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Chapter 837: Clan Dispute!

Chapter 837: Clan Dispute!
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It was difficult to improve from level six to level eight of Dream Origin Stage within less than twenty years. Ye Nantian reached level eight from level three, in a world that was extremely poor and with an unhealthy condition.

That was a miracle!

However, when Ye Nantian thought of this, he thought of his dear son.

His son was his biggest pride in his life!

It was his son who cured his hidden wound. When he was in that poor world, it was his son who gave him a martial art to improve him!

He was sure that as long as he kept cultivating himself with that martial art, he would reach Dao Origin Stage within two years!

The old Ye was completely shocked. [Level eight of Dream Origin Stage!]

[How is that possible!]

His son, who was recognized as useless, actually brought back such a shocking news!

"Your wounds? Cured?" The old Ye asked, "The medicines I gave you, it worked?"

Hearing that, Ye Nantian felt the warmth in his heart.

[The medicines… It turns out my father kept sending me medicines…]

Every year in the Land of Han-Yang, he would receive two batches of materials. One was from his mother. She must have worked so hard to gather the materials for him. He didn't know, but he did now, that the other batch was from his cold and cruel father.

[I guess father doesn't know the truth that mother has been sending me materials too… If he knows, he should say 'the medicines we gave you'…]

[He would say we, instead of I!]

"Yes, they did!" Ye Nantian sounded gentler. He nearly burst in tears at this moment.

[I thought there was no love between us, but it has always been here.]

[I was not an abandoned child!]

He couldn't tell them things about his son. He didn't want to tell the old man that all he had done was wasted, so he told the old man the medicines were useful. He just didn't want to hurt the old man's feeling.

The old Ye rubbed his beard like he usually did. However, he was so thrilled that he rubbed off a few strands. He was so happy. "That is great! Now you are fully recovered! You are even much stronger than the past! Now I have a bigger chance to convince the elders to keep you in the family!"

Ye Nantian only felt tears in the eyes. He turned around and entered the inner house.

[Mother, your son has returned!]

The oldest young lord, who had been expelled from the clan, returned from the lower realm!

The man who had made a great trouble for his clan was back.

Ye Nantian, the first cultivation genius in Ye Clan, was back.

It spread inside the Ye Clan and shocked every member.

In the Qing-Yun Realm, there were four main regions in east, south, north and west. Every region had eight areas around. Ye Clan was located in the north region.

There was an area in the south of the north region, which was divided into three districts.

Saint Downfall District, Saint Oracle District, and Saint Extension District.

Ye Clan was located in Saint Oracle District.

There were three super clans, which were the three most powerful ones in Saint Oracle District. Below them there were eight great clans, which were in charge of eight different places. Below the great clans, there were lots of big and small clans.

Ye Clan was just an average clan, not too big, not too small. When Ye Xiao first met Ye Nantian in the Land of Han-Yang, he had bragged that Ye Clan was among the top clans in the Qing-Yun Realm. He had to say that, so as to intimidate the man in front of him. However, he didn't know that the man was exactly his father. Ye Nantian knew everything about his own clan. Ye Clan was too far away from being a top clan in the Qing-Yun Realm!

It was like heaven and earth.

If Ye Clan was a top clan in the world, he wouldn't have to suffer that misery in the old days!

Because of what happened on Ye Nantian, Ye Clan suddenly stopped improving! Ye Clan had the chance to grow bigger and become a great clan. If they successfully seized the chance, there would be nine great clans in Saint Oracle District, instead of eight. However, it became impossible after what happened. Ye Clan nearly became a small clan.

Because of that, everybody in the clan felt angry and hateful to Ye Nantian, the cultivation genius in the clan.

He ruined the hope of all generations of the clan and the work of the clan members when they were so close to success!

"Heaven and earth! Rain and win! Land and air! Two lines should sometimes match together. And we are talking about marriage!"

"That's right! He should know better about himself. A toad lusting after a swan's flesh. He hurt both the girl and himself. He even put the entire clan into danger…"

"He should really learn how small he is to covetously dream about marrying the girl from Qiong-Hua Palace. Does he match?"

"He deserves that torture!"

"He deserves it, but he should have never dragged the entire clan down with him!"

"Such an animal! Why should we still keep him in the clan?"

People kept saying similar things like these.

Now, Ye Nantian was back.

Ye Clan was once again in chaos.

"He's recovered? So what? I won't allow him to stay!" An elder stood up. "What if Qiong-Hua Palace finds out? What if they get mad at us again? Ye Clan could be totally destroyed!"

"That's true. I vote no." Another elder spoke slowly, "Ye Nantian was a bad luck to us. Ye Clan has finally lived in peace for the recent years. Now we are going to embrace a new era of our sect. He comes back with even stronger power, but so what? If Qiong-Hua Palace knows it and comes for trouble, could he handle it? What will happen is no different than what happened in the past. In fact, Qiong-Hua Palace might get even more furious this time…"

There were people objecting it, but there were also people approving it. "I don't think it is such a big problem to let him stay. He was wrong back then and he nearly ruined the entire clan. However, he was too young. Now he is back from his punishment."

"That's right. Not to mention Ye Nantian, who among us hasn't been through the days of ignorant youth?"