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Chapter 847: Generation to Generation

Chapter 847: Generation to Generation
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Ye Xiao was now capable of accurately filtering useless information. He just skimmed the bookshelves and he knew which book he should read next…

The other books, he just ignored them.

He skimmed through books one after another…

He went to the next room after finishing all books in one room.

The disciples who were guarding the Library of Fame thought that he must be messing around the books…

It looked like he was messing around in there though!

On the twenty-ninth day of that month…

The three old grandmasters returned to this place.

Ye Xiao was reading a book in the Library of Fame. He thought it was the most valuable book he had ever found in that place!

'The Secret of the Three Factions'!

He had read every book he needed to read. At the end, he realized something rather important so he went back to carefully read this book again.

"Here… the king descended to the realm when the three lights unite. Blood and soul return to origin when the lands is going to become one… Interesting." Ye Xiao frowned and read it slowly.

"Why does it sound like… like… it is like a prediction… but… the king… three lights… blood and soul… They must mean something. Three lights may be Sun, Moon, and Star. That is talking about Saint Sunlight Sect, Saint Starlight Sect and Cold Moon Palace. In my previous life, I got to know their filthy business… Hmm… They invaded and occupied the Sky Soul Mountain and killed my brother… That was the beginning of the fight against the three factions… till it was too late to make a change…"

"It turns out there is a secret behind their appearance. However, I guess this is the best these books can tell… I don't think I can get more in this place…"

"I have learned a lot that I didn't know before I got to this place…" He slowly closed the book and murmured, "The world is colorful and wonderful…"

There seemed to be something that could lead him to the truth of his close friend's death. It also indicated why the three factions had to occupy those places…

They would even kill millions to get those places… There must be a reason!

However, because he knew more now, there were more questions.

What he knew, including what he had learned before, only described a rough image of the truth. He was yet to know the actual truth. He had to learn many things and put the pieces together so as to see the clear image.

However, in his heart, there was a word that resounded strongly in his mind. 'Soul'!

That was it. Soul!

Those places the three factions wanted were all related to the word 'soul'!

Sky Soul Mountain.

Thousand Soul Valley.

Soul Tomb Ridge.

And so on…

Every place that the three factions had sacrificed much to occupy had the word soul in its name.

Ye Xiao wouldn't believe it was just a coincidence!

However, that happened too long before. Those places were all in different locations in the Qing-Yun Realm. It was not that easy to figure out how weird it was that all those people had the same word in their names.

They successfully seized dozens of places within one hundred years… That was ordinary for a great sect. Even Ye Xiao didn't realize the names if he didn't read the book!

He stopped moving and suddenly felt dizzy in the head. He just wanted to read the book again, but Lei Dadi's voice resounded loudly from outside. "Chongxiao, come out!"

Hmm. His three masters came to pick him up.

He had been living with the three old men for a few months. However, he clearly felt that the three old men loved him so deeply!

It was definitely doting!

It looked like they wanted to train him to death everyday, but in Ye Xiao's heart, he knew the old men had been sacrificing their lives to improve him!

For such a long time, the three old men kept using their own life energy to refine his body!

When he walked out the library and saw the three masters, he was shocked.

What he saw were three old men in senility. One month earlier, they had white-hair and had wrinkles all over their face face. However, they were still spirited and looked strong by then. Now, they just looked pretty senile.

They were shaking in the blowing wind with white hairs on the heads. When they walked, they staggered… there were even senile plaque on their faces!

That meant they were dying!

Ye Xiao was astonished.

"Masters, what…" Ye Xiao walked over to them hurriedly, "What… is wrong?"

Lei Dadi smiled blandly. He said, "Nothing is wrong. We are running out of life energy. We never had much time to live. It is fine to just leave a bit earlier. We have fulfilled our biggest dream after all. We used to think we would die in regret, but it turns out the truth is so kind to us. It is a good thing that we can go meet our departed brothers down there soon."

Yun Piaoliu stared at Ye Xiao and smiled. "I guess there is always regret. We finally fulfilled one dream, yet we started to make a new wish. I guess we are not able to wait till the day you conquer the entire Qing-Yun Realm. I guess human being can never be contented… Heh… We all know that day will come. It is just a shame that we can't see it happen."

Feng Wuying laughed. "However… Chongxiao, you are free now. Totally free. Nobody is going to restrain you." He looked gawky and said, "Your life is in your own hand now!"

Ye Xiao's eyes were moistened by tears.

He surely knew the three old men had been injured badly in the old days. They should have passed away a long time before, yet they still had a strong will to fulfill their dream. That was how they hang on till this moment.

Now that they finally had a perfect, brilliant and over-performing disciple, they were relieved.

They believed what they wanted would be done by their disciple sooner or later.

They finally let go of all the burdens on their shoulders.

Other than that, they had been consuming their life energy for a few months. They couldn't handle it anymore.

At this moment, they could still come to see Ye Xiao because they wanted to see him one more time and tell him their last words!

Ye Xiao didn't hesitate. He walked over to hold the three old grandmasters. The moment he touched Lei Dadi's back, he could feel the old man's body become relaxed.

He made a long sigh.