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Chapter 842: The God Level Special Training

Chapter 842: The God Level Special Training
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Ye Nantian officially returned to the clan!

He had settled down in the clan.

Although there would be people looking at him with weird expressions now and then, he didn't care.

[At least I am back!]

[I believe I will reach the height I want someday!]

[I will take all that I lost back!]

[Including my love!]

[My everything!]

[Xue-Er, wait for me!]

[Wait for me and our son!]

[I believe that day is coming soon!]

[Brother, I will avenge you! I will take revenge, no matter how much blood will flood the land, no matter how many bones will pile up like mountains! Even if Ye Clan will collapse and I will die in pieces, I will avenge you!]

[Xiao Xiao, where are you? How is your life now?]

Ye Xiao was suffering the second phase of the three months training. It was the last day of the second month now.

He was nearly naked. He only had a small underwear covering his private part. He was floating in the air, connected to a narrow string.

That string was tied to a hair on Ye Xiao's head!

It was just a string but it held his entire body!

That was the challenge he was getting through at the moment. A narrow string came down from right above his head and bonded to a hair on his head. It would hang him in the air for two hours and all he had to do was not to fall down!

It was such a simple task. He just needed to stay there for two hours. In other words, he would fail if he fell down. Even if he had been there for one hour and fifty-nine minutes but fell down at the last minute, he failed!

That was asking so much from Ye Xiao, to control himself in an extreme level!

How heavy could a hair carry?


Was it strong enough to lift a man?

That was ridiculous. Not to mention a human, it couldn't even lift clothes, a pair of trousers, or a shoe!

In fact, as long as the man was a cultivator beyond Spirit Origin Stage, it could!

Cultivators who had reached Spirit Origin Stage could keep themselves in a special balance point, so as to make themselves nearly against gravity!

The next problem was that could a cultivator remain in such a position for a long time?

That was probably another yes. However, ninety-nine percent no!

To make the body remain in a position going against gravity didn't just require high cultivation level!

Only when the cultivator kept seizing the balance point with every inch of his muscle, every drop of his blood, every bit of his energy!

He had to make every bit of his body stay in harmony, so as to keep himself hung by a hair for a long time!

Ye Xiao had to do it for two hours!

He had been hanging there for forty-five minutes already!

He felt he was going to freak out.

Hung by a hair for two hours…

That was such a brutal training subject!

Whoever designed this must have a twisted mind!

Or maybe a great genius!

One would only realize the difficult point of this challenge was not the string or the hair after he experienced it!

No matter where on the body that string was tied on, the entire weight would get on the string or the hair.

He might be able to control the string.

However, the string was tied on the hair. That made it a hundred times more difficult!

The point of the entire challenge relied on the skin, where the hair was planted!

No matter how strong that hair or that string was, it didn't matter.

The key was the root of the hair… It all depended on how firmly it was planted on the scalp!

Ye Xiao didn't even dare to try to move himself. Once he did, he might fail it. He could only stay the same gesture, like a dried fish hanging in the air. He didn't even dare to sweat.

It was lucky that he could take off all those Star Steel clothes.

That was so important.

If he wore those clothes, he would definitely fail.

He made a right decision to take everything else off when he removed the Star Steel clothes. It just took off a little bit of weight, but every bit mattered at the moment!

The three old men were looking at Ye Xiao on the ground. They kept watching his body, and prepared to save him once he fell off, as if he was their most precious treasure.

They looked peaceful, but they actually were excited inside their minds!

They were using mind connection to talk to each other!

"Holy heavens… It actually lifted him…" That was Yun Piaoliu when Ye Xiao just got lifted.

"I'll be damned… He actually can hold it there… I thought this challenge is to make fun of the disciple…" It was Feng Wuying.

"I… I am not dreaming, am I?" This was Lei Dadi.

"Big brother, how long did you hold on up there when you were doing this?" Feng Wuying asked Lei Dadi.

Lei Dadi's face twisted. He said, "I was lifted up. I did get up there, but… I couldn't even hold it till I take a breath… When the hair was tied on the string and I had tried my best to lose my weight, they took away the chair. That moment, I was in a position against gravity. Then I fell. Within the time of a light breath, I touched the floor!"

"That hair… I didn't even feel the hair…"

Feng Wuying and Yun Piaoliu were gloating. It turned out the eldest one didn't do any better than them.

"I heard that nobody has ever finished this challenge."

"This is eye opening. This kid has a real long breath!"

"It is not just about a long breath… He has an extremely accurate power of control… Otherwise, he would never be able to hang there for such a long time… Oh my heavens. Not to mention the old days, can we even do it now? Or maybe we are able to do it now, but that must be painful."

"I thought the ancestor must have made this as a prank to make fun of us… Now I know it is not true… I am totally impressed!"

"This is definitely a god level training. Nobody in the history has done this. Nobody will do this again in the future…"