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Chapter 853: The Ground Competition for Prime Disciple Honor!

Chapter 853: The Ground Competition for Prime Disciple Honor!
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[The special training leaves no time for cultivation. Whoever takes the training has to fight the horrible training program. The training is designed to strengthen the disciple's cultivation foundation. Usually, the disciple would consume too much of his energy because of the difficult challenges after the training was done, and he should be a little weakened in cultivation because of that. However, Ye Chongxiao didn't get weakened. Instead, he broke through two levels. Isn't it weird? Hmm. He has eaten the inner core of Golden-scaled Dragon Fish. His cultivation increased automatically. That makes sense though.]

[In the ground competition, what we want is to let him get beaten several times so that he won't become too arrogant. Unexpectedly, he knocked down all the disciples in the same level with him… He even broke through one level up in the fight…]

[Is that an accidental breakthrough? That's nonsense… Maybe it is an abrupt rise out of the accumulated strength. But shouldn't it just rise for once? How come he could go on rising up after breaking through to level seven…]

[He is now knocking down all level eight disciples… He is only level seven…]

[What is wrong with it?]

Yue Changtian wanted to figure it out, but he couldn't think of any possibility!

The next morning, before midnight.

Xiao Mufei sent a message to Yue Changtian again as usual. "So far, eighteen level nine Spirit Origin Stage disciples were defeated. Ye Chongxiao has reached the top of level seven of Spirit Origin Stage. I think he is going to reach level eight very soon."

Yue Changtian was shocked!

[What is wrong with it? Why is it so fast?]

[A level seven cultivator defeats a level nine cultivator. That isn't so shocking. But he defeated a group of level nine disciples! That is shocking! He has just reached level seven yesterday! Now he is going to reach level eight soon? What the hell is that? Another abrupt rise?]


However, two days later, something even more like "bullsh*t" happened.

"Ye Chongxiao has reached level eight! All level nine disciples are knocked down. A moment ago, the prime Spirit Origin Stage disciple of my group, Cheng Feiyu, was defeated within five attacks from Ye Chongxiao!"

"The new prime Spirit Origin Stage disciple of my team is now Ye Chongxiao. Prime Master, please arrange Ye Chongxiao's combat for prime Spirit Origin Stage disciple of the sect."

Yue Changtian's face was twisting when he read this message!

[Three days!]

[No. Less than three days! That guy snatch the seat of the prime disciple!]

The leadership of the sect had been waiting to hear how Ye Chongxiao got beaten up and worked harder on cultivation after the combats. However, he didn't even get slapped on the face. All he did was to punch others again and again.

He defeated all the disciples of Xiao Mufei in a devastating way.

The best Spirit Origin Stage disciple of Xiao Mufei, Cheng Feiyu, only held it for five attacks. That was all! The end!

"Ye Chongxiao can join the competition for the honor of prime Spirit Origin Stage disciple of the sect. He can start a combat anytime he wants!"

Yue Changtian gave the order without any hesitation.

Ye Xiao spent half of the night resting. The next morning, he went to the competition ground of the sect.

Spirit Origin Stage disciples from different groups were gathering there.

There were over three hundred men.

"Cold Moon Palace, the twelfth branch, thirty-ninth subbranch, first group, Ye Chongxiao, officially joins the ground competition for prime disciple honor!"

Ye Xiao was confused by the long introduction too.

Xiao Mufei was the master of the thirty-ninth subbranch in the twelfth branch. Fang Dalong was the first group. Ye Chongxiao was Fang Dalong's only disciple. It was roughly like that.

In fact, this showed the huge size of the force in Cold Moon Palace!

Anyone of the Spirit Origin Stage disciples could be invincible in the Land of Han-Yang. However, in Cold Moon Palace, they were the weakest league. Even so, the prime disciple of each group had to defeat hundreds of people. There were so many disciples in Cold Moon Palace in total!

It was a horrible force!

Ye Xiao walked into the ground after the introduction. Suddenly, he found himself standing on a moonlit path.

The path was apparently the stage. Ye Xiao could start a battle on this stage, or wait for others to challenge him.

It was the stage of winners!

At this moment, countless eyes stared at him.

In those eyes, there was surging fighting spirit!

The disciples in this place were all winners of their own group. They all had superior power to defeat their disciple brothers in the same cultivation stage!

However, Ye Xiao just ignored them. He closed his eyes and showed an extremely arrogant face. He simply just looked down upon all the others.

He was trying to piss the other disciples.

He didn't want to ask everyone for a fight!

That would be exhausting and boring!

It tired him to talk too much.

It was better to enrage the others so that they would come over to fight him! That was a great idea!

As expected, after a simple move, the disciples were all furious!

[You, a level eight disciple, luckily became the winner of your group. How dare you show your stupid arrogance to us?]

[We are all peak level nine Spirit Origin Stage cultivators. We wouldn't be so arrogant!]

[What an ignorant prick!]

[A frog in the bottom of a well knows little of the immensity of heaven!]

[Somebody has to give him a lesson!]

[Punch him!]

[Beat him up!]

All the other disciples were pissed. They stared at Ye Xiao with flames of fury in their eyes.

Everybody read his name 'Ye Chongxiao' many times in the mind!

It wasn't a secret to the leadership that Ye Xiao accidentally ate the inner core of the Golden-scaled Dragon Fish.

However, it was top secret for the bottommost disciples.

None of the disciples below Dream Origin Stage knew Ye Chongxiao's history.

"Ye Chongxiao!" A disciple with a strong body stood up. He was sneering, "I am the prime Spirit Origin Stage disciple of the second group, 23rd subbranch in the 15th branch, Song Chenglun! Please accept my challenge!"

Ye Xiao humphed. He arrogantly stood up and then prepared to walk off the stage. He blandly said, "One strike!"

Song Chenglun was furious. He shouted and then rushed over to Ye Xiao.

After that, suddenly, Song Chenglun flew away fast.

Only those who had real sharp eyes noticed that Ye Chongxiao had just moved one foot to casual kick Song Chenglun…

It was too fast, almost invisible. It was difficult to describe how fast was!

Song Chenglun didn't have time to react. He flew away dozens of meters until he hit the floor.

The others saw this and felt like Ye Xiao was a wolf in a flock of sheep!