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Chapter 850: Who Was Beaten?

Chapter 850: Who Was Beaten?
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Feng Wuying and Yun Piaoliu humphed and said, "You are talking nonsense! Do you think we need to hear that?"

Then they both left.

Lei Dadi raged up furiously and rushed over to them. There they began a big fight.

[When Xuan Bing fought over to the sect, I didn't dare to really fight against her, because I still have a wish that has not been fulfilled yet. I have been so upset about that since then. Now I have dozens of years more! I must give the two old bastards a lesson…]

The three of them suddenly started a fight!

Xiao Mufei suddenly had a disciple's disciple.

Ye Chongxiao.

When Ye Xiao came to him, he was blank in the head.

Among all the people of low levels, only Xiao Mufei knew the real status of Ye CHongxiao.

[Well… he is actually my master's disciple brother… for real!]

[Now he actually bowed to me… and participate in the competition as my disciple's disciple?]

Xiao Mufei felt weird about it. He just couldn't get used to the way they called each other yet.

"Alright. Chongxiao, what level are you right now?" Xiao Mufei asked.

He had called Ye Xiao 'Chongxiao' for a long time on the way back to the sect. However, he still felt weird about it now!

"Spirit Origin Stage. Level six." Ye Xiao sad.

"Hmm. Go to the Spirit Origin Stage group and stay with your disciple brothers in the competition." Xiao Mufei quickly made the decision and said, "If you have nothing else to do, just focus on cultivation. Don't bother me if you don't have to. Just fight your way up. Things will be better."

Then he disappeared.

He must leave. He felt more and more embarrassed as he stayed there longer.

After Xiao Mufei left, the disciples all crowded over.

About twenty of them came back to the sect with Ye Xiao from the ambushes. Now they felt quite close to Ye Xiao.

"Chongxiao, you are back! It has been a while. Where have you been? Why did you come back when the competition begins? You should have been here earlier to get ready for it."

"Well, but you don't need to worry. This is how the ground competition runs. Only the one with the stronger fist wins. In fact, who has a weaker fist will only get punched. That is nothing. Really."

"That's right… Come on. Fight me. Let me see what you've got!"

Ye Xiao stared at the man who wanted to fight. "Seriously? Shame on you… You are level four of Dream Origin Stage. How could you shamelessly come ask a fight against me…"


After chitchatting for a while, Ye Xiao finally figured out what the ground competition truly was.

In fact, it was a combat competition with simple rules.

Disciples in Spirit Origin Stage should gather together. Among these disciples, those who were guided by the same master should battle until there was a winner. All winners would battle so as to come up with a winner of Spirit Origin Stage in the sect.

Rules for Dream Origin Stage cultivators were a bit more complicated.

After all, cultivators in Dream Origin Stage had huge differences in cultivation capability. It was pointless to put two people who couldn't be compared to each other in combat!

Disciples of Dream Origin Stage would be divided into five grades.

Level one and two were in the first grade. Level three and four made the second. Level five and six were the third. Level seven and eight were the fourth. Those above level nine were in the fifth grade.

Only disciples in Dao Origin Stage below level four would join the ground competition. Those beyond level four were all important figures in the sect who would not join the competition.

In the end, the winner of Spirit Origin Stage group could have a battle against Dream Origin Stage cultivators. Whoever became the winner in the first grade of Dream Origin Stage group could ask for a battle against disciples in the second grade. Whoever had the capability to become the winner has the opportunity to challenge the upper group, until he became the winner of all.

In other words, who dared to try and also had the power to keep winning the combats could fight the way up to the peak!

In fact, even though the rules for lower level disciples to get in the combat against stronger disciples were there, seldom were there people who really used the rules. Sometimes, there would be a Spirit Origin Stage winner who would join the ground competition against some Dream Origin Stage disciples and then get defeated in the end. After all, it was a huge gap between the two cultivation stages!

None of the Dream Origin Stage winner ever dared to challenge Dao Origin Stage disciples. Dao Origin Stage cultivators were the strongest group of people in the entire Qing-Yun Realm after all. They were so proud and dignified. They wouldn't accept the challenge from a Dream Origin Stage cultivator. However, if somebody used the rule to forcibly challenge a Dao Origin Stage disciple, he might get himself killed. Nobody would claim responsibility for the death. That was why disciples below Dao Origin Stage never dared to challenge Dao Origin Stage disciples in the ground competition!

Ye Xiao thought, [How much time do I have for cultivation? How much time do I need before I challenge a Dream Origin Stage disciple in the competition?]

While he was thinking, he felt somebody's unfriendly gaze.

The entire Cold Moon Palace treated Ye Xiao in a rather caring way. People in the leadership treated Ye Xiao as if he was their only treasure in the sect. Nobody ever held hostility to Ye Xiao. That was why Ye Xiao noticed the hostile gaze at the first time.

He turned around and saw a young man in cyan clothes. He was staring at Ye Xiao with fierce eyes. He looked alerted.

It was the best Spirit Origin Stage disciple, Cheng Feiyu.

In fact, he was only the best among Xiao Mufei's disciples. If Ye Xiao didn't join them, Cheng Feiyu would definitely become the winner of Xiao Mufei's group. Everybody knew it.

Now Ye Xiao showed up and drew away so many people's attention.

Cheng Feiyu was jealous and hostile about it.

He could see the cultivation level of Ye Xiao. [A level six trash. How dare you carry that arrogant face here! You are just a frog in the well. You don't know how high the sky can be!]

Ye Xiao smiled blandly and then turned around.

He really didn't have time to care about a small figure like that.

In the afternoon, the ground competition started.

That night, Xiao Mufei sat in his room and asked, "Ye Chongxiao. How is he? How many battles has he joined? Did he get beaten hard several times?"

A Dream Origin Disciple smiled bitterly and answered, "Beaten? Several times? No… Not even once…"

"Not even once?" Xiao Mufei frowned. "Are you telling me he quit the combat? He quit the ground competition?"

"Maybe you can think of him in a better way…" The disciple looked so upset. "Ye Chongxiao is a crazy man! Today, only one day, over seventy disciples below level six of Spirit Origin Stage got beaten up hard by him…"