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Chapter 861: Give a Hand

Chapter 861: Give a Hand
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Jun Yinglian hadn't shown herself in over one year. People knew what she was doing.

She didn't just choose to let the hatred go. In fact, she was doing one thing a wife should do when the husband died, mourning seclusion!

If Jun Yinglian went out for revenge at the beginning, everybody would feel better.

However, she chose to do the mourning seclusion first. That was kind of scary.

People knew after she finished it and returned to the martial world, she would start the craziest killing.

She would risk her life for revenge!

That could be so bloody!

A woman whose heart had died was more horrible than any superior cultivators!

Jun Yinglian was a superior cultivator. That made her even more horrible.

That was why when Moon Queen of Qiong-Hua heard that Jun Yinglian came to her place, she was frightened.

She knew one mistake, maybe a wrong word, or a wrong gaze, could make the master cultivator start a crazy fight.

She wouldn't let Jun Yinglian go crazy in her place. That would be a great loss to her sect. Even the powerful Qiong-Hua Palace didn't dare to mess with such a woman.

Thus, Moon Queen of Qiong-Hua went out to greet Jun Yinglian in person, with fear and worry in the heart. [The host of Sky Ice Palace, who has claimed to be the wife of the departed Xiao Monarch, why is she here?]

[The day when they killed Xiao Monarch, Qiong-Hua Palace didn't participate!]

[Did we piss her in any other way?]

[I must stay humble to solve the problem, if there was any.]

That was why Moon Queen didn't really care about anything Jun Yinglian said.

Everything was fine as long as Jun Yinglian didn't start killing!

Nothing was more horrible than fighting against a master cultivator who put her life in risk to fight!

"I want to see Yue Gongxue." Jun Yinglian looked at Moon Queen and indifferently told her what she wanted.

"Not a problem!" Moon Queen felt relieved that Jun Yinglian only asked for such. "Master Jun, please!"

She invited the gorgeous beauty into the palace.

Not to mention Jun Yinglian wanted to see Yue Gongxue, even if she wanted to slap Moon Queen on the face, Moon Queen might also say yes to it. All she wanted was to let this crazy woman leave her place.

Although she was actually more powerful than Jun Yinglian in cultivation, she still wouldn't dare to fight against her.

She could feel how horrible Jun Yinglian was at this moment!

A crazy woman, who was also one of the most powerful cultivators, would do anything to get what she wanted, even by giving up her life.

That was not just horrible!

She was terrifying!

She might look calm and peaceful, but in fact, if she burst in anger, she might immediately become an erupting volcano.

That erupting volcano might kill everybody including herself.

There were many superior cultivators in Qiong-Hua Palace indeed. If they fought together, they might be dozens of times stronger than Jun Yinglian.

However, if she was determined to go mad in this place, she could at least kill one-fourth of all the superior cultivators before she died.

Moon Queen knew how horrible a woman could become. She was a woman herself after all…

She decided to let the volcano erupt in the three factions' places…

[He who has a debt has a head. I just want her to leave…]

In Moon Penalty Cave.

Yue Gongxue had been locked in this cave since the day she was captured.

It was extremely cold. When Jun Yinglian was only one-third of the way into that cave, the walls were already all covered by thousand years old ice. She frowned and said, "I know this is somewhere people have their penalty, but it is still too cold! Moon Queen, you lock your own people in such a place. That is cruel."

Moon Queen smiled and said, "The girl must have learned enough here. Since you said so, I will send people to take her out and lock her in somewhere warmer."

She sounded soft but still didn't want to spare the lady.

Jun Yinglian looked at Moon Queen blandly without saying anything.

Moon Queen just kept smiling. She didn't say anything either.

Apparently, she would give in on some matters, but not at all matters. Even though Jun YInglian wanted her to do something now, she wouldn't give in. Qiong-Hua Palace had a bottom line that no one could cross after all!

After a while, Jun Yinglian said, "You agree to move her to somewhere warmer. That's good. But why tomorrow? Why don't you just let her out today. It is too cold here. I can't stand it."

[Can't stand it?]

Moon Queen was absolutely speechless about that.

[If somebody else told me they couldn't bear the coldness here, I can understand. It is really cold here. However, your Sky Ice Palace is the coldest place in the world! The coldest!]

[You are the host of Sky Ice Palace. Fine. You used to be, but you are still the same person. You must have gotten used to the coldness. That is such a big lie to tell me you can't stand the coldness here. Can't you make up a better excuse to help Yue Gongxue?]

So as she thought, she didn't show any difference on the face. She smiled. "You misunderstood me, Master Jun. I promise you I will let you see each other and I will spare her from this cave. I don't care about one or two days earlier. How about this, come with me and wait for two hours. Two hours later, Yue Gongxue will meet you in Flower Villa."

Jun Yinglian turned around and walked back. "Good. I can't bother you to lead the way for me. Please just send a girl to lead the way. I will go to the villa and wait for Yue Gongxue. I don't want to waste too much of your time. Two hours must be enough for you to deal with many daily affairs."

"Master Jun, you came to my place and I didn't give you a proper greeting. It is never a waste of time for me to spend time with you. There are many good views here. Why don't we go have a tour? It's better than just waiting for two hours!" Moon Queen kept trying to be humble all the way. She wouldn't give Jun Yinglian any chance to go mad at her.

Two hours was for Yue Gongxue to prepare herself, wash her face and do a bit of makeup.

All women understood how important it was.

After two hours.

Jun Yinglian was having a tour around Qiong-Hua Palace with the company of Moon Queen. In fact, she never really saw anything because she was not interested. She stopped at the door of the Flower Villa and seriously spoke, "I came to see Yue Gongxue because I have something personal to ask her."

Her voice sounded so chilling.

Moon Queen made a fake laugh and said, "Alright. I guess I should better not interrupt."

Jun Yinglian nodded. Moon Queen waved her hand and then left with all her people.