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Chapter 852: Fast Improvement

Chapter 852: Fast Improvement
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Compared to just practicing one at a time, it was much more efficient to practice several of them at the same time, so that each technique would work along well with the others.

East-rising Purple Qi was running in a high speed. The purple qi floating in the air was entering Ye Xiao's body. It flowed with the spiritual qi in his body and reached his dantian. After running in his dantian, it ran out and became a part of his own energy.

After a while, he felt his dantian was rather swollen. After that, it suddenly shrank. He tried to keep balance in it, and then the feeling of being swollen was gone.

He didn't relax though. After he checked on it, he found that the qi turned into energy and entered every cell of his body.

The energy was hidden inside the cells.

They would continue influencing him after he finished cultivation!

He finally realized how much the three months special training really had given him!

The three months of hell, he didn't rise to a higher level, but it turned his body into a giant storage! Every cell of his body was a small stock! Every stock could contain certain amount of spiritual qi!

When he needed spiritual qi, he could activate them immediately!

If a man's Jing and Mai were like streams, his Jing and Mai were like rivers! Around the rivers, there were lots of lakes too!

As long as the river needed water, the lakes would pour water into the river!

When the river was flooding, the lakes would drain lots of water away!

No matter when, it kept the river running heavily!

That was a fantastic status that Ye Xiao had dreamt of in his previous life. If he could stay in such a wonderful status till Dao Origin Stage, what would happen to his cultivation?

He was so excited that he would tremble whenever he thought of it.

The moonlight was shining on Ye Xiao.

Inside Cold Moon Palace's territory, no matter where it was, there would be a bright moon in the sky at night!

Cold Moon Palace, which depends on the power of moonlight, could never let the moon disappear!

Not even just one night!

Xiao Mufei stood in front of the door and looked at the trees around.

Thousands of disciples, including Ye Xiao, were all cultivating on the branches of those big trees. They were absorbing the energy from the moonlight. Somebody cultivated inside the house though. The wall of the house didn't block any energy from the moon, however, in their hearts, it just didn't feel right. That was why most of the disciples would cultivate on the tree.

After cultivating, they would return to their rooms to rest.

When all disciples were deep in meditation, there would be lots of light spots shining on the trees. It was the light the disciples created when absorbing energy from the moonlight.

Fifty-three light spots were shining brighter than the others. It was the Dream Origin Stage disciples who were in Xiao Mufei's group.

Xiao Mufei suddenly felt sad. Before they went to Polar Ice River, there had been over three hundred bright spots like that on the trees at night.

Now there were only fifty-three.

The dim light spots were Spirit Origin Stage disciples…

[Wait… Something is not right!]

Xiao Mufei felt that there was something wrong…

He thought for a long time and realized it. [Wrong number! Fifty-three bright light spots? How come?]

[I have no more than fifty-two Dream Origin Stage disciples in total now!]

[Who is the fifty-third?]

He didn't hesitate. He flew up, moved over to the trees, and checked on the disciples one by one. He decided to find that fifty-third disciple.

Finally, when he got close to the brightest spot, he was so astonished that he nearly fell to the ground.

It was Ye Chongxiao!

The brightest light spot was actually Ye Chongxiao's!

He was only in Spirit Origin Stage! How could he reflect even stronger light in the moonlight? [This is even stronger than my second disciple, who is in level eight of Dream Origin Stage!]

[What went wrong?]

[Is Ye Chongxiao insane, or have I lost my mind?]

Xiao Mufei was totally lost in the strong wind at night.

"Master, what's wrong?" A few disciples flew over to him and looked at him.

"It's fine. I am fine. Nothing wrong. Why are you looking at me. Go focus on cultivating." Xiao Mufei felt embarrassed. He decided to scold the several disciples so as to cover his embarrassment.

Suddenly, a slim figure moved fast to him. "Father, what… Why did you drop down from up there? What happened to you?"

It was Xiao Rongrong.

Xiao Mufei felt embarrassed, but he wouldn't scold his daughter. He said, "I am fine. Cough. I slipped. That's why. No big deal."

The others were speechless.

[Come on. With your power, I don't think you would slip on that tree!]

[What is this?]

Xiao Mufei was complaining in his mind. [Ye Chongxiao, you are my bad luck. Look what a fool you made me. How do I look at my daughter with confidence now!]

The next day.

Prime Master Yue Changtian read Xiao Mufei's new message: "Ye Chongxiao has been acting too fierce. Within half a day, he has swept all level seven Spirit Origin Stage disciple and started the battles against level eight disciples. By now, there are over forty level eight disciples who fell under his attacks. Should we stop him?"

Yue Changtian was speechless when he read the messages.

[How many days has he stayed in the sect? When he got here, he was no higher than level four of Spirit Origin Stage. Before everybody's eyes, under the moonlight, he just jumped up one level. Well, maybe he had been at the top of level four for a long time and happened to upgrade when the moonlight shined on him. That is reasonable. It is a fair explanation only.]

After three months of training, Ye Xiao became level six. In two months, he got two levels upgrade! That might not sound stunning to others, but as the Prime Master, Yue Changtian knew it was more than astonishing!