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Chapter 849: Gratitude Is Gratitude; Hatred Is Hatred!

Chapter 849: Gratitude Is Gratitude; Hatred Is Hatred!
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The dan beads showed up so unexpectedly!

The three old men had never seen any Life Origin Dan in such high quality!

At this moment, the three old men couldn't even believe what they saw! They wondered if they were in a sweet dream!

However, they didn't dare to even think of such precious dan beads in their dreams!

Lei Dadi's hands were shaking. He poured the dan beads out from the bottle. The dan beads were rolling in his hand. A mass of dense mist rose up slowly.

They were misty dan beads! [1]

[Am I really not dreaming this? Isn't it too luxurious to have this in a dream?]

The three old men's fingers were all shaking.

There were actually six misty dan beads!

The dan beads were rolling in his hand. The dan mist was rising. After a while, the entire room was filled by the mist.

Ye Xiao didn't say anything. He left the room quietly.

He could totally understand the three old men.

They would never want anybody to see their weakness.

That was why Ye Xiao chose to leave.

He looked solemn while waiting outside the door.

[Of course I will take revenge. And I also need to return the favor. However, they are two different things!] Ye Xiao took a long breath.

[The three factions are my enemies. They killed me and my brother. How can I not take revenge on them?]

[I won't forget that pain!]

[However, I can't just let the three old men die just because of the hatred in my heart for the three factions. They have been so nice to me!]

[Two different things. Totally two different things.] Ye Xiao kept telling himself.

[Gratitude is gratitude; hatred is hatred!]

[I have to stick to my own principle. I can't be a conscienceless animal!]

He suddenly felt pleased.

Of course he was pleased. He was following his heart!

After a while, the three old men got out.

They looked at Ye Xiao with a rather complex expression in the eyes!

Ye Xiao took a breath of relief. The three old men looked much better. That qi of morbid aura disappeared.

Instead, there was strong qi around them like great mountains.

That was some vigorous qi that couldn't be described specifically.

The dan beads worked perfectly.

Lei Dadi stared at Ye Xiao for a long while with a complicated expression in the eyes. He sighed and said, "Six Life Origin Dan beads in misty level… What a great fortune… Chongxiao, we owe you a big one."

Yun Piaoliu smiled bitterly. "I never expected to get such a great help from a disciple that I just recruited not long ago. The six dan beads are enough for us to live another fifty years of energetic lives."

The three old men shook their heads and laughed.

Ye Xiao thought they would ask him some questions, yet none of them asked anything. It seemed the three old men didn't want to know where he got the dan beads at all. They didn't want to know whether he had more of that dan beads either.

It appeared that the three grandmasters believed his excuses.

He took a breath of relief and said, "In fact, before I ascended, I was the inheritor of my master, also a Sky Origin Stage cultivator. I won't give up the art of dan-making. I believe someday, I will be good enough to make you more Life Origin Dan beads. My dan-making master used to say that I am much talented in dan-making than in martial art. If I can concentrate on the art of dan-making, maybe I can bring the legendary supreme dan back to the world!"

Lei Dadi smiled and said, "Wait. Stop there. We are more than satisfied to have those dan beads to extend our lives. The first priority of you is to improve your cultivation. The competition has begun. Get off here now."

"I know you are good at dan-making, but I have to tell you one thing. From now on, never tell anybody about how good you are in dan-making. Don't show off. Don't say that you are better in the art of dan-making than in martial art! Otherwise, you will have a rather miserable future. Qing-Yun Realm is a world controlled by those with bigger fists after all!" Feng Wuying warned him.

"Put that idea down for now. Stop thinking about the art of dan-making. I only want you to do one thing." Yun Piaoliu said, "From now on, no matter where you are, I want you to fight for the highest position!"

Ye Xiao nodded slowly. He said, "Yes, Masters. I won't tell anybody about my dan-making capability. I will focus on martial art cultivation. I will become the best in the sect!"

"You have to be patient. I reckon you will get beaten during the first few days. You are weak in cultivation after all. However, don't be frustrated." Feng Wuying said, "We believe you will completely change that situation. You just need some time."

Ye Xiao nodded. "Yes, master."

"You are in the middle phase of level six of Spirit Origin Stage. When you talk to others, remember, you are Xiao Mufei's disciple, also Fang Dalong's disciple. Ye Chongxiao."

Lei Dadi frowned and said, "Enough for the chitchat. Off you go!"

He was not so happy that he had to assign his only brilliant disciple to somebody else's league. However, it was for the safety of Ye Chongxiao.

No matter how unhappy he was, he had to let it be.

Ye Xiao left.

The three old men watched Ye Xiao leaving. Ye Xiao walked down the mountain with long clothes floating in the air. The three old men made a long sigh.

"Our disciple carries a lot of secrets. I thought his talent in martial art cultivation was the most astonishing thing to me, however, look at him. A dan-maker who can make supreme dan said that he is better at dan-making than in martial art! What does that mean?" Lei Dadi blandly said.

"That isn't important. The more secrets he has, the better." Feng Wuying twisted his mouth. "I don't think it is a bad thing to let him have some secrets. If he has no secrets, what kind of man is he?"

"That's true." Yun Piaoliu squinted at Lei Dadi. "Don't you have your own secrets too? That year, you fell in love with our senior disciple sister… You have been hiding the secret love in your heart… Humph. We just didn't want to unmask it… Do you think you really are good at keeping secrets…"

Lei Dadi blushed. He shouted, "You bastard! A mouthful of nonsense! Why don't you just get the f*ck out of my sight right now!"

Yun Piaoliu humphed and said, "All in all, it is good that Chongxiao has some secrets, but if he doesn't tell us, it is fine. We have to remember one thing. He is our disciple and he is extremely nice to us! Think about the Life Origin Dan beads he gave us. If anybody tell me he is against us, I will never believe it!"

Lei Dadi was furious. "You are talking nonsense! Don't you think I surely know such an obvious thing? Do you think I need you to tell me that? I was just asking you two not to ask him for things he doesn't want to tell! Do you understand? Everybody has secrets. There are things that don't have to be said! Do you understand?"


[1] In case anybody forgets, dan has nine grades. Dan beyond grade seven is misty dan, which has some mist around the dan beads.