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Chapter 854: Devastating!

Chapter 854: Devastating!
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Everybody stood up.

"Oh? So that is what a prime disciple look like? It's much better to see it than to just hear it!" Ye Xiao blandly said.

He was obviously trying to arouse more fury among the crowd. He was afraid they would stop challenging him. After a while, he just started to sneer at them all at the same time. "Well if you are all just like him, why don't you just come together. It is wasting my time to fight you one by one. Let's just get this done. I am quite busy. I don't have much time to waste…"

After that, he didn't leave the stage. He just stood there arrogantly, looking up, ignoring everybody else.

He was waiting for people to challenge him!

One after another, those disciples kept going up to fight him and got defeated as expected…

Ye Xiao kept fighting them from the morning to lunchtime. He had knocked down one hundred and twenty-seven men in total.

In the end, the other stages were empty. Everybody was waiting to fight Ye Chongxiao!

People started to stand in line…

The disciples knew that Ye Chongxiao was powerful enough to be so arrogant. He had defeated so many prime disciples after all. He was very likely the best Spirit Origin Stage disciple in the sect. However, because he was so arrogant and shameless, they decided not to just let him go easy. They were not allowed to kill others, but they figured one by one, they would make Ye Chonxiao exhausted at the end!

All Spirit Origin Stage disciples in the sect worked together to fight against Ye Xiao!

However, in Ye Xiao's eyes, they were simply wasting time. The disciples were standing in line waiting to improve his cultivation capability and help him breakthrough!

In fact, it was Ye Xiao who would make the others exhausted at the end!

He didn't want the disciples back off, so he talked even worse to them…

"Are you really level nine? Are you sure?"

"I am only level eight!"

"How can you be so weak? That's unbelievable!"

"You are actually the prime disciples in your groups? Are you sure you didn't cheat?"

"You really don't deserve your title."

"Is anybody stronger than this fool?"

"Is there anybody who can stand here any longer?"

"Anybody else?"

"Who's next?"


Zhan Yunfei and one other disciple were the judges.

His eyes turned red.

[He is totally insane! He swept down half of the hundreds of prime disciples in the morning!]

It was the resounding "Disciple of Fang Dalong, Ye Chong Xiao the winner"!

Zhan Yunfei was so jealous at the moment.

[Why not just assign this monster to my group…]

[Xiao Mufei and Fang Dalong took all the fame…]

[God damn it! This is not fair!]

The next moment, Zhan Yunfei was stunned.

Ye Chongxiao was having the last fight. Suddenly, Zhan Yunfei shouted, "Wait! This is not right!"

The other judge smiled and said, "He fought the others one by one. Ye Chongxiao accepted the challenge from others. There is no suppression. What is not right?"

Zhan Yunfei took a breath. "Absolutely wrong! Ye Chongxiao… Since he began the first combat, he hasn't rested at all! He has been fighting till now! That means he…"

The other judge was Zhu Jiutian, who was known as Zhan Yunfei's partner. The two of them were known as Cold Moon's Twin Wings! Zhu Jiutian was enlightened. He took in a cold breath and said, "That's true… He… He is invincible among the Spirit Origin Stage disciples!"

Zhan Yunfei said, "That's the truth. He defeated over a hundred other prime disciples in a row. That proves his victory already!"

"He is much stronger than the others. Why is he still arousing other's anger? Why does he keep fighting against the others? Isn't it a waste of time?"

Zhan Yunfei was confused.

Suddenly, he heard Ye Xiao shouting, "Such as it is!"

The disciple who fought him rolled away like a ball the next moment.

It was silent!

Something happened on Ye Chongxiao!

Ye Chongxiao was shouting, facing up to the sky. His voice was getting louder and louder. In the end, it sounded like a thunderstrike!

At the end of the shout, suddenly there was a sound of explosion!

"He actually broke through again!"

Zhan Yunfei sighed. "So he kept fighting the others without any rest because he wanted to use the disciples to push himself into a moment of breakthrough. He reached level nine of Spirit Origin Stage now! If the other disciples were stronger, he should have broken through much earlier!"

Zhu Jiutian was stunned as if he had seen a god. After a while, he grabbed Zhan Yunfei's arm and said, "Old Zhan, are you sure he was only level four when you first saw him? How long has it been since then? Half year?"

Zhan Yunfei humphed, showing no expression on the face.

"What a genius!" Zhu Jiutian looked at Zhan Yunfei in the way he looked at a fool. "I mean, Zhan, you seem to be a smart guy in the old days. How could you make such a big mistake? If I were you, I would definitely recruit him as soon as I saw him… Why did you let him go?"

Zhan Yunfei turned around with a dark face, looking at Zhu Jiutian and blandly said, "Zhu Jiutian, keep going with it. One more word, we are done!"

Zhu Jiutian was surprised. He murmured, "What? Why? Do you want me to go on or do you want me to stop? I am confused."

Ye Chongxiao broke through to another level during the combats against all the other prime Spirit Origin Stage disciples!

He stood at the center. The qi around him was still floating. Everybody was focusing on him right now.

It was unusual thing to see a disciple breakthrough in combat, but people still had seen some. However, if there was anybody who broke through to a new level after a long time of fighting against over a hundred cultivators… Ye Chongxiao was the first!

That was it!

When Yue Changtian got the message, he was checking on his fish.

"It's getting less. Why… Well, it is getting slower though. Is this a good news… I don't know…" He was confused.

The truth was… Erhuo had been eating his fish for over four months… It truly was fed up with the fish.

No matter how delicious the fish were, it ate it everyday. Now it had gotten enough!

Erhuo started to look for something new. That was why the fish were reduced slower…

"Ye Chongxiao broke through to level nine of Spirit Origin Stage in the fight! He defeated all the other prime disciples in the ground competition for prime disciple honor…" Yue Changtian's hand was shaking when he read the message.