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Chapter 845: Lei Dadi’s Boast

Chapter 845: Lei Dadi’s Boast
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Lei Dadi took a long sigh. "The future only belongs to you alone. You have to fight your own battle. What we can do is no more than giving you some advice when you meet any trouble in cultivation. Maybe when you are facing some irresistible temptation… we are always here to warn you. Don't feel embarrassed to talk to us. A man can never just depend on himself."

"However… in the other hand, if you can solve the problem yourself, do not seek for help from us. Everything in your life and every decision you make will eventually benefit yourself. To take your own steps will lead you to the best result."

"Don't be afraid of making mistakes. Just remember to make it right when you know it is wrong." Lei Dadi stared at Ye Xiao. "Even god makes mistakes in his life, not to mention a human being."

Ye Xiao nodded.

He decided to keep that in mind.

For a long time, he was afraid of mistakes. Because of this, he always felt a heavy burden in his heart. He knew how serious things could become when a mistake was made.

However, the old man enlightened him.

Even god makes mistakes!

A man, living in the world for hundreds, thousands, million years… how could he do right on everything single thing?

As long as he could make it right when he found out it was wrong, it would eventually become right!

What is horrible is not the mistake itself, but the fear for making mistakes! It was a psychologic issue.

Ye Xiao suddenly felt open and clear.

"Why so ruthless. When you have nothing else to do, just come and have a leisure chat with us. However, I don't want you to have any trouble that you have to seek for help either." Yun Piaoliu looked at Ye Xiao with a caring look. "You are the only disciple of us. We are all satisfied with you. We know it."

"You have to remember one thing." Feng Wuying was always the strictest one. He said, "We are your masters, but we are not your babysitters. We never will be!"

"What we want is that when people talk about us, they will be surprised and eventually recognize us as Ye Chongxiao's masters. I don't want you to tell the world that you are our disciple so that nobody dared to mess with you. I also don't want you to be put down and somebody steps on your dead body talking about how stupid your three masters are!"

"Yes, master! I understand!" Ye Xiao seriously said.

"Don't take it personally. This is the rule in Cold Moon Palace. The more talented a disciple is, the less we will restrain him. He will have to decide his own future."

"Only the ordinary disciples need the masters to worry about their future."

Lei Dadi smiled and said, "The true elite never reaches the greatness under the guidance of others. Do you understand? In the future when you have your own disciples, you must keep this in mind. One should live his life on his own! That is the rule in Cold Moon Palace. We are Thunder, Wind and Cloud, three old men. You are Ye Chongxiao. You are unique! Your disciples are unique! You are not our extension. None of your would-be disciple is your extension either."

"Yes. I understand." Ye Xiao was enlightened.

The three old grandmasters nodded.

They actually felt embarrassed when they thought of the reason they needed Ye Xiao to stay for one more month.

At the beginning, they believed Ye Xiao, who was so weak in cultivation, would never hold it longer than one month in the three months special training. That was why Lei Dadi asked Yue Changtian for only three months. That included the special training and the private lessons they were going to give Ye Xiao.

In other words, they had prepared about two months to give Ye Xiao some private lessons.

After all, it would only take Ye Xiao three months when he perfectly finished all the tasks. The three old men believed one month was more or less enough for Ye Xiao to fail the training.

However, unexpectedly, Ye Xiao was such a monster. He perfectly completed every task of the training.

That meant the three old men didn't have time to give any private lessons at all!

They were happy to see that happen, but they really needed more time to give their private lessons to Ye Xiao!

With no other alternatives, they had to ask Yue Changtian for another month.

Yue Changtian was so surprised when he heard them. Lei Dadi answered in a fake-helpless tone. "I never expected he could finish all the three months tasks. We have no choice now. There is no time left for private lessons. That is not our fault really. I guess I have to get another month time… How embarrassing… We are ashamed… We underestimated the young man…"

"What? Finished all?" Yue Changtian heard Master Lei's "humble and helpless" boast, and he truly wanted to laugh out loud and spit on the old man's face while saying: "I really want to spit a mouthful dog shit on your face!"

[Your disciple finished all those horrible tasks and you are ashamed? What? What about us? Should we all go hang ourselves because of shame?]

"Well… Is one month enough?" Yue Changtian surely didn't dare to be rude, so he asked a question.

He did worry about whether one month was enough.

"Don't worry. My disciple has a big weakness, he has a brilliant brain! He is not like human being at all. He's like a monster…" Lei Dadi kept gloating. He "humbly" said, "I think the heavens will envy him because he is too wise and smart. I am speechless about it. One month is enough for him to learn everything from the three of us thoroughly. He will remember every word of the martial arts of our sect for sure… It is so frustrating to have such a wonderful disciple. I feel so sad, but I don't know whom to tell my grievance to…"

Yue Changtian couldn't endure this anymore. His face turned dark and he said, "Just take care yourself. Let's just make it one more month."

Then he left the place fast without even looking back.

He had seen people gloating, but not in such an unbelievable way…

[You are sad?]

[F*ck you! Why don't you give me that grievance?]

[I long for that grievance! I love that grievance! Why can't it hit me?]

[I am so speechless!]

However, heavens saw everything. One would have to take responsibility for what he said!

In the next one month, Lei Dadi and the other two old men exactly experienced what that grievance felt like.