Nothing was important now. All those feelings were gone because of his mother's sorrow.

'She has nearly blinded her eyes because of all the tears she shed…'

"I will wait for the clan's decision." Ye Nantian left a word and then walked fast to the inner house.

It seemed he didn't want to stay there any longer.

The Great General Ye, who had conquered the entire world in the Land of Han-Yang, was now extremely soft in the heart.

He was a tough man, and he tried to act indifferent, but deep inside his heart, he was afraid that he would be expelled again by his own clan!

However, he had to wait for the decision, like a prisoner waiting for the sentence. He would eventually get the answer, whether to stay or to leave!

He could only wait. There was nothing else he could do.

He felt lucky about one thing… [What a smart decision not to take Xiao Xiao back here!]

[Xiao Xiao is a tough man. He can create his own bright future by himself. In fact, even if he would starve to death out there, he wouldn't stay here to endure the grievances!]

Ye Xiao had never lived in a family before. He knew nothing about any rules in the clan. Ye Nantian had been away from home for nearly twenty years, but he was still deeply bonded to the family. No matter what happened, the clan was always important to him. The connection between him and the clan might be positive, also negative!

"Nantian, what level are you at now?" When Ye Nantian was about to leave, the old Ye asked. He didn't expect any good news about it though.

When Ye Nantian was twenty-three, he was already level six of Dream Origin Stage. That was shockingly high. He should be a brilliant cultivation genius no matter whether in the Ye Clan or in the entire Qing-Yun Realm. There was a great future ahead of him.

However, when he was most glorious, he met Yue Gongxue.

Because of her, he was beaten so hard and got weakened to level three. There was a hidden injury left inside him since then. After that, he was expelled from the clan!

The old Ye asked about it casually.

In fact, he wished he didn't.

Life was already miserable enough for Ye Nantian. The old Ye thought that his son must be weakened much more. He thought that he shouldn't have asked about it again, because it would hurt Ye Nantian once more.

A man who had been weakened and suffered an incurable injury, how good could he be in cultivation?

It was obviously hitting his sore spots!

It was done by a father to his son!

Ye Nantian stopped and blandly said, "My improvement is restrained because there have been too many things to take care of. I am now at level eight of Dream Origin Stage!"

The old Ye smiled and said, "Oh really. Not bad!" And then he suddenly opened his eyes wide. "What? What did you say? What did you just say?"

Apparently, he didn't really pay attention to what Ye Nantian would say at the beginning. All he thought was not to hurt his son's feeling. No matter what Ye Nantian said, he would say 'not bad'. However, when he realized what Ye Nantian actually said, he was astonished! He couldn't believe it!

[How is it possible?]

"My improvement has been limited. I am only at level eight of Dream Origin Stage. That's it!" Ye Nantian tried to be calm and peaceful.

He knew why his father was shocked.

Basically, it was shocking enough that he didn't become weaker than level three of Dream Origin Stage after all those years. It was already a miracle that he remained at the same level.

After all, Ye Nantian had been staying in a lower realm that was extremely poor.

Besides, he was suffering an incurable injury!

In others' eyes, not to mention cultivation improvement, it was impossible for him to live healthily. In fact, it was surprising enough that he didn't die.

However, unexpectedly, he wasn't weaker at all. He was totally cured and became stronger after that!

He had taken a stride up in cultivation and reached level eight of Dream Origin Stage!