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Chapter 851: Breakthrough?

Chapter 851: Breakthrough?
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"What…" Xiao Mufei was speechless about that. "Is it exaggerated? Over seventy? One afternoon?"

He was surely surprised. It was… truly too fast!

To fight and defeat over seventy people in one afternoon, Ye Chongxiao must be utterly stronger than those people.

[They are all level six of Spirit Origin Stage… Ye Chongxiao is a rookie! How can he possibly be so powerful? He actually swept all that in the same level with him.]

"It is not just fast…" The disciple was sad. "I haven't seen a monster like him before… He fought against the level six disciples and kept winning. That is fine. When he was fighting somebody after the seventieth one, while he was fighting, he broke through and entered level seven right away! After all the level six people were knocked down, he started to fight against disciples in level seven! It is a little more acceptable if he broke through to level seven from the top phase of level six. That meant it was reasonable that he could defeat those level six brothers so easily. However, after he just reached level seven, before I left, he knocked down several level seven disciples… I have no idea what the hell was going on out there…"

"What? What did you just say?" Xiao Mufei widely opened his eyes. The words were resounding loudly in his ears. He couldn't believe it. He was confused.

[That young man ate the inner core of the Golden-scaled Dragon Fish. That's right. He should be a bit stronger than the others in the same level. But this… this is too exaggerated! Doesn't he need some time to get used to a new level? Doesn't he need time to improve bit by bit? Why did he keep boosting up like that?]

[This is abnormal…]

"Master, I don't think Disciple Nephew Ye is improving in a reasonable step…" The disciple was worried. He was one of the disciples who returned to the sect with Ye Xiao. He did care for this Disciple Nephew Ye. He didn't want Ye Xiao to get into any trouble.

It was forbidden for cultivators to be too aggressive in cultivation. It might lead to some real serious results in the future.

Xiao Mufei was worried too.

He didn't hesitate and took out a jade plate. He wrote his concern on the plate and sent it away.

It was a communication system inside the sect. There was a huge magic array. It allowed people to transmit information from one person to another. It was real convenient.

Xiao Mufei was surely sending the message to Zhan Yunfei. On the plate, it showed his concern about Ye Chongxiao's unreasonable progress in cultivation. He was unqualified to send message to the three old grandmasters. The only person he could contact was Zhan Yunfei, who was also one of the people who knew about Ye Chongxiao. Besides, just like Xiao Mufei, Zhan Yunfei cared for Ye Chongxiao!

Zhan Yunfei's message arrived very quick. Compared to Xiao Mufei's long message, Zhan Yunfei's reply was extremely simple. There were only a few words: "Stop worrying sh*t!"

Xiao Mufei was shocked and speechless. He talked to the disciple, "Don't worry about him. Let's just see what happens next."

He didn't really feel relieved, so he took out a purple plate and sent a message to Prime Master Yue Changtian.

The jade plates were in different levels. Plates to Prime Master were purple. Plates to the three grandmasters were orange. Plates to elders like Zhan Yunfei were yellow. The others were only the color of jade. People below Xiao Mufei's position had no rights to use the plates. If all disciples could use the plates to send messages, that would be a lot of conversation to deal with everyday!

"The first day Ye Chongxiao came to my group, he swept all level six Spirit Origin Stage disciples and broke through to level seven, then he continued to sweep the floor with the level seven disciples. In my opinion, he has been invincible among the same level disciples."

Before midnight, everyone were in the bed.

Some level seven Spirit Origin Stage disciples who hadn't fought against Ye Xiao all felt relieved.

[What a monster! He swept out all level six brothers!]

[Then he went on to fight the level seven people… What was he doing…]

[If he had enough time, he might knock down all level seven people too!]

Ye Xiao was beating them, simple, easy and fast. Those who were in the same level with him could only hold three strikes before they got off the stage.

The stage had become Ye Xiao's personal show.

"Why is there a monster among us… This is insane…" The disciples all complained about it.

It was such a story of grievance to live in the same world at the same time with a talented monster!

At night.

Ye Xiao was sitting in meditation on top of a big tree, absorbing energy from the air.

He looked just like the other disciples, absorbing energy from moonlight.

In fact, it was East-rising Purple Qi running inside his dantian!

In fact, that was officially the first day he cultivated himself in Qing-Yun Realm in this life.

The three months before that, the spiritual power in his body operated automatically. He couldn't cultivate himself at all.

The special training was to make his cultivation foundation stronger. There shouldn't be any accidents during the training. East-rising Purple Qi was too strong and marvelous. It would recover Ye Xiao's energy fast. If Ye Xiao used East-rising Purple Qi in that training, he wouldn't really get trained and improved greatly. In the four months of training, Ye Xiao hadn't operated East-rising Purple Qi at all.

However, when he was in the combat, he let loose of the restraint on East-rising Purple Qi. He felt a great amount of spiritual qi was gathering over to him from the world and entering his body in a crazy speed.

That was why he suddenly broke through to the upper level while he was in a fight!

He didn't have any special feeling when he just reached level seven.

After all the fights were done, at the end of the day, while he was sitting on the tree absorbing energy from the nature, he clearly felt the changes on his body!

As he operated the East-rising Purple Qi, he started to tremble.

Suddenly, from his dantian, a stream of spiritual qi shot out and ran over every part of his body. After that, the fresh spiritual qi from all over the world were moving over to him rapidly. Not only spiritual qi from the world, even the energy from the moonlight was running towards him…

When Ye Xiao sat in meditation, he always kept counting how many rounds he had done… However, now he didn't need to do that anymore. As long as he started it, the energy flow would run inside his body automatically for several rounds!

The three grandmasters had taught him three martial art techniques: Cold Moon Sky, Art of Moon Essence, and Sacred Glow of Moon. He didn't intentionally go practice any of them. He just operated East-rising Purple Qi to absorb energy from everywhere and then ran the energy in three methods indicated by the three techniques. The techniques naturally got improved in him.