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Chapter 843: Unprecedented!

Chapter 843: Unprecedented!
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"Come on. Why are you fussing? Think about it. In the two months, every thing this little monster completed was unprecedented! Did anybody do better than him in any other challenges?"


"Well my ass! None! Look, don't fuss. You are being stupid now. Don't you see?"

"This kid has completely created history!" Lei Dadi was so proud. "In thirty thousand years, only my disciple can do this! Only the disciple that grows under my guidance can achieve such a miracle, create an unprecedented legend!"

"Let me tell you what! There was nobody who did better than him and there will be nobody in the future either!"

In the mind connection, Lei Dadi's voice became ferocious.

"What do you mean your disciple? Your guidance?" Feng Wuying and Yun Piaoliu jumped up like two cats got stepped on the tails. "He is my disciple too… I teach him a lot with full effort too! Isn't it? …"

"The kid is going to fall. His determination and his mindset are strong enough, but his cultivation level…" Yun Piaoliu said. He had been watching Ye Xiao.

Lei Dadi and Feng Piaoliu were surprised. They both looked to Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao's face was twisted. He was sweating everywhere, scalp, neck… every bit of his body.

- Ta, ta, ta, ta… -

Sweat flowed from his head to his feet and then dropped to the ground. Drop by drop, it was making clear sounds!

Under his feet, there was a puddle of sweat spreading away…

However, he didn't move his body a bit!

He was still staying the same posture, as if he had no weight.

The three old men were worried. They were all cultivation experts, so they knew Ye Xiao was losing it. Ye Xiao was just forcibly holding a breath in the dantian to keep staying up there. If he could exhale that breath of qi out and inhale a new breath to the dantian, it would be much better.

However, if he did that, he would immediately fall. No matter how fast he was, there would be a time gap. It was enough to break the balance of his body, his hair and the string. He would fail the challenge!

In fact, the three old men never thought Ye Xiao could hold it for such a long time. Now he had already gone through nearly two hours. He was still in a steady condition. Only because of his weak cultivation, he couldn't keep it going any longer.

The three grandmaster were anxious, but they couldn't interrupt Ye Xiao unless he himself gave up. They hoped Ye Xiao could become the first man to complete this unbelievable mission after all!

In fact, Ye Xiao was working so hard, because he had a wrong judgment. He reckoned there must be somebody who once had completed this mission in the history!

He believed there must be some real talented figures who had completed this mission since this mission was still there…

He thought if he couldn't finish this, he wouldn't have the opportunity to continue the training…

He got to know the truth after the training though. However, he still thought he should work as hard as he could. In other words, he just didn't want to fail on things that somebody succeeded before! He believed he was able to do anything others could do!

That was why he worked so unbelievably hard in the training!

Of course, Ye Xiao knew that he would be relieved as long as he exhaled that breath of qi in his dantian out. However, he just wasn't willing to give up so soon!

He wanted to finish it! He kept his balance while being driven by his willpower alone. The limitation of his physical condition made him suffer. He was sweating heavily.

He knew he was in a severe situation. He also knew it was so close to two hours now!

It was just ten minutes. He knew he couldn't quit now!

He had to hold it until the two hours ended!

He couldn't control the sweat anymore, so he just let it flow. Maybe it would make him lose some weight…

In the end, the spiritual qi was running slower and slower in his dantian. He was dazzled and nearly passed out. Even so, he kept holding it, controlling his body consciously, trying to keep the balance in every inch of his body.

He would rather die just to make it two hours!

He was exhausted now. The breath of qi in his dantian eventually stopped moving. He would fall down at any second!

However, he still kept holding himself by his strong willpower!


"Two hours! He did it!" Yun Piaoliu looked at the sandglass and said.

Just after he said it, Ye Xiao fell down like a falling meteorite.

He fell down to the floor, facing up to the sky. That was such an awkward and embarrassing posture. However, he didn't care anymore. And he couldn't care more… As he fell down, he immediately lost consciousness. In fact, he was in a coma before he fell down.

The three old men rushed over to him hurriedly. They held him in the arms and started to pour the energy of life into their beloved disciple's Jing and Mai…

In fact, they all knew Ye Xiao passed out because he was exhausted. A few hours of sleep would bring him back to normal!

However, they still wanted to consume their life energy to make him feel better sooner!

There was a funny truth that none of them knew.

This challenge was not a task that a normal human being in Qing-Yun Realm could complete. At least, cultivators under Dao Origin Stage could never finish this task. This challenge existed in the three months special training because… because the ancestor of the sect who designed this training was fond of pranks…

He designed this to make fun!

That was all!