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Chapter 841: His Name Is Ye Xiao!

Chapter 841: His Name Is Ye Xiao!
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After a long time, Ye Shuqing started to smile in a bitter way. He said, "That's right. He can't be here. If he is here… he will die…"

"That's right." Ye Nantian said, "Not to mention that he is my son, not to mention the threat from Qiong-Hua Palace, after seventeen years, I don't think this place will accept another super genius…"

"It will be another conflict in the clan. It will be lapse of the same kin. It will be redistribution of power!"

He smiled bitterly. "My brother is dead… If my son came here and show everybody how genius he is, he will die for sure…"

Ye Shuqing's face suddenly turned blue.

He held his hands tight and made two fierce fists!

Ye Nantian said, "I think… Maybe it is better to let him go out and live in the martial world by himself. Maybe it is better to free him from the disturbance of his family name. I made the decision before I knew what happened to my brother. Now I feel lucky that I made it."

"I hope… that he…" Ye Shuqing sighed.

"Don't worry, father. He is a tough man. He is always calm and steady. He will come back to Ye Clan sooner or later. Even if he just passes by, I will drag him in to see you," Ye Nantian said.

"Good." Ye Shuqing's eyes lit up. He said, "I have to see my grandson… My poor kid…"

He sighed as tears fell down from his eyes. He said, "He is still a kid, yet he has to carry such a burden. It must be hard for him…"

Ye Nantian sighed and said, "Don't worry, father. He will be back to the clan in the future. Even though he may not tell others his real name, he is always my son. That won't change!"

"Yes!" Ye Shuqing's became solemn. "No matter what, he is named Ye!"

Then he asked, "What is his name?"

Ye Nantian was a bit embarrassed. He said, "He… His name is… Ye… Ye Xiao!"

"Ye Xiao!" Ye Shuqing was stunned. He suddenly stood up and nearly turned over the chair. "How can you name my grandson with that name? It is a forbidden! You were not in Qing-Yun Realm in those days, but you surely knew what this name means!"

Ye Nantian sighed and said, "I was... totally broken at that time. I was so worried that my son and I would be killed somewhere… I was worried that he would encounter any great danger in the future…"

"That's why I gave him that name, Ye Xiao. The same with Xiao Monarch." Ye Nantian said, "I was thinking that if something happens to him, when he tells his name, maybe people won't take risk to mess with him."

"If people would take a second thought after they learned of his name, he might get a chance to survive."

"I am his father, but I am unable to keep him safe… I have to…" He was in pain. "I have to do whatever may help me."

"I think even if Xiao Monarch knew it, he would just kill me since I gave the kid that name. The kid is innocent. He wouldn't kill an innocent child. Xiao Monarch always showed up alone and he never followed any rules. However, I never heard he would kill innocent people."

"However, unexpectedly… when Xiao Xiao was sixteen, the famous Xiao Monarch… actually died. I guess I never have a chance to pay my price for using his name…" He looked ashamed.

Ye Shuqing was shocked. He didn't know what to say anymore.

However, he also felt ashamed.

He was a patriarch of a clan, yet he couldn't protect his own son and grandson. His son, who was in his toughest days, gave his grandson the most famous name so as to protect the kid, even though he knew he might actually die for it.

It was a powerful protection though. At least in Qing-Yun Realm, everybody knew the name Ye Xiao!

Even though some people didn't know Ye Xiao, they definitely knew Xiao Monarch!

Even deaf and blind knew that figure.

As long as Xiao Monarch didn't know or didn't care, no matter who wanted to kill the kid would have to hesitate.

For instance, it was hard to tell people what they did if they killed the kid.

"I killed Ye Xiao! I did that!"

Who dared to say it?

Nobody dared to piss Xiao Monarch off. That was risking their lives. That was why the name 'Ye Xiao' did protect the kid for some reasons.

"The problem is, Xiao Monarch is dead. No matter how resounding his name is, it is buried in history." Ye Shuqing said, "In fact, this name has become forbidden in this world. If people of the three factions know that there is a young man who is named Ye Xiao too… They would send people to kill him so that they won't have to hear the name again."

"Don't worry, father. I did warn the kid. He would change his name once he come to this world." Ye Nantian smiled bitterly and looked at his father. "In fact, even me, as his father, don't know what name he is using at the moment. I don't know whether he would keep the family name or not."

Ye Shuqing stayed quiet for a while and then said after a long sigh, "This is better. Even you don't know his name. That makes him safer. I mean, you really did take precautions to our clan."

Ye Nantian didn't answer but just smiled bitterly.

[How can I not?]

[I turned myself in. I still remember how I was being frank to the clan. My son is never going to make the same mistake. I won't let him die in the fight among these wolves!]

"I hope the kid will be safe outside," Ye Shuqing said after being lost in thoughts for a while.

He looked dispirited.

Ye Nantian didn't say anything though.

[I don't want you to be famous. I don't want you to be powerful. I don't want you to be rich! I just want you to be… safe and happy! I hope you can live a life without any grievances.]

That was a father's sincere wish to his son!