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Chapter 846: This Is A Tragedy!

Chapter 846: This Is A Tragedy!
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No matter what martial formula it was, Ye Xiao could recite it after listening to it for one time.

That was not the most unbelievable part. After reciting, he would start to operate it. In one breath, he was lost in it and the spiritual qi started to run in his dantian… In the third breath… he suddenly woke up and said indifferently, "Master, I think there must be something wrong with this martial art formula… Look. What if I make a change here? Isn't it better?"

Lei Dadi had thought about giving the ignorant young man a tough lesson. That martial art formula was the work of so many generations after all. [You just learned it a few minutes ago! How dare you challenge its rationality… Stop making dreams…] However, as he thought deeper, he found that Ye Xiao was probably right about it. So he started to make a test run on the new formula, and only to find out… [Oh? It is a better way to operate it. He is right about this!]

He didn't believe Ye Xiao was really that good at it!

He believed Ye Xiao was just lucky!

However, after that, no matter what martial art it was, Ye Xiao could operate it right away while he was listening to the formula! It was so close to the "right" movements!

It was close, not exactly the same. Why was that?

After operating the martial arts for a few minutes, he would go talk to his master. "Master, look at this. Here it should be a turn-back, right? What if I keep the foot firmly rooted on the floor and twist the waist so as to hit it through the shoulder and directly shoot out from the finger? How about that? Isn't it better?"

Lei Dadi wanted to scold, but he had no idea now. He thought for a while and tried that new method. He then frowned. [He is… somehow… partially… weirdly… luckily… fortunately… right about it…]

[He is such a lucky guy. That must be his good luck!]

Hmm… As they started another martial art, right after Lei Dadi told him the formula, he operated and then stopped. "Master, this is a brilliant martial art. However, what if I hold it there and reverse the Cold Moon Art a bit to match it, push two streams of qi up at the same time? It seems even faster? Isn't it?"

Lei Dadi's face turned dark. "Hmm… That's right…"

After two days, Lei Dadi was totally broken.

One would really take responsibility for what he had said!

Sad! What a sad story!

He had learned those things for his entire life, yet his disciple mastered all of them within two days and even improved them!

Was it really just good luck?

Maybe it was luck for the first and second time. What about the third and forth? What about all those after that? Were those all because of his good luck?

"Master, where are you going?"

"I am going to find your Master Feng. It should be his turn." Lei Dadi walked fast away with a solemn face.

"Master, don't you want to teach me more?"

"Kid, listen. Why don't you try to show understanding and sympathy for me? I am old and I have taught you for two days. I am tired. Look, your Master Feng will teach you more…" And then he just disappeared.

[What else do I have to teach you? Nothing…]

After two days.

Feng Wuying was leaving. "I am going to talk to you Master Yun. I am not tired, but he wants to teach you so badly. I think we shouldn't keep him waiting for too long…"

After another two days.

Yun Piaoliu was exclaiming, "You two old bastards! Come out! Show yourselves… Don't hide! We should do this together! Damn it… Where are you… Don't pretend dead… Show yourselves!"

At the end, three great superior cultivators had taught their disciple for ten days in total!

The last four days, they taught him together.

After all those lessons… the three old men all felt so foolish as if they were simply three empty beds.

They truly had nothing more to teach.

Ye Xiao had learned everything from them…

He had even learned most of the martial world experience he should know…

Sometimes, when the disciple was too clever, the master would always feel upset.

When they realized there was nothing they could teach, that was so embarrassing… They felt so ashamed.

[With all that we know, how do we teach a disciple like that?]

[That is so embarrassing!]

[This is so annoying!]

One day.

The three old men sat together, showing grievance on the faces. They truly wanted to weep for what happened.

"After all this… what if I meet an old friend of mine on the street someday…" Lei Dadi looked so upset. "I truly have no idea what should I explain to him. I got myself a disciple and it took me only two days to teach him everything I have… Does that mean I am so lame or I mislead the young man? I guess they will tease me till I die."

"They may say this, 'not to mention misleading the young lads, Lei Dadi, what the hell on earth have you learned in your life? How do you dare to be his master with such a terrible capability?' …" Feng Wuying said.

"Piss off!" Lei Dadi raged up. "Why just me? You think only I got humiliated here? What about you two? We three are going to bear the humiliation out there together!"

"I guess we have nothing to teach him anymore… although he is still weak in cultivation…" Yun Piaoliu looked frustrated. "I guess he is even more experienced than we do… Maybe we are weaker than him in many other things…"

"Why don't we let him go independent now?" Feng Wuying suggested it.

"No!" Lei Dadi and Yun Piaoliu didn't agree. Lei Dadi was angry. "What if somebody ask about it? That is embarrassing! There will be people who will find out the truth, but I would rather keep that among us three as long as possible! The later it's exposed the better!"

"Then let's throw him into the Library of Fame! Nobody would find it weird. It will be easy to explain why we did it." Yun Piaoliu made the suggestion.

"Good! Let's do it!"

Three old funny men had an agreement.

"Let him go read the story of our ancestors and heroes… Let him know more about our history… He will have a stronger sense of belonging to the sect…"

Thus, an order was made. Ye Xiao was locked in the Library of Fame.

The three old men didn't know that this was exactly the place where Ye Xiao wanted to stay the most.

In this place, he could learn almost all the secrets of Qing-Yun Realm!

Cold Moon Palace was not the strongest sect in Qing-Yun Realm, but it was one of the most time-honored!

In other words, every part of the history of Qing-Yun Realm that could be recorded by letters, could be found in this library!

Ye Xiao kept reading the books fast in that place. He was obsessed!