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Chapter 840: Where Is Your Son?

Chapter 840: Where Is Your Son?
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Ye Shuqing's face turned pale. He murmured, "You mean…"

"I didn't say anything!" Ye Nantian blandly said, "Blood for blood!"

"I will avenge my brother!" His eyebrows rose up. "No matter who killed my brother, I will never let it go!"

"Whoever he is, he will pay for the price!"

He spoke again word by word.

The old lady was eventually drunk, because of the liquor, also because of the grievance.

The poor old lady, one of her sons was seriously wounded and expelled, the other died. She had been suffering for seventeen years. Now that one of her sons returned to her, she could finally enjoy the days with him.

She still felt sad about it. She still missed the departed younger son so much. However, she was comforted to a certain extent.

Father and son together, held the old lady to the bed, and then the two of them went to the study room.

Ye Nantian and his father had a conversation till midnight.

At the end, Ye Shuqing finally said something he wanted to say. He hadn't said it because he didn't want his son to feel hurt.

"The clan leadership wouldn't let you participate the clan affairs. I think that may be a better thing for you," he said.

Unexpectedly, Ye Nantian just nodded without saying anything.

"Nantian, what is your plan?" He asked Ye Nantian.

He thought his son's reaction was so quick. Ye Nantian was just over forty years old but was already at level eight of Dream Origin Stage. He was in such a prime age! How could he just stay in a comfortable and useless position!

"Me? Nothing special." Ye Nantian said, "I will cultivate more to improve myself, and I will spend as much time as I can to take good care of you two… Nothing else."

He talked in a peaceful tone. He was calm like a glass of water.

"Well… Don't you have any specific plan?" Ye Shuqing wasn't willing to give up.

"Yes." Ye Nantian raised up his head. His eyes were red with tears. "I will avenge my brother!"

Ye Shuqing was shocked.

It became silent for a while.

"I know you have some clues." Ye Nantian looked at his father. "Father, you are a wise man. Our people all know that. My brother got killed, so there must be something hidden behind it!"

"I guess you know who the murderer is. You just don't want to say it. Why? I understood!" Ye Nantian stared at his father. "I know you have your reason!"

"But I am not you!" he spoke fiercely.

Ye Shuqing made a long sigh and didn't say anything.

"I will start investigating!" Ye Nantian blandly said, "Even… Even if I will get expelled from the clan because of it, even if the entire Ye Clan will fall…"

"I will still seek for revenge!"

There was blood in his eyes.

He spoke word by word in a strong tone. There was the fire of hatred and anger burning in his eyes, also determination!

They both stopped talking.

None of them made any move. Both of them were lost in thought…

Ye Nantian lowered his head. Two drops of tears flowed down on his cheeks.

After another long silent moment, Ye Shuqing spoke again. He changed the topic tough.

"You mother… she asked me something earlier." He hesitated. In his eyes, there were hope and fever. He cautiously said, "Where is your son?"

Ye Nantian raised up his head.

It was the first time he looked into his father's eyes.

From his father's eyes, he could see the desire from a grandfather to see his grandson. That was the hope of carrying on the family line…

It was all men's beautiful wish to live a happy life with their grandchildren!

Ye Shuqing didn't ask while they were eating, because he didn't want the old lady to feel sad. However, she mentioned it to her husband after the meal.

Every elder wanted a grandson.

Who didn't love kids? Especially their own blood?

"Is he still alive?" Ye Shuqing didn't get a response from Ye Nantian, so he was worried.

He was scared. He was afraid he would get an unacceptable answer.

It was his grandson after all.

His only grandson!

In the old man's heart, he knew it clearly. He had lost the younger son. The older son would never marry other women. He would only marry Yue Gongxue.

That meant… this grandson was very likely the only grandson he was going to have…

"He's alive. He's living quite well." Ye Nantisn sighed. "He has a handsome look that's from his mother. He has that kind of pride too."

The old man felt relieved. "Heh, heh. It doesn't matter. A young man should have his pride…"

Then he sighed. "It's a shame that the tunnel has been blocked. Nobody know when will it be opened again. That kid have to stay in the Land of Han-Yang for the rest of his life. In fact, that's good for him. I guess you have taught him your special martial art? He is going to be a dominator in that world for sure. It is better to be the best among the mortals than to be the worst among the elites. We may never see him again, but he is safe. That's good. He should have a happy life down there."

He talked as if it was easy to accept the reality. However, he was obviously disappointed and upset about it!

Ye Nantian shook his head. "Father, you don't need to be so disappointed. He is beyond the limit of the Land of Han-Yang. That realm is too weak for him now. He has ascended to this world."

"What did you say? He actually has… How old is he? Seventeen?" Ye Shuqing's eyes lit up. "How is that possible? He is strong enough to ascend? That means he is another brilliant genius!"

Ye Nantian showed a warm smile. "He is not just a genius. He is the best of the best! He is stronger than the seventeen old me. Much stronger! Much much stronger!"

He emphasized it again and again. In his voice, there was pride and honor!

"Then… why don't you just bring him back to me?" Ye Shuqing was excited.

Ye Nantian said, "He ascended in the natural way. I don't know where he landed yet. Besides, I wouldn't dare to take him back. He may die here!"

He looked up while staring right into his father's eyes. "I won't! I wouldn't dare!"

It broke the old man down.

Ye Shuqing suddenly fell down and sat on the chair. He couldn't say a word for a long time. His face seemed much older all of a sudden.