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Chapter 855: Ground Competition of Dream Origin Stage

Chapter 855: Ground Competition of Dream Origin Stage
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Although Yue Changtian knew that Ye Chongxiao would definitely give a shockingly wonderful performance in the competition, he never expected that it would go this far.

Within five days.

He reached level nine from level seven!

That was a legend!

That was a myth!

It was unbelievable. However, that was what happened…

In the afternoon, Ye Xiao swept down all the so-called prime disciples like a whirlwind blowing away dust on the floor!

He defeated every single one of them!

The next three days, he was totally free.

He had defeated all Spirit Origin Stage disciples. Even though he wanted to fight, there was nobody he could fight anymore. What else could he do other than simply enjoying the leisure time?

He just hung around and did some cultivation from time to time. He would spend two hours in the ground competition every day.

He would gather those disciples who caught up and wanted to challenge him, and then knock them down as soon as he could. After that, he would left and focus on his own cultivation again…

Ye Xiao's surprising performance made the other disciples feel stressed and upset.

Nobody ever dared to question his power now. There were only some people moaning how unlucky to be in the same generation with such a great figure!

There were many talented disciples who had been waiting for a long time to show themselves in front of the elders.

However, Ye Chongxiao was too good. He left no chance for the others to show themselves.

They were all so weak… What they could show was only embarrassment!

"Ye Chongxiao has reached the peak of Spirit Origin Stage group. He will not join any combat in the competition for Spirit Origin Stage. We shall follow the rules and let Ye Chongxiao fight in the combats of level one and two of Dream Origin Stage!"

Yue Changtian made the order when he knew Ye Chongxiao had reached level nine.

First of all, he had defeated all the prime Spirit Origin Stage disciples. He was definitely the best among all Spirit Origin Stage disciples. Nobody questioned that. He had the qualification to challenge the higher level combats.

Besides, time was passing. It couldn't be delayed anymore.

The truth was all the good disciples were defeated by Ye Chongxiao!

As long as Ye Chongxiao stayed there, the other Spirit Origin Disciples would never have the chance to show themselves.

That meant only the first place was respected. Second and third places had lost the value they should have. Under the shining glow of the wonderful Ye Chongxiao, the others were dim and hopeless!

Ye Chongxiao had crushed all the others' confidence!

Completely broken!

Now the talented disciples were all suffering self-contemptuousness!

They all had similar thoughts about themselves. "Was I too arrogant? Am I totally garbage?"

That was not a good sign for the sect.

It was good for a cultivator to be calm and self-reflective, however, if a cultivator lost the pride and self-esteem, they were doomed.

Ye Chongxiao was like an extremely bright full moon shining in the sky.

The stars around him were all dim and somber.

For the sect, it was good that they had such a great disciple, but it was also bad that other disciples were frustrated!

No matter how powerful Ye Chongxiao was, he could never replace the roles of all the other disciples!

Maybe he could in the future, but absolutely not yet!

Yue Changtian saw the consequence out of it, so he made the decision promptly!

It didn't violate the rules to let Ye Chongxiao join the competition of those in Dream Origin Stage. In fact, Yue Changtian wanted him to get beaten in the higher level combats!

If Ye Chongxiao kept overwhelming all the other disciples, it would not be good for the disciples, also not good for Ye Chongxiao himself either.

He might lose a healthy and humble mindset.

Thus, Ye Xiao was arranged to fight in the ground competition of Dream Origin Stage.

He would fight against disciples in level one of Dream Origin Stage.

He had the first several battles back in Xiao Mufei's group.

Xiao Mufei was interested in it. Those disciples who came back with Ye Xiao months earlier were interested too. They all watched the combat, waiting to see how Ye Chongxiao would get punched. They even felt it a pity that they couldn't fight him themselves. If they were in a lower level, they could have the wonderful experience of beating a monster genius disciple up. They kept picturing how Ye Chongxiao would be punched hard and felt good about it!

"Knock him down! Li Feng, it will be such a disgrace to lose the fight to him! If you lose it, don't tell anybody you know me…"

"That's right! Beat him hard! Punch him right there! Just don't hurt his bones…"

The Dream Origin Stage disciples of Xiao Mufei who were familiar to Ye Xiao crowded around to watch Ye Xiao fight. In fact, they were here to see how Ye Xiao would get punched.

The entire place was busy like a market.

However, as the fight started, the crowd suddenly fell into silence.

Because… what happened was too unbelievably astonishing.

Ye Chongxiao had just entered level nine of Spirit Origin Stage, but they actually fought evenly. They were both attacking fiercely and nobody was losing.

In fact, Ye Chongxiao controlled the pace of the fight!

"What the hell? How is this possible?" Everybody was shocked.

Level nine of Spirit Origin Stage and level one of Dream Origin Stage, there seemed to be only one level difference, but in fact, everybody knew, it was a huge gap!

No matter how good a level nine Spirit Origin Stage cultivator was, he was not a Dream Origin Stage cultivator!

That was a huge difference!

There used to be some talented disciples who also joined the competition of Dream Origin Stage as a Spirit Origin Stage prime disciple, but none of them ever won a combat after that. No Spirit Origin Stage disciples could actually fight against a Dream Origin Stage disciple!

Ye Chongxiao was a talented disciple who was in level nine of Spirit Origin Stage, but he had just reached level nine. He hasn't reached the peak of level nine. He wasn't even beyond the initial phase of level nine. He should be greatly weaker than a Dream Origin Stage cultivator for sure!

No matter how talented Ye Chongxiao was, it was impossible that he could fight a Dream Origin Stage disciple evenly!

He should just be humbly beaten!

He should just stand there and get punched!

He should get beaten up all the way along until he became a Dream Origin Stage cultivator too.