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Chapter 844: Worth Dying!

Chapter 844: Worth Dying!
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It was reasonable that nobody could complete this task!

If somebody did… just like Ye Xiao now…

If that ancestor knew it, he might jump out from the tomb and shout, "Oh my god! Really? Somebody actually did it? A human?"

Well, Ye Xiao perfectly did it.

The three old men kept pouring energy into Ye Xiao's body. It should take him nearly ten hours to recover and wake up, but now he woke up only after a few breaths. Right after he woke up, he went on the next challenge in the training!

When he woke up, he wished he could stay in a coma for a longer time.

Once the training began, there was no time for rest. There were only death and failure. Ye Xiao had to persist in it while gritting his teeth.

In the first two months, Ye Xiao clearly felt the improvement on his physical condition, mindset, willpower, cultivation. Every part of him was improving fast!

He didn't seem improved in cultivation though. His spiritual power became pure and rich instead!

He used to think that the spiritual qi in his dantian was pure enough, but now he knew it wasn't, and it was becoming even purer!

There was even an unnoticed impurity that got pressed out.

Many problems that seemed impossible to solve were actually solved during the special training!

He might not remain in the same status forever. When the training was finished, the impurity would return to his body, spiritual qi, and energy. However, he would have a broad and strong cultivation foundation that no impurity would affect him!

That was the perfect foundation that Ye Xiao had never imagined to acquire!

There were many more benefits he could get, such as the sensitivity of spiritual mind, reaction speed, richness of his soul… Everything would be improved!

Ye Xiao was so excited about it!

He even cherished this training more now!

The special training was so frightening though!

In the three torturing months, Ye Xiao felt that it was profitable! In fact, he didn't really understand how profitable it was until he rushed up to Human Realm Upon Heavens…

Only those who got through the three months understood how good it was.

The three months had led him to the path of becoming a super genius!

However, in the history, there was only one person who could get through the three months perfectly!

Ye Xiao!

Or we may say, Ye Chongxiao.

It was a sunny day!

Lei Dadi, Feng Wuying, and Yun Piaoliu were sitting around a table with big smiles.

It was the day for celebration!

It was a good day!

Their disciple Ye Chongxiao officially completed the last mission of the three months' training!

Three months!

Ninety days!

Every single subject in the training, Ye Xiao did it perfectly!

He even overdid some missions!

That was an epic record in the history of Qing-Yun Realm for sure!

The only person in history!

"We must drink as much as we can! I am very happy!" Lei Dadi kept drinking liquor and laughed loudly. "I have never been so happy before in my life! I guess this is worth dying for! Even if I die in liquor, I will still laugh!"

"The most talented genius in history is actually my disciple! I taught him everything!" Yun Piaoliu was also rather happy. "Like big brother said, I guess I would love to die in such happiness!"

"Wu Fa! You are in trouble! You are going to get off the position of the No. 1 cultivator in Qing-Yun Realm!" Feng Wuying was smiling while pouring a bowl of liquor to the floor. "Changtian, I guess we are going to avenge you soon! You know what, the three of us have been blaming ourselves for a hundred years because we can't avenge you. We don't want to die. We don't know how to face you down there. Now we do! We will face you with pride and honor!"

Lei Dadi and Yun Piaoliu sighed when they heard him.

Ye Xiao just kept having the food. He was worried.

During the days with the three old grandmasters, every time when they poured energy into his body, he could feel that they were consuming their lives rapidly!

They were losing their lives unstoppably.

The three months, ninety days, everyday, they tried to improve his body three times in full effort! They used their Dao Origin Stage power and the accurate control to refine every bit of his muscle!

It was an enormous project!

They had to consume a massive amount of their energy!

However, they did their best every time!

Although Ye Xiao felt like going through every corner of hell every time, he knew that the three grandmasters were sacrificing themselves for his own benefit. As long as he could get over it, there would be a bright future ahead of him.

The three old men were simply giving!

Yet they never complained.

Nor did they reserve anything.

They didn't tell Ye Xiao about it even until the training was finished!

Apparently, the three old men didn't want Ye Xiao to carry the burden in his heart!

If Ye Xiao was truly as weak as his cultivation level, he wouldn't know the truth. However, he wasn't. So he knew pretty well about their contribution!

He knew that it was the contribution of the three old men that gave him the opportunity to leave Qing-Yun Realm to the upper realm!

They had sacrificed their lives to build a bridge to the great future for him!

"Let's cut the useless b*llshit. Back to cultivation, the three months training is finished. We are all pretty satisfied with your performance."

Lei Dadi casually took a sip of the liquor and said, "So we decided to keep you here for another month. After all, you have to be familiar with all martial arts and skills of our sect. Even though you can pick any martial art as you wish, you have to know them first before you choose the one you like the most. Only the martial art that you choose by instinct is the best for you!"

"After the coming month, it will be truly finished. Don't think we are reckless on this. Don't think we are escaping our responsibility either. Masters can always just guide you to a certain direction. It is your own effort that leads you to greatness. We did and we will do whatever we can to help."