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Chapter 848: Life Origin Dan!

Chapter 848: Life Origin Dan!
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That night.

Ye Xiao entered the Boundless Space. It had been a few months since he last got in the Space. He saw Erhuo playing with a few snakes. It looked so entertained. Ye Xiao walked in with a dark face and said, "Erhuo, give me a few Life Origin Dan beads! I don't need it to be supreme level. Just give me some dan beads in level of dan mist. I am in a hurry, so cut the crap from your mouth."

Erhuo was shocked.

It was just having fun with the little snakes. Suddenly Ye Xiao gave him such a task. It was stunned. "Meow."

Ye Xiao frowned. Looking at Erhuo, he looked fierce and scary.

Erhuo knew that he wasn't joking. There was no negotiation that it could go on with…

One should lower the head while living under other's roof. How could it violate its master's command?

It held its tail between its two legs and meowed. Ye Xiao didn't respond. It was afraid, so it went to the tunnel and focused on making dan beads…

Erhuo's experience taught it that it should do whatever the master want it to do when he looked serious and solemn!

Otherwise, things would become rather nasty!

It was right.

Ye Xiao was having a complicated feeling.

There was a contradiction in his heart. As Xiao Monarch, because of the grudge he had for the three factions, he should never help the three old grandmasters. He should watch them die and do absolutely nothing!

However, as Ye Chongxiao, righteously, he should definitely try whatever he could to save the three old men. Many people in Cold Moon Palace, including the three grandmasters, Zhan Yunfei, Xiao Mufei and the departed Fang Dalong, had been rather caring to him. Even though they all did that for their own sect, Ye Xiao was the one who benefited. How could he just see the old men die!

But if he saved them, how could he face the past grudges in his previous life?

If he didn't, how could he face his conscience?

He had been thinking for a long time, and in the end, he decided to save them!

He never forgot what he should do, but he couldn't let himself become somebody he hated. He couldn't leave regrets for the rest of his life. Since he was able to save the old men, why wouldn't he?

However, even though he decided to save them, he had to think of a way to save them!

He should never give the old men the most powerful supreme dan beads, because if he did, he would become suspicious. Even though he did that for the three grandmasters, the sect would definitely become his enemy.

When he was in the Land of Han-Yang, it took him so much work to make the auction of supreme dan begin. What he displayed in the auction were all normal supreme dan beads. If he directly showed people the Life Origin Dan…

That would be a huge problem. It would be a big trouble!

The second day.

Ye Xiao ran into the cottage with a bottle in his hand.

"Why in such a hurry? Are you going to leave so soon?" Lei Dadi laughed. He didn't feel annoyed though.

However, Ye Xiao could feel it from the old men's eyes that they truly didn't want to see him leave. Lei Dadi said with a smile, "Go ahead. Show everybody how powerful you are. Kick their asses hard! That's my good disciple. A good teach and a brilliant student… Hahaha…"

"I am not in a hurry to leave. I am here to give you something, Masters." Ye Xiao thought for a while and said, "I wonder if you remember that when I was in the Land of Han-Yang, my master was a dan maker. I was mostly cultivating the art of dan and just a little of martial art… When my beloved master died, he gave me everything he had… I checked on the stuffs he left to me and I found some dan beads. That was surprising. I guess maybe the dan beads can help you in a certain extent?"

Then he gave them the jade bottle in his hand.

Yun Piaoliu smiled bitterly and said, "Chongxiao, we are happy that you could think of us. However, these wounds in us are no ordinary wounds. We have lost too much life energy. No matter how good the dan beads are, they can't cure us. We know you have given Xiao Mufei a supreme dan bead and cured him immediately. I also know that was the only supreme dan bead you have. Even if you have more supreme dan beads now, they may not be useful on our wounds. Only those that could condense souls can help us…"

He took over the bottle and continued speaking, "That is Life Origin Dan. It is so rare… You are a dan-maker from Land of Han-Yang. I guess the dan beads you have are all dan beads in the lower realm. In fact, even dan-makers in Qing-Yun Realm can't make Life Origin Dan beads… We know you are a good man, but…"

Suddenly, he stopped talking.

The next moment, his eyes lit up!

His hands started to tremble…

"What is it? Why suddenly so rude. Is it a supreme dan bead again?" Lei Dadi asked. He wasn't so interested.

Feng Wuying shook his head and said, "If the dan doesn't meet our requirement, it won't help even if it is in supreme level!"

"But… this is not supreme level dan… This is Life Origin Dan!" Yun Piaoliu held the bottle. His entire body was trembling. "There are a few dan beads, recognized as the dan that could extend our lives… Life Origin Dan!"

"Life Origin Dan!" Lei Dadi and Feng Wuying stood up immediately.

Three white-haired heads crowded together. They talked like they have already accepted their imminent death, but in fact, nobody could embrace death with pleasure.

Nobody wanted to die if there was hope for living!

For so many years, the three of them had visited countless dan-makers. The entire Cold Moon Palace had spent a lot for them. Many people knew the recipe of Life Origin Dan, but nobody could make any! There had never been any useful Life Origin Dan beads for them!

Qing-Yun Realm had dan-makers who was capable of making Life Origin Dan, but they could only make Life Origin Dan beads in a normal quality. It might be quite useful for normal cultivators, but the three grandmaster were Dao Origin Stage masters.

After being disappointed so many times, they had given up on it.

They had never expected this, but at the end of their lives, when they were well prepared to embrace death in peace, those Life Origin Dan beads that might save their lives appeared!