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Chapter 858: Peerless Genius Is a Threat!

Chapter 858: Peerless Genius Is a Threat!
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"I have been warning myself to be cautious. I knew I should not underestimate him. I fought with extreme caution… but in the end, I truly felt I was definitely winning it. I can't stop feeling relaxed at that moment…"

"I truly couldn't loosen my alert!"

It was all the defeated disciples' thought.

One talented disciple asked his master after that.

"Master, if you fight somebody and you are sure your enemy is dead, would you feel relaxed a bit?"

"That's what Ye Chongxiao let me feel. At that moment, it felt so real that he was just a dead body! I was so sure I was the winner… How could I not feel relaxed at that particular moment?

"But within that moment, he actually made an attack. He isn't a human being. He is a monster! He is a freak! He is an undead monster…"

That was so astonishing.

That was right. Who would not loose vigilance when the enemy was dead?

However, Ye Xiao made people feel he was like a dead man, because he wanted that particular moment to make a final strike! One strike, he could win the combat!

Most importantly, everybody proved that he didn't play any dirty tricks in the fight!

Everybody believed that he had been exhausted before he won the fight!

It had been one full day.

Ye Xiao had been through thirty combats. Every combat, he was seriously hurt. However, he won every combat he was in!

The last combat, when he was standing on the stage with blood all over his body, the opponent, a level two Dream Origin Stage disciple, gave up!

"I give up, not because I am weaker in cultivation or combat skills, but because I can't comfort my weeping heart. I know if I have fought thirty combats in a row like Disciple Brother Ye, I would definitely fail. I can't even do two combats in a day!"

"I give up on this. When you are ready tomorrow, when you are recovered, I will challenge you once again!"

Ye Xiao nodded with a smile.

He suddenly waved his arms. A bright moonlight rushed up from the ground to the sky. Endless spiritual qi kept entering his body under the shining glow. Ye Xiao's body suddenly became bright like the moon.

A bright moon actually showed up beyond his head!

It was a full moon!

The others felt like in a weird dream. They suddenly felt that things didn't look real anymore!

"Did he break through again?"

Zhan Yunfei looked at Ye Xiao. He was frightened.

That's right. He was frightened! There was fear in his eyes!

He was totally scared!

Zhan Yunfei had fought thousands of battles. Even when he was fighting against Xiao Monarch, risking his life, he never felt scared. However, at this moment, as he looked at the young disciple who had just been recruited half a year earlier, he was scared!

[Did he just break through after the combat?]

He couldn't stop feeling scared!

When he met Ye Chongxiao, the latter was only level four of Spirit Origin Stage.

When Ye Chongxiao came to the sect and the moonlight shined on him, he became level five.

After the special training, he became level six.

In the first day of the ground competition, he became level seven! The next day, he became level eight!

Two days after, he became level nine!

Now, on the seventh day since the competition started, he broke through Spirit Origin Stage and reached Dream Origin Stage!

That was too fast. Nobody had even heard of such an unbelievable story in a myth!

It had never happened!

Most importantly, they knew Ye Chongxiao had never taken any pills to increase his cultivation!

The only thing that could increase his cultivation slowly was the inner core of the Golden-scaled Dragon Fish. Even with that inner core, it was impossible to upgrade so fast.

After all, it was impossible for him to activate the power of the inner core yet!

What made him so unbelievable? He could do this because he was talented and he never gave up!

This moment, silence filled the entire Cold Moon Palace!

All the member of the leadership came over hurriedly.

They looked at the young man in the center of the ground. None of them said anything. In their eyes, there were inspiration, hope and heaviness.

They all had the same thought.

As long as this young man keep improving like that, Cold Moon Palace would rise soon, under his guidance!

If he kept going fast like that, it would take him less than fifty years to reach the top of Dao Origin Stage!

Once he reached that level, he could even defeat the most powerful figure in the martial world easily!

When that day came, Cold Moon Palace would be the most powerful sect in the entire realm!

However, Ye Chongxiao was not that powerful yet!

In other words, the next fifty years was the most dangerous period of time for Ye Chongxiao. It was the easiest to kill him during the fifty years!

For Cold Moon Palace, it was definitely a must-do to give Ye Chongxiao a fifty years of safety!

On the contrary, the other sects would definitely try whatever they could to kill him if they knew his existence!

Cold Moon Palace had to protect him for fifty years… How many people would have to die for him?

It could be everybody.

Everybody was thrilled!

A peerless genius was an honor, a great opportunity, also a fate to the sect. However, it was also a threat!

He would be a threat to his own sect, also the entire martial world!

The young man became the focal point of everybody's sight!

Only superior cultivators knew that this young man was actually the focal point of the entire world!

There were tens of thousands of disciples who had seen this. It was impossible to keep this a secret. Somebody would leak it out sooner or later!

That was for sure.

After Ye Xiao reached level one of Dream Origin Stage, there was no more a huge gap between him and the opponent when he was fighting another Dream Origin Stage disciple. It wouldn't take a long time to finish the fight anymore. He wouldn't need to get himself hurt so bad anymore. In the combats after he broke through to a new stage, he kept winning it!

None of the disciples under level three of Dream Origin Stage could possibly defeat him anymore!

For three days, Ye Chongxiao had become a nightmare to all the disciples under level two of Dream Origin Stage.

Many disciples who had fought Ye Xiao before he broke through felt lucky that they didn't need to fight him again. They did lose the combats, but they had beaten Ye Chongxiao real hard after all. Those who fought Ye Xiao after he broke through could not even hurt him a bit. In fact, they wouldn't have the chance to even touch him again!

All the disciples in low levels of Dream Origin Stage had the same thought!

They were all proud and arrogant men in the sect. After they had experienced Ye Chongxiao's horrible power, they were no more arrogant and proud.

In fact, Yue Changtian was quite confused when he saw what happened.