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Chapter 839: Who Is the Murderer?

Chapter 839: Who Is the Murderer?
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Every great clan must have one Dao Origin Stage cultivator!

The Prime Elder was the only Dao Origin Stage cultivator of Ye Clan. Below him, there were several elders who were in level nine of Dream Origin Stage. Who came next were those in the middle levels of Dream Origin Stage!

It was rather difficult to break through to a upper level!

Patriarch Ye, Ye Shuqing, had reach the middle phase of level nine of Dream Origin Stage ten years earlier. Since then, he had been staying in the same stage without any improvement at all.

In the Ye Clan, there were no more than ten people who had reached level six of Dream Origin Stage!

No more than one hundred people were in Dream Origin Stage!

However, there were over ten thousand people in the Ye Clan!

Every year, the clan would trade for cultivation materials with the money they made in the year to help the younger generation cultivate themselves. However, even though these people were all supported by the clan, they were even doing worse than Ye Nantian, who had been living and cultivating in a poor lower realm!

"Did he eat anything from the gods?" The third elder widely opened his eyes. He just couldn't accept the truth. He looked hilarious though.

However, nobody laughed, because the others all couldn't believe it either!

The meeting room of the clan was suddenly silent.

After the meeting, Ye Nantian could finally stay in the clan.

He was even assigned to a special position.

'Martial Art Cultivation Chief Master of Ye Clan'!

It sounded imposing and cool, but had no real power at all. To put it frankly, that meant… he had great cultivation that the clan would not waste.

Since he was so talented in cultivation and got him self improved greatly in that poor lower realm, he should just teach whatever was useful to the younger people in the clan.

His duty was to teach people in the clan to cultivate themselves.

That was his only job!

When the clan needed to have a discussion about something important, it wouldn't need Ye Nantian to join the meeting… When there were enemies to fight, he would need to go fight it.

All in all, he must do whatever the clan needed him to do and stayed away from whatever the clan didn't want him to know. What he could have was a place to live in and the title as a member of the Ye Clan!

In fact, Ye Nantian didn't really care about it.

He just wanted to stay in the clan so as to take care of his mother.

He could also have lots of spare time to cultivate martial art. That was a good arrangement for him.

Power and position in the clan, he really didn't want it. He didn't really care about it. All those years in the Land of Han-Yang, he was one of the most powerful figures. He even sat in equal seats with the king. Why would he still chase after the vain fame?

Power in the clan was the last thing he was interested in. He could never be the inheritor of the clan. That was true.

In fact, if the elders begged him to be the inheritor, he would probably turn it down. He really wasn't interested in that! He would never let himself become the patriarch of the clan!

What he wanted to do was to take good care of his parents and improve his own cultivation capability. When he was strong enough, he would go bring his wife and his son back.

That was all he wanted. It was just that simple.

When he finally could live with his wife and son, he wouldn't mind leaving the Ye Clan!

That night, after being apart for over a dozen years, Ye Shuqing was so happy to have his son back and to have a dinner with a whole family.

He asked people to prepare a big feast to celebrate his son's return.

The three of them sat around the table. Even old Lady Ye, who hadn't drunk liquor for years, actually drank several cups. She just couldn't stop smiling.

When Ye Nantian sat down, he finally remembered something important. "Finally, I can have a proper meal with my parents. However, where is my brother?"

Suddenly, the old couple's faces turned dark.

"He… Oh… The second year after you left, your younger brother was killed in Hatred Valley. His head was cut off!" The old lady wept.

Ye Nantian was stunned!

All those years, he had thought that his brother would take care of their parents.

That was why he felt relieved about it. His brother was an honest man. He would definitely take good care of their parents.

Even if Ye Nantian never came back home, his brother would settle everything. He should be relieved about it.

However, unexpectedly, his brother actually died one year after he left the Qing-Yun Realm!

[Why… Why would that happen?]

[How did my parents survive all these years of grievance?]

[That must be utterly painful for both of them!]

[I truly haven't been a good son. I have been really useless and ridiculous!]

Ye Nantian's hand started to shake. His eyes suddenly turned red. Tears dropped down from his eyes. He still remember that day when people from Qiong-Hua Palace came, his brother stepped in front of him and shouted to those men, "I am Ye Nantian! Come fight me!"

"Whoever dares to touch my brother should better step over my body!" His younger brother was shouting!

He didn't step back facing countless Dao Origin Stage cultivators. This young man was full of passion. In his heart, he respected and loved his older brother!

He wouldn't let anybody hurt his brother!

Ye Nantian sobbed with tears rushing out his eyes.

He hadn't thought of the memory for a long time. [Am I such a coldblooded person?]

"Brother…" Deep as he thought, he felt sad. Finally, he burst in tears.

"How exactly did he die?" Ye Nantian looked full of hatred, with a pair of red eyes.

"We don't know." Ye Shuqing smiled bitterly. "He was beheaded. His entire body was cut into pieces… I have cultivated ten years and finally reached the middle phase of level nine, but I am still unable to avenge him. Cultivation doesn't help. No matter what I do, I can't find out who is the murderer. I don't know who did that to my dear son. Whoever did that must be vicious and vile. They didn't even leave him a whole body…"

"He was killed the next year after I left. It shouldn't be Qiong-Hua Palace. He was ambushed. That meant the murderer was not so powerful!"

"Who is the murderer?"

Ye Nantian looked at his father and asked, "So after that, the clan inheritor became somebody else, right?"