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Chapter 838: Stay!

Chapter 838: Stay!
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"Besides, staying away far from home for seventeen years, that is enough punishment. We don't have to push him too hard. We are all named Ye after all. Why do we have to hurt our own kin?"

"In fact, except that one particular thing, Nantian has never failed us. He used to be the hope of our clan. We are all old aged now. We all saw him grow up. Why not just give the younger generation a chance? Give him a chance. Maybe it is also our clan's opportunity!"

"That's true. What we don't want to see is Qiong-Hua Palace's anger. Now Qiong-Hua Palace is going to be closed for three years. Nobody knows when will it open again. Nantian is greatly improved now. He is not just an ordinary cultivator. He may do great contribution to the clan. I say it is heaven's will to send Nantian back while Qiong-Hua Palace is closed. It must be heaven's will that Ye Clan will rise again!"

"I won't change my mind! No matter what you say, my answer is no!" The third elder humphed and said, "Such a black sheep will only bring harm to our clan. We can't let him stay!"

Another elder humphed, "What are you actually so afraid of? Even if Ye Nantian stays, he won't become the inheritor again. He won't be a threat to your man. Why can't you just give him a chance…"

Third elder raged up. "What the hell do you mean by that? What threat?"

They were about to get on a fight.

The oldest elder hadn't said anything yet. His hairs were all grey. Now he started to speak, "I think…"

He was the main force that had led the entire Ye Clan to rush up and become a middle ranged clan in the old days. He was a rather important figure in the clan. Everybody respected him no matter what happened. As he started to speak, nobody else dared to say a word.

They were all listening to him.

"I think since the kid has returned, we can't just turn him away. That is too cruel and coldblooded… Let him stay." He spoke slowly, "But one thing must be clear. He will never return to the position he used to be. He will only be a normal disciple in the clan. He has lost his chance to be the inheritor of the clan."

Nobody said no after that.

"Since Prime Elder said so, I believe this must be a well-considered idea. I agree. I agree with Prime Elder's opinion." Third elder immediately changed his mind.

The others felt relieved. Somebody said, "Prime Elder is always the profound and sober one. I say it is right to focus on maintaining the unity of the clan. Just let him stay. He is a Ye after all. Let him come back home."

Those who strongly objected suddenly changed their minds after Prime Elder spoke.

Prime Elder made the final decision on his own!

The old Ye, who was the host of the clan, sighed.

He knew that those people didn't change their mind to just show respect to the Prime Elder. In fact, they changed their mind because of what the Prime Elder said.

'He will never return to the position he used to be. He will only be a normal disciple in the clan. He has lost his chance to be the inheritor of the clan.'

That meant Ye Nantian would never become the leader of the clan. That meant he wouldn't become a strong competitor to those men's people. They wouldn't care if Ye Nantian stayed in the clan.

Besides, the clan had one more superior cultivator…

"Patriarch mentioned that Nantian is fully recovered, even improved. May I ask in what stage he is?" The Prime Elder looked at the elders around and then asked the old Ye, patriarch of the clan.

"Nantian is now at level eight of Dream Origin Stage." Patriarch Ye, Ye Shuqing, felt that something was stuck in his throat.

His voice was hoarse, not because he had to tell others about his son's cultivation level, but because he was so excited and proud about it. He was so happy that his son finally got to stay in the clan. He couldn't pass the position to his son, but he could finally spend the rest of his life with his son.

However, he also felt chilled in the heart.

[Nantian can stay now, not because he is son of Ye, not because he is a great cultivator, but because he is no more a threat to the others. He has lost his chance to compete for the inheritance…]

[Since when did our people begin to be controlled by the thirst for power and profit?]

[Isn't this a tragedy?]

However, the next moment.

Whoever heard what Ye Shuqing said were all stunned.

"Level eight of Dream Origin Stage?" Even the Prime Elder was shocked. He couldn't believe it.

[Ye Nantian? Level eight of Dream Origin Stage?]

[How is that possible?]

Ye Shuqing had told them that Ye Nantian wasn't weaker, instead he was improved. However, the others thought he was trying to make his son sound better.

When Ye Nantian was expelled, he was level three of Dream Origin Stage. Superior cultivators in the clan had secretly investigated Ye Nantian and found out he was suffering incurable wounds. That injury would even make him weaker and weaker. In other words, Ye Nantian could never improve himself. That was why the elders all considered it was not worth it to let him stay in the clan. Besides, nobody wanted to mess with Qiong-Hua Palace!

Ye Shuqing said that Ye Nantian was recovered. They thought maybe he was lucky enough to cure the injury and become level three of Dream Origin Stage. That was the best—it was nearly a miracle to them!

However, unexpectedly, Ye Nantian was not only recovered but he was also greatly improved! He was now level eight of Dream Origin Stage!

He was not just stuck at going back to level six! He was two great steps up… level eight of Dream Origin Stage!

It was too much of a vague concept to just say that he has improved a bit!

How many people in the Ye Clan had already reached level eight of Dream Origin Stage?

It was easy to reach Dream Origin Stage for people in the seven great sects, three palaces and two halls. However, for the other sects and most of the clans, it was significant!

There was a huge difficulty after every three levels in Dream Origin Stage. Ninety-nine percent of cultivators would forever stop at level six.

Ye Nantian had been seriously injured and staying in a poor realm, the Land of Han-Yang. However, he was recovered and even improved himself to break through level six!

He actually reached level eight!

There was only one Dao Origin Stage cultivator in Ye Clan. That was the Prime Elder, and that was why everybody respected him so much. Also, he was the reason why Ye Clan could keep trying to rise up to become one of the great clans.