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Chapter 860: Visit the Qiong-Hua Palace!

Chapter 860: Visit the Qiong-Hua Palace!
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"What the hell is going on?" Zhan Yunfei kept rubbing his head. He was so shocked that his nose nearly dropped down. "Is he truly this sociable now? How many days has he been here?"

He had been reporting to the Prime Master, so he didn't see how Ye Xiao fought in the combat earlier.

Ye Chongxiao was now like a huge treasure to everybody. Whoever fought against him, even just watch him fight, could learn many things about the martial arts that they couldn't figure out by themselves. Some problems they couldn't solve for a long time were sometimes easily solved because of some small moves that Ye Chongxiao did in the combat…

That was why so many superior cultivators wanted to train with Ye Chongxiao.

Zhan Yunfei was so shocked. After a while, he spoke again, "Since many of you truly care for the younger generation, I guess you can take turns to do this. I don't want this to stop you from your own schedule. That won't be good."

Everybody cheered up with big smiles.

Zhan Yunfei didn't know that this decision would cause a long term competition. This was the beginning of a huge event in history!

That event would actually make the three factions fall apart!

In Qiong-Hua Palace.

It was one of the most powerful forces in the world, one of the three great palaces of Qing-Yun Realm. It was located in the surroundings of mountains, which was covered by clouds and fog all year long.

According to the myths, there used to be no mountains. One day, the moon suddenly shined, and that night, the entire Qing-Yun Realm was like in day time. It kept lighting up the world a whole night.

After that night, there were suddenly mountains on the flat land. The mountains were placed in the shape of a full moon.

After that, the person who founded Qiong-Hua Palace accidentally got an ancient nook. That was the origin of Qiong-Hua Palace. After that, Qiong-Hua Palace became a powerful force in the world and shocked the entire Qing-Yun Realm by its fame, also known as the Great Qiong-Hua Palace.

The Full-moon Mountains were surrounded by fogs and clouds.

The fog seemed to contain pure spiritual qi. Breathing once would make anyone feel refreshed. That was why the disciples in Qiong-Hua Palace always improved fast.

One day.

The fog was rolling on the mountains.

A white figure was shooting over to the palace like an alien. Wherever it passed by, the clouds and fogs would roll up aside and make a path.

There should be no way in the mountains, yet that person broke in so easily.

The person must be quite familiar with this place.

In the dense fog, two people in white clothes showed up. "Who is that?"

They were the two disciples who were on duty this day.

The person stopped moving fast and finally showed herself, a gorgeous woman wearing beautiful clothes. There was a small white flower sticking in her hair on the head.

As the beautiful lady showed up, the two disciples were stunned.

They were also women, yet they were still stunned by that lady's beauty.

The two of them were having the same thought. [Such a gorgeous beauty! She must be a goddess from the heavens. Why did she show up here in this filthy world?]

"Please do make a report now. Tell them Jun Yinglian of Sky Ice Palace is here to see Yue Gongxue, the Moonlight Saintess of your sect," the lady blandly said. She was here to see Yue Gongxue.

One of the two disciples was surprised. She said, "With all respect, Master Jun, but… Yue Gongxue is no longer our Moonlight Saintess."

Jun Yinglian was calm. She spoke blandly, "When I first knew Yue Gongxue, she was the Moonlight Saintess. I don't care what she is now. I only know one Moonlight Saintess, and that is her. Besides, I am here to see Yue Gongxue, not some stupid Moonlight Saintess. If your Moonlight Saintess is not Yue Gongxue, then it is nothing!"

"Master Yue Gongxue has been locked in the Moonlight Cave for penalty. Master Jun, I am afraid…" another disciple spoke in a low voice.

"Don't worry about it. Please tell the Moon Queen that I, Jun Yinglian, want to see Yue Gongxue. I would love to know what she will say," Jun Yinglian spoke blandly and casually.

However, although her words seemed casual and bland, her voice was still quite overwhelming.

The two disciples talked to each other for a while and then one of them left to make the report.

Jun Yinglian just stood there with her hands behind the back, waiting in the dense fog.

Her face looked calm and peaceful all the time, as if she had been waiting for thousands of years. She was just like a goddess.

However, the expression in her eyes was complicated.

She remembered something… but she wasn't sure if she remembered it wrong. If she remembered it right… things would be hopeless to her…

She had waited for a few minutes. The dense fog which had covered everything on the mountain suddenly moved crazily. A shadow showed up from inside the fog. A woman with a smile on her face said, "I never expected the Prime Master of Sky Ice Palace would come to my Full-moon Mountains. I apologize that I didn't greet you properly. Please forgive me."

"I am no longer the Prime Master of Sky Ice Palace. I am just like the person I want to see right now. Our glory is gone. You don't need to come out for me." Jun Yinglian turned over slowly and spoke blandly, "I am flattered though, that the Moon Queen came out for me."

A beautiful woman who was around forty years old smiled warmly. "Prime Master Jun, you lighted up my humble place. I surely have to come out for you personally, otherwise, it would be rude."

Jun Yinglian jeered at herself, but Moon Queen of Qiong-Hua Palace didn't take it seriously. In fact, Moon Queen would never dare to piss Jun Yinglian off. It was true that Qiong-Hua Palace shouldn't be afraid of Jun Yinglian because Sky Ice Palace was much weaker in all aspects than Qiong-Hua Palace, however, Jun Yinglian was one of the most powerful individuals in the world.

In fact, Moon Queen of Qiong-Hua wouldn't come out to greet her just because she was a powerful woman.

If Jun Yinglian came to this place two years earlier, Moon Queen of Qiong-Hua wouldn't come up for her.

However, things changed.

Jun Yinglian was totally different now!

She was not the Jun Yinglian they knew in the old days!

Two years earlier, Jun Yinglian was the host of Sky Ice Palace, also known as one of the most powerful top level Dao Origin Stage cultivators in the world.

That was something people would respect her for.

However, it wouldn't frighten people like Moon Queen at all.

Now, Jun Yinglian was different.

She was a woman who had lost her most beloved man. She was like a dead pond, but also like a bursting volcano.

Every superior cultivator in the Qing-Yun Realm knew that Jun Yinglian loved Xiao Monarch so much.

Xiao Monarch's death shocked the entire Qing-Yun Realm.

Women understood women.

After Xiao Monarch died, Jun Yinglian became crazy.