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Chapter 857: Can’t Stop Feeling Relaxed!

Chapter 857: Can’t Stop Feeling Relaxed!
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[Does it mean… Grandmasters know what would happen from the beginning?]

[Holy heavens. What is going on recently? Weird things happened one after another! Can't anything be normal again?]

"Changtian, look, as long as you spend long enough time with the boy, you will find…" Yun Piaoliu sighed and said, "There is no common sense that can apply on him. Any surprising things can happen. Anything is possible. When the moonlight shined on him the other day, we should have known it. What you said are just a few combats. It really doesn't mean anything!"

Yue Changtian didn't know what to say. "…"

"Forget it. Let me show you something much more astonishing." Lei Dadi gave him a small book.

It was the record of Ye Xiao in the three months.

Yue Changtian knew that Ye Chongxiao had finished all the three months training. He was shocked, but didn't know the details.

After all, there used to be some disciples who finished the training with others' help.

Ye Chongxiao might be a few challenges ahead of others, but he might have used some help from the grandmasters. That wouldn't be so shocking.

He already shocked everybody when the moonlight shined on him. He was supposed to show something great in the three months training after all!

However, when Yue Changtian read the first page of that small book, he was stunned. He stood up fast and widely opened his eyes.

"Grandmasters… Is this real? You didn't fake it, did you?"

When he asked the question, he felt the goosebumps on himself.

He was stunned. He was shocked! He was astonished!

It was only the record on the first page.

Not that Yue Changtian was easy to be shocked, but what he read on the first page was truly unbelievable. It was about the first challenge. In the challenge, the disciple in the training should be weighed 2500 kilograms in total. Ye Chongxiao wore 1750 kilograms clothes and carried a 750 kilograms bucket. Under such circumstances, the best record in history was carrying the water eight times back to the vat. Nobody had ever done a ninth time. Ye Chongxiao finished ten times, and even did an eleventh! That meant he totally carried the water back to the vat eleven times!

That was such a horrible record!

Lei Dadi knew Yue Changtian would ask question about it, so he looked at Yue Changtian and gave him a hint. "Go on. Read the rest. Ask all the questions at the end."

Apparently, they knew Yue Changtian would have such a reaction.

[You think this is shocking? Naive. This is far from the real shocking stuff. You will sweat for it!]

Yue Changtian did sweat when he read half of the book. His hands were shaking too.

As Lei Dadi thought, he sweated!

Lei Dadi looked at him and said, "How is it? He can create such a record. Not to mention he just defeated some Dream Origin Stage disciples, even if you told me he defeated you, I won't be surprised!"

Yue Changtian was sweating. He nodded and said, "Me neither…"

After reading the small book of records, he left the mountaintop.

At this moment, he suddenly felt… that… what he had said the other day… might really come true someday?

[Maybe… this will be a real Saint in the history of Cold Moon Palace!]

He suddenly felt regret about something!

[My fish… What a waste… If I gave all my fish to Ye Chongxiao, he will definitely be much stronger… If only I did!] He felt so upset about it. [If he can get enough support… maybe we will meet our real Saint sooner…]

Yue Changtian suddenly started to support Ye Chongxiao without telling anybody the reason. Because of that, Ye Xiao got into the competition for Dream Origin Stage first grade prime disciple!

"Cold Moon Palace, 12th branch, 39th subbranch disciple, Ye Chongxiao, joins the ground competition for Dream Origin Stage first grade prime disciple!"

The news spread fast in the sect.

He didn't need to to be introduced as the disciple of the 'first group' this time.

That was such a huge upgrade.

Ye Xiao had fought his easy way to this stage. Now he started to feel the stress.

In other words, from now on, he might get himself beaten hard!

The Dream Origin Stage disciples from different subbranches were all outstanding figures indeed. Each of them had their own specialties.

Ye Xiao was still much weaker than Dream Origin Stage cultivators. What he could do was to win the fight with combat skills.

However, those disciples he was going to fight were all experienced cultivators. They were all good at combat skills too. Otherwise, how could they become elites in their groups.

Besides, Ye Xiao couldn't show his secret capability yet.

In the Land of Han-Yang, he could used the martial arts of Xiao Monarch as he wish. People in Land of the Han-Yang barely knew about it after all. However, before he was strong enough, he couldn't show even a bit of those martial arts.

And he was inside one of the three factions, wasn't he?

The three months special training had made his tenacity improve to a horrible extent. It was more possible that he would persist when more people thought he would give up.

When his enemy was underestimating him, he would make a final counterattack to win the combat!

He did it once, twice… He kept doing it in the fights…

It was so confusing for others.

There was a young talented disciple who was defeated by Ye Xiao that was now surrounded by other people.

"Are you a fool? Tell me! Are you stupid?" somebody scolded at him. "You saw those people before you make the same mistake! They lost it because they underestimated that man when he looked exhausted! Why did you make the same mistake when you obviously knew it was wrong to underestimate him?"

"Over a dozen failures occurred before you, yet you actually learned nothing? Can't you just be sober?"

It was that talented disciple's master. He was being so strict to the young man. In fact, he wished he could slap on that young man's face.

He was totally pissed.

"I didn't want that either…" The level two Dream Origin Stage disciple felt terribly wronged. "At the end of the fight, I thought Ye Chongxiao was definitely exhausted… I could definitely put him down with one finger… It was impossible for him to defend my attack! I knew you all thought so… I just didn't know he actually fought back…"