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Chapter 859: Training Partner!

Chapter 859: Training Partner!
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Ye Xiao could totally defeat any low level Dream Origin Stage disciples. Yue Changtian wasn't surprised when he got the report. He wasn't surprised that he could easily sweep all the low level Dream Origin Stage disciples too.

But what should he do about it?

Should he arrange Ye Chongxiao to fight the second grade Dream Origin Stage ground competition? That meant he would need to fight the disciples in level three and level four.

He was talented and full of potential. It was foreseeable that he could be invincible among the level one Dream Origin Stage disciples after he reached to the new stage. However, none of the level two disciples could defeat him either. That was unbelievable!

However, Yue Changtian couldn't just put him into the fights of the level three and level four disciples. It didn't break the rules, but… it was totally a different power level.

Initial levels and middle levels had a huge gap. It might not be bigger than the difference between two stages, but it was also times difference!

No matter how good he was, he might get himself killed when challenging the upper level cultivators.

Disciples at level three and level four of Dream Origin Stage were always unstable in terms of cultivation foundation. It was hard for them to control their powers freely. They would usually make bigger damage than they expected. If Ye Chongxiao fought against them, they might lose control of their power and accidentally kill the peerless genius of the sect.

However, he was already invincible in the same grade. If he didn't go on and challenge stronger opponents, he might become too arrogant!

[What should I do?]

He was scratching his head. He had become the Prime Master of Cold Moon Palace for so many years, but this was the first time he felt so troubled.

However, he was a thoughtful and tactful man after all.

"Let's do this then…" Yue Changtian talked to Zhan Yunfei, "Arrange a few disciples who are in level five or six of Dream Origin Stage. Tell them to fight Chongxiao several times… so as to refine his combat skills."

Zhan Yunfei immediately understood it. His eyes lit up.

Yue Changtian's idea was to temporarily draw Chongxiao out of the ground competition. It would protect the other talented disciples' self-esteem. Besides, it could improve Chongxiao's combat skills fast. It was such a good plan…

Zhan Yunfei slapped on the leg and said, "What a cunning, tactful, wise, scheming Prime Master… I can never think of such a brilliant idea…"

"Piss off!"

Yue Changtian kicked him.

[Are you praising me? You are humiliating me! Aren't you?]

Zhang Yunfei left.

Ye Xiao was stuck in a fight. He was fighting against another genius disciple, who was mostly close to level three of Dream Origin Stage. If Ye Xiao was still in Spirit Origin Stage, he would be knocked down easily like a dog sh*t. However, now it was a totally different story. Under Ye Xiao's continuous attacks, that genius was having a tough time defending himself. His clothes was in a mess and there were some finger marks on his face too.

Apparently, he had suffered enough.

Ye Xiao actually showed him lots of respect already!

While Ye Xiao was fighting against the others, he felt his own cultivation was improving. Some martial art techniques he learned in the previous life were coming back to his head and were then mixed with the Cold Moon Palace martial arts…

The longer he fought, the stronger he became. Nobody could see through his movements.

There were even some Dao Origin Stage disciples watching him fight. In fact, they were not just watching the combats. They were observing Ye Xiao's every movement… They wanted to see something that they could learn from him.

They wouldn't agree if it was that they wanted to learn from Ye Xiao.

They would say… analyze his martial arts!

In fact, every movement Ye Xiao made in the fights was a new understanding to the origin principles of the Cold Moon Palace martial arts. It broke the old rules and gave the martial arts some new energy.

At this moment, nobody cared about how miserable the genius Ye Xiao was beating, instead, they wanted Ye Xiao to keep beating that poor disciple!

[Let him do all those movements! I want to see the new ways to operate our martial arts…]

[We don't care who is getting beaten up!]

[That's none of our business!]

Zhan Yunfei's appearance stopped the disciple from being beaten for a longer time.

"It's done. Ye Chongxiao won." With a few words, he finished the combat. That level two genius disciple suddenly lied down on the floor. He was truly exhausted at the moment. Before anybody went up to hold him, he fled away fast, as if he wanted to run away from a horrible beast.


[I will never fight that monster ever again!]

[He is not human being. He is a sick monster!]

After a while, Zhan Yunfei announced the Prime Master's decision.

"Ye Chongxiao is improving too fast. His cultivation foundation isn't strong enough. That may bring flaws to his future cultivation. The leadership decided to send two disciples beyond level five of Dream Origin Stage to be his training partners. Who… Who wants to be a training partner for him?"

For Zhan Yunfei, those who were beyond level five of Dream Origin Stage would never want to be a training partner for Ye Chongxiao, who was just level one of Dream Origin Stage, because it would be too disgraceful. They might also see this as wasting time. Zhan Yunfei worried that maybe no one would love to answer the recruitment.

He had decided that if nobody wanted to do this job, he would choose a dozen men to help Ye Chongxiao. After all, level five was so much more powerful than level one. No matter how good he was, he wouldn't be able to defeat over ten level five disciples at a time. It would be enough to train him well.

However, things were not like what he imagined. A lot of people stepped out and answered the recruitment. They all wanted to train with Ye Chongxiao.

What surprised Zhan Yunfei more was that… among those disciples, some were beyond level seven, some had even reached level nine… In fact, there were even some in Dao Origin Stage…

"Me, me, me, me…"

"I'll do it! I am free later! I can spend all my time to help him!'

"Count me in! I am free too! I will do my best to help him!"

"Me too! I have more spare time than others…"

"You must count me in! I can squeeze some time to help him! It is our duty to take care of the younger generation of the sect…"

"I will do whatever I can to take this job! You must let me get involved!"

A large crowd gathered over to Zhan Yunfei. Some of them even nearly started to fight each other.

Zhan Yunfei was utterly shocked.