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Chapter 856: Next!

Chapter 856: Next!
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In fact, Ye Xiao was taking the initiative.

He was gradually sharpening his attacks so as to take charge of the combat.

As the fight went on, it wasn't even anymore.

Ye Chongxiao was attacking fiercely while Li Feng could only try his best to defend the attacks. He couldn't even fight back.

Gradually, Ye Chongxiao's attack was becoming like storms…

- Boom! -

The fight was over. Li Feng was kicked away and flew out dozens of meters until he hit a big tree. Otherwise, he would fly out even further.

The big tree shook, and leaves fell down to the ground. That was just like the falling jaws of the crowd.

They were totally shocked.

They looked at Ye Xiao as if he was a monster!

Even Li Feng, who just got up on the floor, stared at Ye Xiao in surprise. He couldn't believe it. He was still confused too. [How did I lose it? How come I got defeated by a Spirit Origin Stage cultivator?]

They were shocked. They didn't believe it. No matter what they thought or what they felt, the truth was before their eyes!

"Next!" Xiao Mufei felt quite ashamed. He hurriedly shouted for the next battle to begin.

[This is embarrassing. My Dream Origin Stage disciple actually lost the combat!]

[This is… unbelievable…]

[No. I have to end this quick. I must let the young man get beaten down hard on the floor quickly. Otherwise, this is going to be really nasty!]

In fact, there used to be a few Spirit Origin Stage disciples who had won the first combat when they joined the upper-grade competition. It was like Ye Chongxiao, but in a much difficult way!

However, none of them won the second combat! They all got beaten up again and again facing all the other Dream Origin Stage disciples!

It was designed to give the prime disciple a lesson, so as to teach him to stay humble! It was an honor!

As Xiao Mufei called the name, another level one Dream Origin Stage disciple got on the stage. However, this one lost it even faster.

After the time it took for an incense stick to burn, the second one was kicked away too.

"Next!" Xiao Mufei was utterly discomfited.

[You can defeat one or two of my men. Fine. What about the third and the fourth? Can you defeat them all? I have lots of level one Dream Origin Stage disciples!

"Level two, go!"

[Fine… You defeated all my level one disciples. So what? Do you think you can defeat my level two disciples?]


"You bunch of useless garbages! Next!"

That night, Yue Changtian got a new message. "Ye Chongxiao won all the twenty-eight combats against the level one and two disciples of Dream Origin Stage. He is now the prime disciple of the thirty-ninth subbranch in the twelfth branch."

"What the…" Yue Changtian was stunned.

[This message can't be faked, right?]

[A level nine Spirit Origin Stage disciple defeated twenty-eight Dream Origin Stage disciples in a row and became the prime disciple?]

[How… How is that possible?]

Yue Changtian read the message over and over again. In the end, he believed it was true.

He left those fish and went to the mountaintop.

"Grandmasters… Your… Your disciple… He is totally insane… Ah… What.. What happened… Are you the three grandmasters?" Yue Changtian saw the three old men, but he talked like he saw a ghost.

As the Prime Master of Cold Moon Palace, he surely had a pair of sharp eyes. In Cold Moon Palace, he knew the three grandmaster better than anybody else. About one month earlier, he had seen the three old men. He knew the three old men had been pouring their life energy into Ye Chongxiao's body so as to refine his physical condition. They should be dying right now. However, the three grandmasters in front of Yue Changtian were so energetic and vigorous, although they were appeared like three ancient men!

[What is going on?]

[Is this the last radiance of the setting sun?]

[It doesn't look like so!]

[What is it then? Is there any possible explanation for this?]

Yue Changtian didn't finish the words he originally wanted to say and instead said some nonsensical words. The three old men knew what was happening. They knew Yue Changtian was shocked because he knew they were dying. How could he not be surprised?

Lei Dadi laughed and said, "Boy, what are you talking about? You are not making sense here. If we are not who we are, who are we? Listen to you. You are the Prime Master of our sect. How come you never show yourself as someone calm and steady. You are worse than our little disciple on this. Isn't it embarrassing?"

When he was talking, his voice was loud and resounding. One month before this, he appeared to be extremely weak due to the loss of life energy. Now, Yue Changtian felt that his cultivation was so profound and deep. Finally, he understood. With respect he said, "Congratulations, grandmasters. Your life energy is recovered. It is a great fortune of our sect!"

Yue Changtian was being sincere. Without the three grandmasters, Cold Moon Palace would be weakened badly, just like the Misty Cloud Palace without Xuan Bing. He didn't know what extended the three old men's lives, but he knew that was the truth. As the Prime Master of the sect, he was surely happy to know it! Suddenly, he felt less burden on his shoulders!

Feng Wuying said, "Okay. Just stop that now. A full mouth of flattering words. Boring. It is a pleasant thing. After what you said, it becomes so boring. Stick to the real business. Just tell me what do you want. Is your Disciple Brother Ye in trouble?"

Yue Changtian was embarrassed. He then smiled bitterly. "He is truly outstanding. He is in Spirit Origin Stage, but already defeated Dream Origin Stage disciples… That…"

The three grandmasters had been shocked over and over again by Ye Chongxiao during the three months. Apparently, they had gotten used to it. None of them showed any special expressions.

Yun Piaoliu spoke with indifference, "So what? Do you need to exclaim and yell like this? Do you know you are the Prime Master of Cold Moon Palace? Can't you just be calm and steady? He is my disciple. Of course he is outstanding! He surely should win! Do you think he should get beaten? Tortured? Punched? Again and again…"

Yue Changtian was surprised. He didn't know what to say anymore.

[How can the three grandmasters stay so calm?]

[Shouldn't they at least feel surprised?]